Title: Face the Past

Author: Slasharific

Rating: K

Summary: Remus is returning to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, but must confront old memories.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Face the Past

It seems like forever ago that I stood on this very spot. Ah, those times, full of laughter and youth. ...So long ago, but only just yesterday.

"Hey, Moony!"

"Yes, Padfoot?" I sigh and look up from my book. "What is it?"

...He's grinning. Damn. It's coming... "Hi!" ...now. Does he not know how annoying that is? I mean really. Here I am, sitting here in the shade, trying to read a perfectly good book, completely minding my own business. Did I not look content? And I'm interrupted for the thirteenth time in one hour. All because he wants to tell me ''Hi''.

"Could you possibly tell me, Padfoot, why you feel the need to bring my peace to a grinding halt merely to acknowledge my presence multiple times?" And here comes the drama, I can almost taste it.

"I'm hurt, Remus, I truly am. I take this prescious time out of my day, this time away from my devoted fan club, away from our dear love-struck Jamesie, to come preach my greetings to a fine fellow like yourself, and you keep your hat and show me your hand. I'm disappointed in you. How ever shall I know niceties from your person?"

"I, Messer Moony, do solemnly swear to you, Messer Padfoot, to observe satisfactory behavioral conduct while in your presence. Does the aforementioned term suit you?"

"Why, yes, Messer Moony, I do believe that will suffice."

Oh, yes. I remember those times. We were all so carefree back then. James... Always pining after Lily. Peter... Always trailing after James. -sigh- And Sirius... Oh, Sirius. How could you betray your best friend, kill another, and leave the last all alone? I feel like I'm the only one left, with you in prison; but, of course, you've escaped, now, haven't you?. It seems so very like the Sirius I used to know.

How I wish you were here to walk through this gate with me. All of the evidence points to you, but I still hesitate to believe it. We were friends for ten years, I knew you. My heart is telling me that there is no way you could have done it, while my head is telling me otherwise.

No matter the past. I accepted this post knowing I would face these sad memories, ones long buried. All that is left is for me to shake myself, summon my courage, and step forward, leaving myself to fate.

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