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"Why…" Haruno Sakura sobbed silently to herself at the sight before her, Uchiha Sasuke was lying in his bed with no other than Hyuuga Hinata, neither one of them aware of her presence, too engulfed in other things to sense her. The purple haired girl withered in pleasure beneath the pink haired girl's husband gasping in ecstasy "Sasuke-sama!" Sakura covered her ears as if to deafen the noise, she couldn't take it anymore, in blind rage Sakura slammed her fist into the door shattering it to pieces, instantly the pair separated kunai drawn and ready, coal and lavender irises locked with furious green ones.

""How could you betray me?" her voice cracked, the Hyuuga heiress dropped the kunai and grasped the sheets to shield her bare body, Sasuke didn't even flitch. Hinata was engulfed in guilt "Sakura-chan I-I" after so long her voice stuttered and she erupted into tears "forgive me" Sakura looked at the woman in disgust, the pink haired medic locked eyes with the last Uchiha, who had hurt her the most "Sasuke-kun how could you?" her green eyes pleaded "Go home Sakura." The black haired boy replied impassively and bent down not bothering to cover his shame to embrace the weeping girl, it felt like a punch in the stomach, Sakura couldn't even breathe.

"S-Sasuke-kun" she choked out "I won't say it again Sakura Go Home." Sakura locked eyes with the sharingun, the tears crashed around her, she ran outside not knowing where to just running blindly in the rain it blending with her tears. "Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun had" memories of them laughing, loving and kissing ran through her head, the image of him and Hinata, his cruel eyes Sakura collapsed into a puddle and sobbed violently "Betrayed me" the pink haired medic trembled all alone in the cold relentless rain, suddenly the force of the heavens ceased, Sakura gazed up to cerulean "N-Naruto"

The whiskered man shielded her from the rain with his navy umbrella "That's Hokage-sama to you." Sakura hung her head shamefully "Forgive my rudeness Rokudaime-sama" a blonde eyebrow raised, he smiled sadly-Sasuke you fool, what have you done? Naruto took off his notorious orange Hokage robe that rivaled the Yondaime's and placed it over the shivering woman "Just kidding Sakura" he grinned foxily and ruffled her pink soaked hair dearly "Let's go Sakura, before you get sick." And held out a kind hand, the pink haired medic reached out to her former teammate shakily and got up only to fall back down, the Rokudaime scratched his wild head puzzled.

"Okay I know what to do" Naruto bent down with his arms out behind him "Climb on" Sakura hesitated but wrapped her pale arms around his neck "so warm" her mind wandered back to all the times she held Sasuke…"Sasuke-kun" the pink haired medic sobbed in Naruto's back the whole time, clinging on to him like her wet clothes, "It's okay, your safe with me." Sakura cried even harder, 20 minutes later they arrived at his home the grandest in the entire village.

He kicked open the door and laid her gently on his couch, "I'll make us some tea, take it easy" she nodded her head weakly and Naruto left out the door to the kitchen. 12 minutes after the whiskered man returned with two cups of hot tea "green tea with spice, If you don't like it tell me I'll make some more." Uncertain green irises looked at the man before her, Naruto had changed, his untamed blonde hair still spiked unnaturally up still but his bangs grew to his shoulder, his stature was thin but strong and he had tanned a little more, no longer the same trickster Naruto had aged gracefully and no longer joked as much, a kind seriousness leader is what he had become, but never losing his charm.

This man before her with the slit cerulean eyes, this was the Rokudaime Hokage. Naruto had fused with the Kyubi completely 5 years ago, gaining its synster strength along with it, also Naruto had inherited the remnants of his clan, its scrolls, secrets and its whole district, the proud legacy of his father the Yondaime Hokage his self, Namikaze Minato. If Sakura didn't know any better she would fall for the God serving tea before her. "It's been 3 years since we've spoken like this Naruto" the Rokudaime placed down his tea cup firmly "Hai, it has Sakura" the whiskered man folded his hands in his lap "What has he done to upset you like this?"

Haruno Sakura's eyes reflected sorrow "I don't want to talk about such things Naruto, please don't make me remember." Naruto sighed deeply "Sakura, I swore I'd leave you in his hands the moment he married you, I'm hokage now I wouldn't dare do something so ridiculous, like I said your safe with me, now what has Sasuke done to make you run blindly in the rain crying none the less?" a thick silence distanced them "Sakura-chan…" the pink haired woman whispered "Huh?" the blonde man was confused "call me Sakura-chan, like 3 years ago! I'd do anything just to go back to how it was!" she pleaded; Sakura got up and embraced him while trembling.

"I just want to go back…" the pink haired girl sobbed hysterically, the Rokudaime's cerulean eyes looked sad "Sakura-chan…" strong arms embraced the sobbing girl, if only they could turn back time make himself love her again. Naruto closed his eyes he could pretend even if only until she stopped crying. He held her until she fell asleep in his arms, he lied her down the gray tatami mat, making an oath to himself "Sasuke" Naruto growled he would kill him for making Sakura cry, no one deserved her tears not even him.

To be continued

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