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Today was a day like every other normal day that came before it. The people of the city happily continued on with life contently as they walked along the sidewalk or drove their cars through the busy streets. Everything seemed at ease with the city.

That is, until now.

A gunshot was heard throughout the area around Konoha High School. People stopped in their tracks as the loud noise echoed through the air. And on pure instinct, the people soon gathered around a small group of four kids, who had been standing behind the high school building. One kid had a gun in his hand. Steam coming from the end, showing that the gun had been used only moments ago. Another boy was lying on the ground, blood gushing from a fresh bullet wound in his chest.

It was not long after that were the sound of sirens heard coming closer and closer to the scene. The three kids still standing heard the sirens and began to run. However their escape was becoming harder, considering the large amounts of people who were assembling together to catch a glimpse of the body on the ground. The three kids soon found their way out of the crowd and fled to the surrounding neighborhood in hopes of avoiding the police.

The sirens came closer until they reached the large group of people. The EMTs burst through the back doors of the ambulance and pushed their way through the crowd to check the body. One of the EMTs then knelt down beside the boy and looked over the wound. He then put his fingers on the boy's neck to check for a pulse. There was barely one.

He then signaled the others to bring over a stretcher so that they could get the body to a hospital as soon as possible. The wound had not pierced through the boy's heart, but he could still die from loss of blood if they did not move quickly.

The body was then placed into the ambulance. The door closed behind the EMTs and then drove off toward the local hospital.

The people who had crowded around merely watched in horror as the ambulance with the boy's body continued to drive on until it was out of sight.


A tall, tan, blonde boy opened his blue eyes slowly. A bright light caused him to quickly close his eyes again. After his eyes adjusted to the intensity of the light, the blonde looked around. All he saw was blue sky with several clouds scattered throughout.

"Wha… Where am I?" He asked as he continued to look around. The answer the blonde sought came quickly as he looked below him. What he saw made his eyes snap open as wide as they could possible go and his jaw drop open.

For the blonde had to be a good fifty meters above the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He yelled as he squirmed in mid air, afraid that if he did not move he would fall to his death. "W-W-What's going on?! What the hell happened?! Why am I floating?!" Questions kept pouring out of the boy's mouth.

"If you would just stop yelling for a moment I could tell you that." A feminine voice came from behind him. The blonde stopped his yelling and frantic movement; he turned his body around to look upon the owner of the voice.

"Who… who the hell are you?" The tan boy asked the woman (who was also floating) in front of him. She wore a traditional red, gold, and white kimono and sandals on her small feet. Her complexion was pale, yet elegant and she had stunning emerald eyes. But the feature that stood out the most would have to be her pink hair (that she had pulled up in a clip).

"Haruno Sakura, at your service." The pinked-haired girl gave a sweet smile. She giggled as the blonde continued to stare in awe. "That's one question down. Next."

"Uh… right." The tall boy stuttered. He then blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Um why are you floating?"

The girl then giggled once again, but covered her small mouth her elegant hand. "You're floating as well." She replied back as she continued to smile at him when he blushed out of embarrassment. "We are floating because technically we are both dead."

The boy's big blue eyes widened once again. "D-Dead?!" he shrieked; his voice became slightly higher than normal.

"Yes. Dead. To be more precise, you are a spirit who has recently died."

The blonde paused for a moment to let that statement register in his mind. "I died." He whispered more to himself than to Sakura. 'I don't remember dieing.' He thought to himself. 'Wait! I can't remember a thing! Nothing! I can't remember anything!!'

"Why can't I remember anything?!" The tan boy then shouted suddenly.

Sakura jumped back a bit. The sudden loud noise had frightened her a little. "That is a rule of death. Once a spirit leaves its body, it loses all memory of its mortal life." The pink-haired girl said calmly. "Go ahead and see. What's the last thing you remember before waking up?" She gave a smile as she leaned closer to the boy in front of her.

He paused. The blonde tried his hardest to remember something. Anything. "I don't remember anything. Not even my name."

"That's normal. Don't feel bad. The memories may or may not come back. It really depends on the person and their attachment to their mortal lives."

The boy listened to her explanation and held back the question that was tugging on his lips until she finished. "So I'm a ghost."

"Not a ghost yet."

"Yet?" The blonde questioned as he raised an eyebrow.

"If you continue to stay here on Earth then you will eventually become a ghost and you will be bound to this place for ever." Sakura smiled as she spoke of the gruesome fate. The boy figured she must have been used to saying such morbid things or she would not be able to smile so sweetly.

"So are you a ghost?" He asked, still pondering the last answer he received.

"Me?" Sakura pointed to her face as an expression of confusion graced her rounded face. "No." She chuckled. "No I am a Shinigami. Actually, I'm a guide." The boy's blank expression made her laugh. She then decided to explain the matter a little farther. "I guide the dearly departed to their eternal resting place in the afterlife. Which explains why I'm here for you."

"What?!" The blonde panicked. "I don't want to die!!"

The girl looked over the boy for a moment before speaking. "You are unusually attached to your mortal life." The tall boy wanted to ask how she was able to detect such a thing by looking at him, but he kept his mouth shut. "We should take a look at your body."

"Body? But it's right here." The blonde then patted his chest to prove to Sakura that his body was there.

"I meant your human body. You're dead. Your soul has left your body, so we need to find it." Sakura explained. She then looked around the city. "You died recently so our best bet would be the site of your death or a hospital." She then noticed the hospital below them. "Well, since we're here, let's check this hospital first." The Shinigami then grabbed the blonde by his wrist and pulled him down toward the hospital.

The tan boy freaked out completely as the two of them passed right threw the cement walls of the hospital. He decided that it would be hard to get used to being without a physical body. "Do you have any idea where my body is?" He asked after they passed threw a few rooms.

"Not really." Sakura answered truthfully. The blonde's eyes became wide once again. "But your body shouldn't be too hard to locate. After all, your unruly blonde hair, blue eyes and funny whisker marks will make you stand out." Sakura laughed a little when then blonde blushed once again.

"Well you stand out too!! With all that pink hair!" The tan boy said in his defense.

"True. But I have not had a human body for many decades." Sakura countered back.

"Old hag." The boy said under his breath. He had not even realized that Sakura had heard him say that until her fist connected with the back of his head.

"I prefer 'Sakura.'" She said with a fake smile.

The two then continued to float from room to room in search of the blonde's human body. The pair had searched through three floors of rooms and had yet to find anyone that even looked remotely like the tall boy. Once they were on the fourth floor, the boy's patience began to wear thin.

Sakura either did not notice how irritable and bored the blonde behind her was or did not care. She continued to search endlessly through the many rooms.

"We're never going to find my body." The boy sighed.

"So?" The pink-haired girl asked. "It's not like you have anything that you could be doing at this moment."

'Touché.' The blonde thought as Sakura continued to pull him from room to room. He was just about to complain once again when the Shinigami stopped dead in her tracks, which caused the blonde to collide into in her back. "I-Itai." He said as he rubbed his face. "Why did you stop so suddenly?"

Sakura turned her head around so that her emerald eyes could meet his beautiful blue ones. "I've found your body." She smiled at him and then turned he attention back to the sleeping body that no doubt belonged to the blonde beside her.

"Oi! That is me!!" The tall boy paused for a moment as he looked upon his human body. He cringed slightly as he saw the condition his body was in. Several tubes were going into his skin and he had an oxygen mask over his mouth. He then snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the clipboard that was left hanging on the end rail of the bed. "Uzumaki Naruto." He read the name that was written on the very top of the sheet. "So that's my name. Yeah I think that fact is coming back to me."

Sakura then leaned in closer to look over the sheet on the clipboard. "That would explain it." She said after reading over the paper.

"Explain what?"

"Why you seem to be more attached to your mortal life." The Shinigami then turned to face Naruto once again. His attention was completely fixed on her at this point. "It would seem that you are not completely dead." Naruto continued to stare at the pink-haired girl. His eyes did not even blink. "You're human body is in a coma, and therefore still has a chance to live."

Naruto's eyes then glittered with what Sakura thought to be hope. "You mean I could live again?!" The tan boy smiled for the first time since he had died. Sakura decided she like his smile a lot.

"There is a chance." Sakura smiled back at the blonde. "Though it is a very slim chance." Sakura then grabbed hold of Naruto's wrist again.

"What are you doing now?" He asked as the two began to float upward threw the ceiling.

"I'm taking you to the afterlife or Spirit World."

"I thought souls only went there when they were dead!!" The blonde exclaimed as he began to panic once again. "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?!"

"My you're a noisy one." The Shinigami said as she smiled back to him. "I'm not trying to kill you. I'm merely taking you there so that I may speak with the lord of the afterlife about your predicament."

Naruto looked utterly confused. "Why would you do that?"

"Your particular case is not one that occurs very often, but it does happen." Sakura explained. She seemed to be doing a lot of that today. But informing spirits about what had happened and what will happen to them was her job, so she was quite used to it by now. "I'm not sure on what to do in such a situation, so I'm going to ask the lord of the afterlife what should be done with you."

As soon as Sakura finished speaking she held out her hand toward the sky and recited an incantation. Once she was finished the sky suddenly began to stir and some kind of portal opened. The two then flew right into the portal, the blonde boy squirming and panicking the whole time.

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