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Streams of sunlight pierced through the open shutters painting the room a hue of gold to Haruno Sakura's dismay.

The young woman groaned in annoyance shifting from side to side provocatively with no avail, jade irises creaked open only to slam back down, the light hurt.

"Sakura!" the pink haired girl cringed "Its half past 10 time to get up!" the medic grabbed the pillow over her face, twisting her body in the purple cotton veil and just lied there motionless attempting to go back asleep.

Ino's eyebrow twitched in annoyance and snatched the pillow and blanket best friend and smirking while Sakura withered in the daylight and franticly searched for the stolen warmth.

"What are you some kind of vampire?" the pink haired girl rose slowly and glared daggers that promised death at the evil creature that forced her to start the day, the pregnant woman gulped nervously "She's Sasuke's wife alright…"

Ino cleared her throat "Rokudaime-sama asked about you" instantly the evil glare subsided and all thoughts about killing her best friend were forgotten like an abandoned child, green eyes blinked innocently "Naruto?"

Ino continued "He wants you to stop by and see him today" Sakura blinked again processing her words and nodding slowly, a pale eyebrow rose "As in 12" the medic looked lost, "Get the hell offa my couch!"

Sakura bolted up in the air, the pregnant woman smiled the showers on your left billboard brow" Sakura yawned and walked toward the direction toward the shower "Thank you Ino-pig."

The pale blonde haired woman waited until she heard the shower start and exhaled a held breath and wobbled down stairs toward the kitchen "What was your reasoning for lying to Sakura?"

Ino stopped frozen in her tracks and locked eyes with her husband, the shadow master himself "I know something is wrong with her and Sasuke and I think she needs to talk to Naruto, if there's anyone who can figure out what's wrong its him." The pregnant woman smiled sadly "Besides, they need to catch up, 3 years seemed like an eternity and we all know Naruto took it the hardest."

Shikamaru embraced his wife dearly "Though its troublesome don't worry about it Ino you don't need anymore stress on this little guy here" the pony tailed man sighed "I'll watch over things, I'm here to carry the weight so you don't have to" Ino laughed gently

"I love you pineapple head" the shadow master kissed her forehead tenderly.

"Naruto wants to see me." Sakura just laid in the bathtub deep in thought "It's a miracle that he still even wants to look at me" she bit her lip her lip "more like a curse…" a sharp pain like a kunai her heart as she winced in pain and silently panicked "It couldn't be that could it? The Naruto I know wouldn't dare"

A cruel voice invaded her thoughts "You don't know this Naruto" the whiskered boy now man invaded her mind "That's right Naruto has a family now…" Sakura felt sick, unconsciously she sank deeper and deeper into the hot water until it reached the bridge of her nose.

An ocean wave of guilt washed over her heart drowning out all joy, the pink haired girl wanted to die "I'm so sorry Naruto" the suppressed memories flung back at her relentlessly: those golden days when she only knew how to smile, green irises watered "So truly sorry…"


"It's a beautiful day ne Sauke-kun?" Hinata smiled while gazing at the open window, allowing a warm Spring breeze to dance into the room. The purple haired woman inhaled gently and let the light kiss her face and laughed gently when the wind tickled her naked body, she was answered in silence so Hinata turned around "Do you like spring Sasuke?" she asked sweetly, the last Uchiha's face looked bothered but in a split second it was gone.

A certain pink haired girl invaded his thoughts coal eyes darkened "No" a monotone voice replied, Sasuke turned around on the other side of the bed facing the door "Close the curtain" he demanded, the lavender eyed woman frowned but it wasn't like she was expecting anything more and did what she was told, stalking her way back to bed in the cold darkness.

The Nara Residence

"Promise?" the pink haired medic laughed gently "Hai, until then Ino-pig" the pregnant woman smiled sincerely and retreated back inside "If you're late I'll kick your ass!"

Sakura waved not daring to look behind her.

She heard the door close then whipped the tears from her emerald eyes, she had actually retied the bonds she had severed with Ino and it made her so truly happy Ino had actually given her a second chance that what Sakura admired about her loudmouthed best friend her strength being pregnant couldn't even handicap her.

"Oye Sakura" the door creaked open and Sakura turned around to face Shikamaru, the green eyed woman smiled a little too sweetly, "Why hello Shikamaru." The pineapple headed man shrugged "You don't have to fake a smile with me Sakura" instantly her face fell and the facade crumbled revealing an unhappy girl with eyes of glass he grimaced.

Cotton candy bangs covered her bright eyes "Genius isn't just a title, Kohana's greatest

Mind lives up to his reputation." Shikamaru laid a warm hand on her shrugged shoulder "I'm not going to ask what conflict is going on with you and Sasuke but whatever it is I can tell it's not just going to go away over night stop running away also I want you to cancel your plans of telling Ino everything she's under enough stress as it would be even more troublesome if she knew such a harsh truth."

Sakura bit her lip "But your reappearance has made Ino as happy as I've seen her since our wedding night" Shikamaru lit a cigarette "as long as you stay in Kohana I'll look after you." He returned his hand back to his pocket, the pink haired girl truly smiled in what seemed like forever at the man before her and bowed "Thank you Shikamaru" the shadow master rolled his eyes "Whatever, you know what to do, don't let him down." Before she could reply the door shut in her face but Sakura still smiled "I won't…"

Sakura looked to the evanescent sky and her eyes trembled at the vast blueness and a certain whiskered man entered her mind "I'm going to finally do something right" the medic inhaled deeply "Naruto… here I come." She turned around and headed toward the direction of the Hokage monuments, her eyes blazing with resolve.

Knock Knock soft snoring halted and a mess of sunshine shot up "Rokudaime-sama, someone's here to see you sir." The ocean eyed dobe blinked lazily and groaned "Who is it?" he slurred "Naruto?" the Hokage gasped "Sakura-chan?!" instantly Naruto whipped the fresh drool from his tan chin and slapped his cheeks, clearing his throat "Come in please!" Cerulean met Emerald and they both met each other with smiles "Hi Sakura this is ugh unexpected" he grinned foxily, Sakura blinked "Huh" Naruto stuttered "No-no I didn't mean to say it like that I'm glad you came."

"So you mean you didn't ask for me?" the golden haired Hokage scratched his head "I don't remember this…" Sakura smiled "Thank you Ino-pig." The pink haired woman giggled softly "No its fine I wanted to catch up Naruto" the Rokudaime couldn't help but blush "Really? Me too I just didn't know if you wanted to." Sakura flinched at his unintentional hurtful words, Naruto didn't notice so she forced a smile "Was this truly how he saw her now…" he laughed nervously "I didn't think you wanted anything to do with me, Sakura-chan… but I'm glad like always I'm wrong." The pink haired woman grimaced "It should be the other way around Naruto…"

"It has to be now" Sakura inhaled a sharp breath "Look Naruto we need to talk!" she blurted out, the whiskered man blinked, perplexed for the 2nd time today"Huh?" he hated repeating himself "Bout what, Sakura-chan?" the pink haired medic locked eyes with her ex teammate and exhaled a held breath "About what happened between us 3 years ago." Naruto's world came crashing down.

To Be Continued

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