A Cinderella Story

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Dedication:I would like to dedicate this story to the memory of Heath Ledger. He was one of my favorite actors and I would like to dedicate this story to his memory. Rest in peace Heath…

Summary:Gabriella lives with her stepmother and her step brother and sister, Ryan and Sharpay. She works at Lava Springs as a waitress and is seen as an outsider at school. What happens when she meets a guy online and it ends up being the most popular guy in school and is dating your stepsister? Gabriella will have to follow her heart and make her fairy tales come true. Based on the Hilary Duff movie, A Cinderella Story.

Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you think any could ever come true? Well, I certainly don't believe that fairy princesses are real and that princes fight dragons to win the princess. But I do believe that dreams come true. From experience, I learned that no matter how much things seem to be falling apart, the good will always come out of it. I may have had to learn that the hard way, but I got my fairy tale ending. Wait…I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm rushing my story…I think I should start my fairy tale from the beginning…and I promise not to leave anything out. Here is my story…

Once upon a time, a long time ago in New Mexico, there lived a beautiful young girl and her father. Okay so maybe it wasn't that long ago…it was just eight years ago. I lived with my father. My mom died from a brain tumor when I was two. I don't really remember much about my mom; I was still very young. The only thing I have that was hers was this special gold locket that had been passed down in her family for generations. I missed her a lot, but I loved my dad more than any person in this world. I couldn't really talk to him about feminine things that girls could only talk to mothers about, but when I was with him, I didn't really feel like I missed out on anything. We were each other's best friends. Nothing else mattered to me except that my dad was there for me.

My dad owned this little country club called Lava Springs Country Club. It was a fun and popular place. It was the place everyone in New Mexico hung out at. People would go swimming, play golf and even just hang around and have dinner. I had my birthday parties there every year. I enjoyed every single one of them with my dad and my few good friends by my side. Nothing could make me smile more than my birthday at Lava Springs with the few people I love the most.

I remember telling myself that I didn't need anyone else except for my dad. Unfortunately, my dad didn't feel the same way. One day, a just recently divorced woman came in the country club one day and she and my dad practically fell in love at first sight. Of course, being only nine years old and not truly seeing what this woman really was like, I thought that it was sweet and that my dad deserved to be happy. Not long after that, my dad and his new wife, Derby Evans got married.

Along with a new stepmother, I got two twin step siblings. A stepsister named Sharpay and a stepbrother named Ryan. Sharpay was beautiful with blonde hair and always wore nice clothes. She was nice when I first met her, but then I saw that she was a drama queen who was spoiled and liked it when things revolved around her. She was like Mariah Carey, only more of a diva. Ryan I shockingly got along nicely with. Between him and his sister, he was the nicer one. He wasn't a jerk and he and I always did stuff together. Unfortunately, Sharpay would always take control over him and he always listened. I just always thought that Ryan had no say in the matter when Sharpay wanted him to do something.

I was trying my hardest to adjust to my new family and I never complained about it to my dad; I didn't want him to suffer another broken heart. I just smiled and told him I was happy even though I missed how I and he would spend time together. He had devoted a lot of his time to Derby. I was envious. It was like she had taken my dad away from me. I wished that he would spend more time with me. I wanted to just spend even a moment with him.

I did get to spend one more time with him. And that would be the last time I saw him. He was in my room, reading me a story that my mother had written when she was alive. It was a story that was loosely based around her life in a fairy tale setting. I don't know why, but I just loved her story. She died before she could publish it but I had made it my life's duty to publish it. As he read the story to me, it felt like the old times were coming back. I thought too soon.

The next morning, I awoke to the sounds of Derby's screams. I jumped out of bed and I ran into their room and my eyes widened at what I saw. My dad was lying in bed…dead. Derby called 911 and the ambulance came and they pronounced my dad dead. He died of a stroke in his sleep. I lost my best friend that day. I didn't see it coming. Nobody saw it coming. I stopped reading all the stories that my dad used to read to me; it only brought tears to my eyes to remember that freighting sight of him dead.

My father didn't leave a will so Derby got everything. She got my dad's money, she got the house, and the country club. And her dismay…me. I had to pack up all the stuff in my room and move it upstairs in the attic. That was my new bedroom. Derby used my room as a bigger and better room for Sharpay. Ryan and Sharpay had shared a room and now they both had their own rooms. The only place I could go was in the attic. It wasn't much at first, but once I was finished with it, it became a room. But not at first. The night I moved my stuff in the attic, it was a week after dad died. It was raining outside and I cried myself to bed last night.

So who am I you may ask? I'm Gabriella Montez; an example of a real life Cinderella.

Eight years later…

My alarm clock woke me up at six o'clock on the dot. I groaned tiredly as I slowly got up from my bed and I turned it off. It was Wednesday morning, I remember. I yawned as I got up from my bed and I grabbed a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt from American eagle. I never really cared what I wore; I just wanted to be comfortable. I slowly emerged from my attic bedroom and I descended down the stairs and I found that no one in the house was awake yet. No one ever was. Sharpay would wake up about half an hour or forty-five minutes later, Ryan's waking up schedule always changed and Derby…I don't even know! She was a crazy woman who did whatever she wanted.

I walked into the kitchen and I began to make my lunch for school, along with Sharpay and Ryan's lunch. Ryan always told me not to make his, but to avoid any trouble with Derby, I just make it anyways. When I finished making all three sandwiches, I then had to prepare Derby's breakfast. I always had to make her breakfast. I was like her slave. But I never complained; if I complained, I feared that I wouldn't end up going to school next year. I sighed tiredly as I cracked two eggs and flipped the bacon. Derby was very picky at how her breakfast was made. I've always been tempted to spit in her breakfast and not tell her, but I always wondered if she had placed video cameras around the house so I never did it.

By the time I was done making Derby's breakfast, it was ten after seven. They would begin to waken and come downstairs now. The first to come down was Sharpay. What a joy this conversation would be. She still maintained her diva like self and her long blonde hair. The one thing she still didn't have was a brain. She turned out to be a real evil stepsister. She was part of the 'popular' group and she always made fun of me with her friends and that just immediately labeled me a loser. She was still cruel and unfair; and Derby never did anything about it. Sharpay stood beside me and watched me as I made breakfast for Derby. She smirked.

"I think mother would prefer freshly squeezed orange juice rather than in the carton. So you may want to get some oranges." Sharpay said, sounding stupid and immature. I just rolled my eyes and I continued to flip Derby's eggs.

"Shut up Sharpay." I said angrily as I put the eggs and the bacon on a plate and poured Derby a glass of orange juice. Sharpay pursed up her lips and she put her hands on her hips.

"Did you finish up my essay? It's due today. If I don't hand it in, I can't go to the dance on Friday. And I have been planning this for weeks. So can I have it?" Sharpay asked in her usual 'full of herself' voice. I nodded my head as I pointed at the folder on the counter.

"Yes it's in the file. And yes Sharpay, I made it sound like you by not using big words in it." I informed Sharpay as she picked up the essay and she began to read it. Her eyes searched every word and she nodded in approval.

"Yeah this sounds like me. Thank god you didn't put that big word in again. What word was it Gabs?" Sharpay asked. I silently cursed in my head. I hated it when she called me Gabs. My dad called me Gabs and Gabby all the time. Ever since my dad died, I hated it when someone else called me that. Only my closest friends, which I had very few of, were allowed to call me that.

"Do you mean narcissistic? It means you love yourself more than anyone." I said; making sure I directed it right at her. Sharpay, being the dumb one that she is, she didn't even take the comment and put the essay in her pink book bag.

"Whatever. So did you make me my lunch? And tell me that you didn't put tuna in my sandwich again. Please tell me you put a salad in my lunch." Sharpay said, obviously worrying about gaining weight on her size two body. I rolled my eyes as I grabbed her lunch bag and handed it to her.

"Only the best." I said. Sharpay looked in her lunch bag, as if she didn't believe me that I didn't put a salad in her lunch.

"Yeah I can tell." Sharpay said. Suddenly, Ryan walked in the kitchen. I smiled at him. Ryan was the one I preferred seeing in this whole family. We were actually very close.

"Morning Gabriella." Ryan chimed happily. I smiled at him as he came to stand beside me.

"Good morning Ryan. Why are you so happy this morning?" I asked, noticing that he was smiling more than usual. Ryan's smile seemed to have grown wider and he looked like he was just dying to tell me his news.

"You remember that commercial that I auditioned for?" Ryan asked. I nodded my head, remembering how much Ryan rehearsed for this audition.

"Yeah I do what about it?" I asked. Ryan smiled wider and he put a hand on my shoulder.

"I got a call last night. I'm doing the commercial!" Ryan exclaimed happily. I smiled happily for Ryan. For months, Ryan had auditioned for commercials and he always got beat out. I was truly happy that he finally got a small gig. I put a hand on his shoulder and smiled happily.

"Aw Ryan! I'm so happy for you! You deserve this." I told Ryan as I gave him a big hug. I could feel him smile as he hugged me back.

"Thanks Brie. I just can't believe they finally accepted me." Ryan said happily. Sharpay, always bringing Ryan down, rolled her eyes and she walked by Ryan and she pushed him out of her way.

"It's not that big of a deal Ryan. They always get bad actors for commercials." Sharpay said meanly as she walked out of the kitchen. Ryan sighed sadly, immediately regretting being so happy about his news. I sighed and I put both my hands on his shoulders.

"Ryan, don't let her get to you. You're a great actor. You are even better than Sharpay. You're going to achieve great things Ryan." I told Ryan, the truth coming out of my voice strongly. Ryan let somewhat of a smile on his face and nodded his head. He was basically the easiest person to make feel better about themselves.

"Thanks Brie." Ryan said with a smile. I nodded my head as I grabbed his lunch bag and I handed it to him.

"Here I made your lunch. Bagel with cream cheese, just the way you like it." I told Ryan as I gave it to him. Ryan took it from my hands, his eyes suddenly apologetic.

"Gabriella, I told you not to make my lunch. I told you I could make it on my own. I have arms; it's not like I'm crippled." Ryan told me. I sighed. I didn't want to make everyone's lunch but I knew that Derby would just give me another 'stop being selfish and think of others' lecture. Ryan had told me multiple times not to make his, but I wanted to be obedient and not get in trouble.

"I know. But Derby told me to. And I have to do it." I said. Ryan crossed his arms across his chest and looked at me.

"Oh, you mean like how she told you that you have to work long hours at the club? Or when she told you that you have to do all the chores around the house? Or how she told you that you absolutely had to do what we want you to do or else you would get money taken out of your paycheck for college tuition." Ryan told me cleverly.

I had nothing to say to that. Ryan was right. Even though Sharpay and Derby treated me badly, I always did what they told me to do. I never once told them to do things once themselves because I always feared that Derby would end up not paying for my college tuition. I did my hardest not to lose my temper when Sharpay and her friends taunted me. I tried my hardest to deal with Derby when she was being irritable. But the worst thing was; I didn't tell her that I applied to Princeton. She actually didn't want me to go to college. She wanted me to stay here and work. But I wanted to go against her wishes and apply.

"I know Ryan. But there is just a few more weeks of school left so I may as well just deal with it all. Really, I don't mind." I told Ryan, forcing a smile to play the part. Ryan stared at me and he just nodded his head. I could just tell by his eyes that he didn't believe me.

"If you insist." He said simply. Before I could say anything else, I suddenly heard Derby's voice call my name.

"GABRIELLA!!" I heard her loud voice call me. I quickly grabbed the tray full of food and I held it in my hands as she walked in the kitchen, wearing her silk robe and matching slippers.

Here was a woman who must have had more cosmetic surgery than anyone in New Mexico in their whole lifetime. I remember after my dad died, I was hoping that maybe she would take care of me and give me just as much love as my dad had given me. But I was wrong. She figured that because I was the outsider of the family that maybe she could tell me what to do. At first I thought that she was just going through a hard time and she may have been taking it out on me. But then I started to notice that she kept doing it and she didn't even get bothered when Sharpay would tell me to do her homework. That's when I knew she became an evil stepmother. Derby grabbed the tray from my hands and walked to the table and she placed it down. She grabbed a fork and took a bite out of the bacon and she chewed it and finally swallowed. She looked at me and nodded her head in approval.

"I can't say that this is the best; it could be a little crispier. But I guess it's too late now. Do better next time." Derby said as she took a sip of her orange juice. I nodded my head, not having the spine to tell her off.

"Will do Derby." I said simply. Ryan took a breath and he placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Well we don't want to be late for school. Come on lets get going Brie." Ryan said as we both grabbed our book bags and began to walk out of the kitchen. As I was about to walk out of the room, Derby called my name again.

"Oh Gabriella, I almost forgot. Maureen broke her leg and I need you to take her shift tonight." Derby said, delicately putting a piece of egg in her mouth. I sighed from frustration.

I had been working as a waitress at Lava Springs basically since I turned thirteen. At first I only worked about two or three hours, but since I was sixteen I have basically worked all night and wake up at the crack of dawn on the weekends to work until one in the morning. I could easily arrest her for child labour but once again, there goes my money for college. I didn't even get paid overtime. It angered me because I do everything for everybody and I always work and rarely have time for myself and I get no credit or get paid.

"Derby, I can't work tonight. I have a huge exam I have to study for. I just don't have the time tonight to go and work at the diner. Please, can't we just get Joe to go in for her?" I asked, almost pleading. Derby looked at me sternly and she stood up.

"Gabriella, you need to stop being so selfish and start doing what others tell you to do. And I'm telling you to work the night shift." Derby told me, as if I had said something awful. Ryan stepped up beside me and looked at Derby and tried to convince her to let me off the hook.

"Mom, with all due respect, I'm in Gabriella's chemistry class; this exam is big. We both need to study. Can you please just let Gabriella have this night off?" Ryan asked, sounding so sweet standing up for me. Derby just looked at him and let somewhat of a smile on her face.

"Ryan, that is very sweet and considerate. But Gabriella has a job and she needs to learn to take responsibility for her job which is something she needs to improve on." Derby said, darting her eyes at me. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head.

"Okay fine I'll work tonight." I said as I quickly bolted out the door and went into Ryan's car. Not long after, Ryan came out and he took the driver's seat beside me and started to car. I sighed loudly and looked at Ryan as he began to drive off.

"How mad is she now?" I asked, knowing that Derby would tell Ryan to pass a message along to me. Ryan sighed as he drove down the road.

"Well she wants me to tell you that you are overreacting and that you should be thankful to even have a job like this." Ryan said. I could just tell by his voice that he didn't want to tell me that because it wasn't true.

"I don't even have anything to say to that. Even if I did speak my mind off, no one in this house would even care, except for you which I am very thankful for." I said looking at Ryan. He smiled. He looked so cool driving. I don't think I looked cool driving, especially with everything that Sharpay had been telling people about me.

"I'm always here to listen to you." He told me with a smile. I smiled back.

"Thanks Ryan. That really means a lot to me. Ever since…ever since my dad died…no one listened to me anymore. Except you. And I thank you for that." I told Ryan, with sincerity in my heart. Ryan smiled back at me.

"Anytime Brie." He told me. I smiled and I looked out my window. I may have had a smile on my face, but I was secretly afraid of going to school to deal with the torments that the supposed 'cool crowd' would have for me. School became something that scared me the most.

To be continued…

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