A/N: Ok, This was my first UB fic I have ever written. I started writing it shortly after the season 1 finale and takes place six moths after their goodbye at the bridge. Now since Season 2 has started (and is now ended until new episodes have been written grrrr...) It's basically AU now, so enjoy. I have first posted this over at I-C, and have gotten some very nice comments and this site needs some more Benryness so I will help with that!

I warn you, it is AU and it gets very out of character at times. Sorry!

Special thanks to my peeps I-C. You guys are LOVE!

So without further adu...Come What May! Enjoy!

Betty's POV

Fashiongrl18's Blog

Topic: sigh

6 months. 6 months of Hell. Santos is dead, Dad in Mexico, Daniel and Alex is missing, Willhimena getting married to Bradford Meade soon, and he is gone.

Santos. Shit I didn't think I would miss you so damn much as I do. You were just turning yourself around too. Hilda is ok. She's not as perky as she used to be but she's hanging in there. She has a job at the hair salon down the street, and is doing very well. She really has stepped up since Dad is in Mexico. Oh yeah, they wouldn't let him go in for ONE DAY for the funeral because of his "situation". Fuck them. Justin? Well, he's surviving. I mean, his school work and acting has been amazing. He was just Jesus in a production of "Godspell", and he was unbelievable, but he just doesn't have that sparkle or that twinkle in his eye anymore.

The police still hasn't found Daniel or Alexis yet. But knowing my luck, they're probably dead. Great. So I'm out of a job. Well, not yet. Not until the deaths are confirmed. Lucky me.

Ever since their disappearance, Willhimena has been in control of Mode. I have three words to you. Kill. Me. Now. That psycho bitch is really pissing me off. She is just waiting to fire me, but she can't yet. Ha. But because the wedding is coming soon, she has turned into a tame Bridezilla. I still have my job being Daniel's assistant, but it is not the same. I have no one to work for. And plus, I don't have the one thing that gets me through the day. Him.

Everytime I hear his name, my heart skips a beat. My mouth goes dry. I touch my lips. The lips that he kissed. That kiss. It told me everything. He really does love me! He must! Dr. Fargas will step up and be the father of that cheating skank of a girlfriend's baby, and come running back to me and back in my arms. Not that he was in my arms. Yeah, like that fantasy will ever happen.

So pretty much my life sucks right now. sigh

Henry's POV

"Henry hunny, can you get me my journal?" Charlie asks from the bedroom. She has been pregnant for six months, on bed rest and we are back in Tucson. I hand her her journal and to my laptop and begin typing:

AcctHen72's Blog

Topic: Oh my…

She's being needy again. But I have to stay. I have to stay for my child. This baby will have a father! Yes, I will be there, but I will never be happy. I do not love her. I love someone else. I wish I could run to her and be with her. I much rather would have her baby than Charlie's. This baby will have a father! Even if I have to give up the important thing to me: her.

"Henry! I need some damn SUGAR!!!" Charlie screamed.

"Ok. Give me a minute" I yell back.

"Ok. But hurry. I'm needy and moody!" Charlie barked. I get back to typing:

K…g2g…Man, she can be such a bitch sometimes…