Yes, this is a NaesalaxLeanne fanfic. Which means it's going to be FUN:D

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Two Weeks

Chapter 1 -- Reminiscing, In Which Naesala Gets An Idea

The raven king groaned as he stared out the window. The monotony of the winter season had once again hit Kilvas, for trading vessels seldom voyaged during the frigid winter months. In other words, there was no one for the ravens to steal from. Naesala sighed as he remembered recent events from the war between Crimea and Daein. He had not gotten as much money from the war as he would have liked, but at least there had been something to do.

Maybe I should start a war for fun, he thought. Then again, that would cost a lot of money, which I'm just not willing to part with right now.

Another sigh accompanied his favorite memory of the war, when he had rescued Leanne from the tower in Crimea.

I must say, that was the cleverest plan I have ever come up with, the raven king thought with a proud grin. Disguised as a soldier, he had convinced Izuka to leave the room, allowing for the perfect escape. Of course, Leanne recognized me right away. I always was her favorite. And then we flew off into the sunset. The stupid Crimean army came all that way for nothing! Well, they did help distract the soldiers, which was nice.

Naesala chuckled as he remembered the look on Reyson's face when he found out that the raven king has rescued his sister. The beautiful Princess Leanne... Certainly a much more elegant princess than that whiney Elincia.

That Ike fellow could have picked better. She couldn't fight well, and it's not like I ever need healing. She just kept fluttering about on that stupid horse, getting in my way.

Naesala switched his thoughts back to the graceful Leanne.

When Tibarn barged in and ordered me to rescue Leanne, I thought he had fallen out of his tree. But to think that she was alive, all this time! All those times I flew over the Serenes forest and I could have just picked her up and taken her back to Kilvas without Reyson ever knowing until he was invited to the wedding! What fun that would have been!

But now, Leanne was living in Gallia with Reyson and their father. And the beast tribe.

I hate those damned cats. They smell really bad, and they always have fleas!

The raven gasped at the thought of the graceful Leanne with fleas in her soft, cascading, golden hair.

Why couldn't Reyson just decide to live in his damn forest, anyway?

"Goodness, Nestling, how long do you plan to sit and stare out the window?"

Naesala turned to see Nealuchi toddering toward him. "There's nothing to do. I'm bored," the raven king complained.

"It's like this every winter, Nestling! You'll have to get used to it, I'm afraid."

"Hey, Nealuchi, how much money does it cost to start a war?"

The old crow stared at him in shock. "A war?! Don't tell me that you plan on severing our ties with Phoenicis!"

"I'm just bored," Naesala replied.

"Nestling, you can't start a war because you're bored! It isn't fair to the soliders involved! And what would happen if we lost?"

"Fine." Naesala sighed and continued to stare blankly out the window.

After a few minutes of silence, Nealuchi spoke up again. "I'm about ready to set off for Gallia. Is there any message you want to give to Prince Reyson or Princess Leanne?"

Naesala suddenly whipped around. "Nealuchi! We have to save Leanne! She's gonna get fleas!!"

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about," Nealuchi responded with confusion in his face. "The sanitary conditions in Castle Gallia are most admirable."

Another sigh, and the raven king was once again moping toward the window. "Fine. You go to Gallia and party with all your heron and cat friends while I sit here and try not to die of boredom."

Nealuchi thought for a moment. "Well, I suppose," he began, "you could come along with me and visit Prince Reyson and Princess Leanne..."

Naesala's eyes lit up. "Ooh! How long do you plan on staying?"

"Oh, just a few days..."

"Two weeks? Excellent! I shall go pack my things!"

Nealuchi grabbed Naesala's arm before he could rush out of the room. "W-wait, Nestling! You have to leave one of your retainers in charge while you're gone in case anything should happen!"

"Leave someone in charge? Why bother? NOTHING is happening here!" Naesala pulled his arm out of Nealuchi's grasp. "Let's go, you old crow!" Then he happily fluttered out of the room to go prepare for the trip.

Nealuchi sighed and shook his head. "Oh dear. King Caineghis may not be very pleased at having the nestling in his company for two weeks, but I suppose I have no choice. I just hope he isn't planning something foolish..."