My New White Knight

Rating: T

Summary: AU story taking place after Sam shows up to Point Place. Instead of hanging around the basement Jackie separates herself from everyone and meets another bad boy/White Night with a weakness for rich girls who need saving. That's 70's show/OC crossover, kind of just Ryan.

A/N: I am such a HUGE J/H Shipper and I am surprised I am writing a non J/H story. It's just I HATE what the writers did to them so much I couldn't even watch the last season. And I am such a big fan of the OC and Ryan's character I thought he would be the perfect match for Jackie - badass with a good heart. In this story Jackie is slightly out of character but when you have your heart torn out that tends to happen. I hope you guys really like this story.

Randy sat on the couch in the Foreman's basement with his arm around Donna watching the Dukes of Hazzard while Hyde sat in his regular chair and Fez sat on the chair across from him.

"Where is Sam?" Donna asked Hyde as he stared through his dark colored sunglasses at the television.

"Working at some bachelor party," he answered without interest. A few moments passed as they watched TV when Fez sighed, interrupting the silence of the room besides the TV.

"The basement is just not the same since Eric left, then Kelso. I miss those sons of bitches!" He exclaimed with a pout on his lips with his arms crossed over his chest. "I also miss Jackie too; since Hyde's beautiful whorey stripper wife came along, no more Jackie."

"Don't jinx it man!" Hyde warned him pointing at Fez but secretly he hoped she would reappear so he could burn her but that's what he tried to convince himself really.

"I never thought I would say this but I do miss Jackie too, this place is just too quiet" Donna said to her friends. The basement door then opened and Jackie walked in with a smile that shone in her eyes as well.

"Damn it! See you two jinxed it!" Hyde said glaring at Fez and Donna as Jackie shut the door ignoring Hyde's outburst of anger. She just sat quietly on the couch next to Randy with her eyes locked on the television causing everyone to stare at her stunned she came in and did not say one word.

"What?" Jackie finally asked them after a minute passed knowing they were all staring at her and wanting them to stop.

"Jackie, we haven't seen you in 3 months or had a phone call from you and you walk in here and say nothing!" Donna exclaimed at her in disbelief, feeling like she was in an episode of the twilight zone.

"You guys were watching TV. It would be rude to interrupt, Donna" She informed her in a "duh" tone. Hyde took a moment to stare at her since he had not seen her in months. She was wearing a purple long sleeve shirt and jeans with brown boots and her long brown hair was slightly at ends flowing over her shoulders.

"She looks like Jackie but doesn't sound like her," he observed honestly and hoping to get under her skin ask her eyes turned to him with an unreadable expression which bothered him more than he wanted to admit. Then Red came down the stairs smiling and everyone turned to look at him.

"Hey dumbasses" He greeted them. "Hey Jackie, good to see you," he added as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Why are you being nicer to Jackie?" Fez whined at Red who glared at him.

"She doesn't hang out in my basement anymore," Red told him as Fez looked confused.

"But she is here in the basement" He observed looking totally lost at what Red was saying.

"Ali Babba, shut it. She is here for dinner," he informed him. "The rest of you aren't invited," he said sternly pointing at all of them.

"Why did you invite HER?" Hyde asked perplexed as Jackie glared at him making him smile smugly that he had finally gotten to her. "Are my wife Sam and I invited?" he added to rub his marriage in her face.

"Sorry Steven but no. Kitty only made enough for the four of us," Red said to him as they stared at him confused to who the fourth was. "You kids freeload enough hanging out in MY basement every damn day" He said to them angry again. "I didn't invite her but I am glad she is here," he said then smiled at the last part making Jackie smile back at him.

"So Kitty invited her?" Randy asked him as the basement door opened and a gorgeous guy their age around five ten with sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes wearing a black t-shirt that showed muscular arms and faded jeans with black boots. Donna could not help but stare at the most attractive guy that she had every seen.

"Ryan" Red greeted him smiling broadly at the young man who just arrived walking over to him putting his hand on his shoulder. "Glad you could make it" He added.

"Thanks for inviting me." He thanked Red while noticing everyone was staring at him. "Hi," he said to them with a slight nod.

"These are the dumbasses I have been telling you about" Red said to him. "Ali Babba, Steven, Donna and who cares what his name is," Red said then laughed not caring if he was nice to Donna's new boyfriend. Jackie stood up smiling slyly at Ryan walking over towards him.

"Run man! Run!" Hyde yelled at him in warning as Ryan glanced at him with an unreadable expression but his jaw was clenched while Donna glared at Hyde. "What?! I am just trying to help him out," he defended himself, shrugging. Ryan turned to look at Jackie and a smile formed on his lips.

"Hi" She greeted him smiling broadly as everyone watched them with great interest.

"Hey," He replied back then took a step closer and kissed her softly on the lips. Everyone stared in shock, especially Hyde. The kiss was short but passionate when they pulled away they were smiling at each other.

"Come on you two. Kitty has dinner on the table," Red said to them, heading towards the steps and they followed him. Once they were upstairs the silence in the basement ended quickly.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Donna exclaimed loudly. "I don't hear or see Jackie in months and she says nothing to me and she has a hot boyfriend I know nothing about" She ranted in anger as everyone looked at her with a raised brow at her hot comment.

"Donna is right he is hot" Fez agreed as Randy and Hyde looked at him disgusted by this comment.

"That is the guy that works for Red. Red talks about him all the time and he sounds pretty cool. So what in the hell is he doing with Jackie?" Hyde questioned as they all stared at him. "I was temporarily insane and she forced me, Man," he claimed to them as Donna rolled her eyes.

Forman porch later

"Oh, I'm so glad you two could come to dinner' Kitty gushed holding a glass of red wine as she hugged Jackie.

"Me too Mrs. Forman" She said to her then Kitty turned to Ryan hugging him as he hugged her awkwardly.

"Oh, somebody is a muscle man," Kitty sung out then laughed as she hugged him and Red shook his head as she released him from the hug.

"Come on Kitty. Let's call it a night" He told her as she nodded. "See you tomorrow Ryan. Good to see you Jackie," He said to her as she walked up to him, hugging him.

"It was good to see you too, Mr Forman," she gushed as she pulled away from the quick hug.

"See you tomorrow, Red," Ryan called to Red who waved at him then Red and Kitty went into the house then he turned to Jackie. "Sorry that I was late, I wanted to finish the car I was working on before I left," he told her, pulling her close as she raised a brow and put her arms around his neck.

"I think you better start making it up to me," She informed him with a sly grin as his blue eyes darkened making her lick her lips.

"Let's get out of here" He said to her in a low voice as she nodded and he pulled her off down the driveway quickly with her hand in his. Hyde appears from behind the house with a cigarette in his hand with his jaw set watching them disappear into the night.

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