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"Could you please state your name, again?" the police officer Asuma Sarutobi asked as he stared at the group of people in front of him.

"Subaku Gaara." The redhead stated calmly as his emotionless green eyes stared at the older man in front of him. "These two are my brother and sister, Kankuro and Temari." He pointed to the taller brunette and blonde that stood to his sides, uncomfortable being in the office of a cop.

"And you're certain that this Pein person is the one responsible for the shooting of Uzumaki Naruto?" he asked placing his cigarette back in between his lips and inhaling the smoke into his lungs and then releasing it moments later.

"We say him do it with our own eyes." Temari interrupted, her voice stern and steady.

"And if that isn't enough, we also have several statements from members of Pein's gang the Akatsuki stating that they had been requested to kill Naruto before by this man's orders." Gaara then handed a stack of papers to the police officer, which did include statements from Akatsuki members. As Asuma flipped through them, he even saw that some of the members stated that they had overheard Pein talk to a follow member about killing Naruto himself.

He placed down the papers on his desk and stared wide-eyed at the three young siblings, whom all wore an expression of determination on their faces. He took his cigarette from his mouth and extinguished it in the ash tray of his cluttered desk.

"Will this serve as a proper testimony?" Gaara asked, still keeping his voice and face stoic.

"U-Un." Asuma said slowly. "This… This will be just fine. Thanks for your time. Just one question before you leave."

"Hai." The redhead said with no emotion in his voice.

"Why didn't you come forward with this information earlier?"

"We're not the most trustworthy of people." Kankuro butted in with a smirk.

"We wanted to make sure we had proof to back up our claim." Temari gave the older man a smile as her green eyes narrowed and focused on his expression. Asuma paused for another moment, feeling the tension in the room that the three siblings definitely created and then gave them a nod and smile.

"You have our thanks."

Gaara nodded and the three Sand members left the office, happy to finally be out of the police station and the uneasy feeling that came along with talking to a cop.


Naruto's vision remained black.

A soft and steady beeping filled his ears, giving him a small sign that something lay beyond the endless darkness that filled his vision. He tried to reach his hand outward, hoping to grasp onto something that would pull him out of the black nothingness, but his whole arm felt as heavy as lead and he only managed to raise his finger slightly.

The beeping grew louder, the darkness that surrounded him beginning to turn to a dark shade of grey instead of the endless black. The blonde became aware of a source of warmth that covered his hand and wrist, engulfing it like it was a precious and fragile object.

Another sound entered into his mind. Soft, muffled words, almost as if someone was screaming from behind a sheet of glass that separated the voice from Naruto. The warmth of his hand grew a solid form and felt as if it was another hand intertwined with his own. The grip on his hand grew tighter, as if the own whom held it was making sure that Naruto was really there.

Of course he was there. He just was not sure where that was. The grey drifted into an off white color and soon that blurry white was all the tan boy could see.

The beeping sound was right beside him, the loudest that it had been ever since it had begun.

His vision focused. The blurry white that he saw all around his became that of a white ceiling, slightly discolored from years of used, more than likely. He blinked once to make sure that this too would fade into another thing or color like his vision had done several times before, but the ceiling stayed in his vision. Naruto let his heavy eyes wander down ward and he saw that he was lying on top of some sort of bed once he noticed the blanket covering his body and the metal frame along the sides of the bedding. He figured that he had been lying down for quite some time since every part of his body seemed to ache in pain and discomfort.

Naruto slightly shifted his body, which he immediately regretted for two reasons. His body was so sore that moving it sent pain throughout his entire body. And, as soon as he had moved even the slightest, he was assaulted with a loud and anxious voice, coming from his right side and practically shouting into his ear.

"Naruto?!" the familiar voice called out as the grip on his hand tightened on his hand once again.

Blue eyes widened a fraction when he heard the voice. It was a comfort to hear that voice once again. His features softened and he carefully turned his head to his right and took in the sight of person sitting beside him.

"Naruto? Y-You're awake?" Sasuke's statement meant to come out as a statement, but as his voice cracked midway through speaking the small phrase turned into an unsure question. Naruto smiled at the dark eye leering at him with such anxiety, as if he was waiting for the blonde to speak before he decided that he was actually awake and not just a dream or illusion.

"Sorry I didn't make it to school." Naruto forced out in a raspy voice as he put a warm smile on his lips. "You must have been worried sick."

Tears rolled freely down the Uchiha's face as he let out a small laugh as he leaned his face in closer toward the tired blonde. His lips grazed Naruto's forehead, giving him a short and chaste kiss as held back his urge to latch onto the boy in the bed for he was too afraid that he would only injury the blonde even more. Naruto smiled up at Sasuke, slowly raising his free hand to brush the dark locks away from Sasuke pale face. If he did not know any better he would think that the Uchiha had actually lost more color since the last time he had seen him, which he was not sure was possible.

A thought then struck the blonde. His blue eyes widened again he tried to sit, but was pushed back down onto the uncomfortable mattress by the overly worried raven. "Where am I?" he asked before he looked over to his left and noticed the many machines that sat in the corner… attached to himself. That thought did not ease Naruto's thoughts, but at least he had a better idea of where he was now.

"The hospital." Sasuke answered back, slightly more stable now that he knew that Naruto was awake.

"Of course." Naruto laughed out, wincing when he did so. His chest felt like it had been set on fire and then stabbed, which, from looking at where he was currently, might not be too far from the truth. "What happened?" he said, trying to focus on other things besides the pain in his chest.

"Don't you remember? You were shot."

Naruto paused. Sasuke words struck at some cord in the back of Naruto's mind.

"…bullet that pierced your chest…" The phrase rang through his mind as if it was a long forgotten memory or a dream that he just could seem to remember. His brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to remember where he had heard that feminine voice before.

"Naruto?" Sasuke questioned, noticing the blonde's stare.

"Shot, eh?" Naruto asked mostly to himself. He then looked down at his bandaged chest and flashes on the instant of him standing outside the school with Gaara and his siblings came back to him. "Yeah that rings a bell. And it would explain why I'm here." The blonde also felt as if he had said something along those same words to someone else, but the memory was too fuzzy to make out and so he let it pass from his mind. "Does that mean I missed school today?" He gave the pale boy a wide grin as he spoke.

"You've missed an entire week." Sasuke said, slightly more serious than he had been before. "Naruto… you've been in a coma for a week."

Blue eyes widened as far as they possibly could. "…you are not completely dead …" The same feminine voice rang through his mind once again, causing the blonde to place his large, tan hand against his forehead. "…you're human body is in a coma" Flashes of short pink haired passed through his mind and he shook his head to get the images from his mind, so that he could think about the situation at hand.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked, obviously very concerned at the blonde's behavior.

"It's nothing." Naruto lied. "I think I had a crazy dream this week." He let out a small laugh, in which Sasuke let himself ease up slightly and laugh along with his boyfriend. It felt good hear the blonde laugh again, and Naruto could agree it was just as good to hear Sasuke laugh as well.

"I was… beginning to think you'd never wake up." Sasuke said truthfully, his grip on the blonde's hand tightening unintentionally. Naruto squeezed the pale boy's hand back and gave his lover a warm smile in reassurance.

"Me too." The blonde momentarily wondered how he thought that he was not going to wake up when the last thing he remembered was being with the other three members of his old gang, but did not dwell on it. "But I couldn't leave you."

"Damn right you couldn't." Sasuke smirked slightly, making the tan boy in the hospital bed pout slightly.

"Way to kill the mood, teme." He said, his lips jutting out in a cute pout, which made the raven laugh slightly at his boyfriend's childish behavior.

"Forgive me." He said, his voice becoming low as he leaned in his face once again, getting ever so closer to the blonde-haired boy.

"Just this once." Naruto joked as the two boys' lips collided into a kiss that showed how desperate Sasuke had needed Naruto to return back to him and how much Naruto had wanted to return.

And that in that moment, Naruto could all the passion and love of their relationship and the memories that led them to this point rush back to him as if he had at one point forgotten all of it.


Sakura floated outside of the hospital window, a kind and warm smile appearing on her red lips as she glanced through the glass sheet to see Naruto and Sasuke reunite once again.

She had been worried back when Naruto had begun to fade away again when they were back at the courtyard and she had thought that she would simply bring him back to Tsunade once again. But before she could do anything, the blonde's spirit has taken on an almost mist-like form and quickly flew off toward the hospital.

The pink-haired Shinigami had hurried off to follow Naruto's spirit, off what she believe to be Naruto's spirit and had stopped when it passed through the hospital wall. She had frantically peered through the window, hoping that Naruto had not become a ghost that would be forced to wander the Earth forever. But instead she found Naruto slowly opening his blue eyes and Sasuke sitting up and leaning over the semi-conscious boy, so joyful that he had woken up.

There were no words for how happy she was for Naruto at that moment. He had been reunited with the person he loved more than anything else in the world and escaped the hands of death on several occasions.

The young woman had to admit that she was slightly upset by the fact that Naruto did not remember the time that he spent as a spirit. The past week that Sakura had spent with the blonde-haired boy had been some of the happiest times she could remember. She hated to admit it, but she was slightly upset to see the tan boy alive. It meant that she would never see him again.

A sigh escaped from her lips as she mentally scolded herself. "You should not be upset. You're job was to help he live again, remember?" she said to herself.

She glanced once again into the window and could not help but smile when she saw Naruto and Sasuke simply latching onto one another, just relishing in the presence of the other boy and making up for lost time. It was then that she was absolutely sure that this is how things should be. Naruto and Sasuke obviously belonged together. If the time she had spent with the blonde not been enough to prove that her, then seeing them together would remove any and all doubt that she could have possibly had. A smile appeared on her lips once again.

Suddenly a pair of blue eyes opened up and glanced over at Sakura through the glass window. Sakura gasped for it really did look like Naruto was starring straight at her. She wondered if it was at all possible that the blonde really did see her. Or was it just her imagination?

Naruto smiled and then Sasuke pulled away and looked in the same direction as his boyfriend, wondering at what he was starring. "Naruto? What is it?"

"It's gonna sound weird, but…" Naruto paused to turn his attention away from the window so that he could stare back at his boyfriend. "I think I saw an angel outside the window."

"You're delusional." Sasuke smirked pulling him back into a hug, as he was reminded of the first time that he had met the blonde-haired boy.

"Un. Maybe."

Naruto glanced out the window again, but the "angel" he had seen had vanished from sight.

Sakura had hidden herself behind the hospital wall, surprised that Naruto had actually seen her outside the window. She blushed slightly in shock and slightly embarrassment that he had caught her looking so happy and then surprising her like that.

The Shinigami shook her head and then began to float up toward the sky. She stole one final glance down at the shrinking hospital building and gave a wide grin toward the building and the boy within it.

"Till we meet again, Naruto." She said softly before she disappeared off into the white clouds.

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