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Siren's Song

Prologue: A Quiet Sea

(A.N.) I'm back! I've finally gotten around to working on my second Yu-Yu fic. I'll say upfront that I'm not entirely sure what sort of course this one's going to take. I'm still getting the feel for my new character and her water-loving tendencies. I'm a firebug myself, but I suppose I'll have to embrace the Aquarius in me and see what happens. I hope you all enjoy this story.

The sea is quiet tonight. No storms. No midnight ships with rowdy sailors.

And, heartbreakingly enough, there are no songs.

A part of my heart despairs the lack of harmonies in the wind and water. Deep in my soul, I crave the songs of my sisters, longing each minute to raise my voice to the tides and the heavens. I want to feel the sea in my blood, to see with eyes unclouded by a Landwalker's prejudice and distance. I desire dark waters and the unknown. But I know that I can never truly have what this half of my heart wants. It is too dangerous, too tempting to misuse my gift. Too seductive. And so, my gift is half a curse, never to be wielded unless absolutely necessary.

The other part of my heart, however, loves the land, loves the people who live in the big cities and little towns of rock and iron. Every animal and plant has special meaning, just as the sea and its creatures have. Humans, my half kin, have made such wondrous adaptations to this harsh environment. They have a music all their own, a music of life that carries no mention of the dark temptations of death.

Music has been my salvation in this world. Without it, I would have ended my cursed half-breed existence long ago. For the past six years, I have survived on music alone. It is my lifeblood, for lack of a better description. My voice is my best instrument, my best tool, though I can play pipes and the harp decently enough, I suppose. I make my living in the Human World with my songs. When used innocently, my voice is nothing more than what it is. When I use my powers…

Well, that is an entirely different story.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I don't have to hide what I am. In fact, that's been my heart's wish for eighteen years, my entire life.

When I'm on land, I feel like a fish out of water.

When I'm in the sea, I long for the warmth of human touch.

I feel torn in two constantly, stuck betwixt and between. And listening to the mute ocean tonight, I want to raise my voice in seductive song, embracing my cold and sea-dwelling self.

Tonight, I wish I was singing a siren's song.

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