My new white knight Chapter 20


One month later- Foreman Basement

Donna, Randy are sitting on the couch watching Fantasy Island and Eric is on the stool.

"I wish there was a real fantasy island. Do you want to hear what my wish would be?" Fez asked them.

"NO!" All of them yelled at the same time quickly while Fez pouted crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fine! I didn't want to tell you anyway!" He exclaimed to them as Hyde walks out of his room wearing a grey suit with a red tie and his sunglasses. Eric looks to see him and gasps causing everyone to turn to look at Hyde.

"What?!" He asked them then looks around the room. "Has anyone seen my briefcase?" He asked them causing everyone to look frightened.

"What the hell!" Eric yelled standing up. "You are wearing a tie and you own a briefcase!" His voice was cracking as he spoke.

"The pod people have invaded and they have stole Hyde's body!" Fez yelled looking very scared.

"No, you dill holes! I need to find my briefcase or I will be late for my meeting. Maybe I left it upstairs" He said then went up the steps.

"What just happened?" Donna asked them, looking very freaked out.

"Hyde may just realize it's time to grow up" Randy said to her as she looked at him in disbelief.

"I know you are new here but you are SO WRONG" Eric yelled at him as he began pacing the basement.

"He probably just trying to get over Jackie" Randy corrected as Donna shook her head.

"Yes, but he usually does that by drinking, getting high and going out with a lot of girls" Donna informed her boyfriend. "This is bad! Real bad!"

"When is the last time he was in a circle?" Fez asked them and everyone thought hard.

"At least a month ago" Randy answered them casually.

"We need a circle now!" Eric exclaimed running over to Hyde's chair.



"I should be relaxed but I am not!" Eric said to them frowning. "You think Hyde would be glad to finally be rid of Jackie but he's not."


"Hyde hates ties and briefcases!" Fez exclaimed looking upset. "We must bring the old Hyde back"


"You're right Fez" Donna said looking over towards Fez then furrowed her brow. "Man that felt weird to say."


"Maybe we can take him to a really cool concert and he will be fine" Randy suggested.


"Your idea sucks!" Eric yelled at him getting even more worked up. "If Hyde is already working extra hours, wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase, it is WAY too late for that. It's like when Anakin Skywalker was starting to embrace the dark side!"


"Oh my god, I got it! We need to find Hyde a new girl exactly like Jackie" Fez said looking very proud of himself.


"Fez there is no girls exactly like Jackie. Thank God!" Donna said then turned back to Fez. "Don't you dare say we build a robot"

Back to Fez

"No! I met this girl at a wedding who not only looks like Jackie but also spoiled and bitchy like her. They could be twins separated at birth!" He exclaimed to them then thought for a moment. "Or we could build a robot" He added grinning. Donna arm reaches out and punches him. "Aye!"

Later Forman living room

The doorbell rings and Kitty walks over to the door opening it.

"Hi! I'm Danielle, Eric's girlfriend." Danielle introduced herself to Kitty, who is staring at her in shock unable to talk or move for a moment. "Is he around?" She asked looking uncomfortable.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry! Please come inside. Eric is in the basement. I'll show you where it is" Kitty said regaining her speech then leading her through the house.

"You have a beautiful home, Mrs. Foreman" Danielle said to Kitty making her grin.

"Aren't you a sweet girl?" Kitty said to her as they started down the basement steps. "Eric, your girlfriend is here!" She sang out happily as they made their way down the steps.

"Danielle" Eric said smiling as he stood up and walked over to the steps leaving Donna alone on the couch.

"Sorry, I know I am a little bit early but I thought we could maybe go to the bookstore to see if they have any new books on Star Wars." She said walking past Kitty, who was watching in shock once again.

"Thanks, mom" Eric said to her wanting her to go.

"It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Foreman" Danielle told her politely.

"You have no idea how glad I am to meet you, sweetie" Kitty said then went up the steps leaving them.

"Eric! Aren't you forgetting that we have a very important situation to handle?!" Donna asked him as she looked up facing Eric and his new girlfriend.

"Fez is handling it" Eric said waving her off then looked over at Danielle, with a grin.

"Donna, right?" Danielle asked her as Donna looked like she wanted to kill Eric. "It's so weird because your friend Jackie looks exactly like my friend Christy!" Donna and Eric's eyes grew large.

"Really? She is single because I have a friend who is single" Eric said to her as Danielle gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, but she HATES Star Wars. So what is your friend like?" Danielle asked her looking unsure whether it is a good idea or not. "And she hates set ups"

"Hyde hates Star Wars. Every time Eric talks about it Hyde usually hits him." Donna jumped back in the conversation. "He has no idea we want to do this."

"Well I guess we could accidentally run into you two out" Danielle said to them smiling causing Eric and Donna to grin. "We will plan everything on our date. Did you know there is a desert at the dairy mart named after Luke Skywalker?"

"We have to go there!" Eric exclaimed with excitement that was mirrored by Danielle. "See you later, Donna" Eric said to her then took Danielle's hand as they headed to the basement door.

"Bye, Donna" Danielle called to her then turned to Eric. "Do you want to drive my Mercedes?"

"Yeah" Eric called out as they opened the basement door then left. Donna stared at the door shaking her head crossing her arms over her chest annoyed.

Next day Foreman Basement

Fez walks in looking very tired wearing yesterday's clothes as Eric sits on the couch watching television with a huge grin on his face.

"Why are you just sitting on your ass, you lazy son of a bitch?" Fez exclaimed angry walking over to the couch.

"Fez, you look terrible" Eric said to him as Fez glared at him. "Oh, I forgot to tell you that we found Christy"

"What?! Why didn't you call me?!" Fez yelled looking extremely furious.

"I was making out with my hot new girlfriend in the back of the her MERCEDES!" Eric exclaimed while Fez still looked angry. "I will give you details and I have a bag of tootsie rolls just for you" He added

"You are such a good friend, Eric" Fez replied now excited as Hyde came out of his room wearing jeans and a green shirt. "Hyde, you are just in time to hear about Eric making out with his new girl friend."

"I've got inventory to do at the store" Hyde told them as they stared at him shaking their heads but he just ignored them and left.

"I feel like I am in the twilight zone" Fez said to Eric who nodded at him in agreement.

Later at Grooves

Hyde is in the backroom going through records doing inventory when Eric walks in.

"Wow! When you said you were doing inventory I thought that meant you were drinking beers and breaking all disco records" Eric said to Hyde who ignored him. "I need a favor, Hyde. I have a new hot girlfriend and I need advice on how not to mess it up because I do that" Hyde looked up at him.

"What does this have to do with me, man?" Hyde asked him still not looking up from his paperwork.

"Just go out with me for one drink at the bar. I heard someone say she was dating another guy who goes there and I just want to see the competition. Please!!" Eric begged him causing Hyde up at him very annoyed.

"If you keep begging I will kick your ass" Hyde threatened him as Eric bit back a grin.

"Well if Kelso was here I would ask him but he's not" Eric said to him as Hyde threw down his list.

"Kelso is your first choice Your are stupid." He exclaimed at him then smirked. "Fine, I will go just to see you get burned"

"Be at my house at 8" Eric said to him as Hyde nodded at him. "Sucker" Eric whispered as he left grinning.

Foreman Muffler Shop

Jackie is putting tools away looking very sad when Donna walks in furious.

"I can't believe that Eric's stupid girlfriend drives a Mercedes! Oh and she loves Star Wars as much as Eric" Donna yelled annoyed as Jackie shook her head.

"There must be something wrong with her" Jackie told Donna making her grin.

"Yeah, your right! I still don't like her. We are not accepting any new people in our group" Donna said to her.

"New people are terrible. Well expect for my super foxy boyfriend Ryan" Jackie pointed out to her. "We could chase her out of the group then you could get back together with Eric."

"What are you talking about?" Donna said to her as Jackie raised a brow. " I am not jealous! She is a freak! Why am I talking to you?" Donna exclaimed then stormed out.

"Because I know everything!" Jackie called after her then smiled happily. "She is so jealous" She said after Donna left then went back to work still smiling.

Later at evening at the Point Place Bar

Eric walks in as Hyde follows him in through the door looked bored as they make their way to the bar.

"We are not waiting here all night for your geeky little Star Wars girlfriend" Hyde said to him then ordered them both a beer. "I have an early morning with WB to go over our sales goals for this month."

"What is WRONG with you?!" Eric exclaimed as his voice squeaked while Hyde shook his head. "And my girlfriend it HOT!"

"Maybe to a group of Star Wars geeks who haven't seen a girl in months or never touched a real one" Hyde commented smirking at him but it made Eric smile. "Why are you smiling? I just burned you" Eric looked over and saw Danielle surrounded by a group of guys but no sign of her friend.

"She is the tall brunette white shirt by the window" Eric told him grinning as Hyde looked over still smirking but then it fell away when he saw her.

"You weren't kidding, Foreman" Hyde said to him but then added. "But look at all the guys around her. Get ready for the boot" Hyde was smirking once again.

"Watch this." Eric told him getting up walking over to her while Hyde watched with interest. Eric went up to her and she grinned then kissed him. Hyde stared at them with disbelief then took a drink of his beer.

"I can't look" Hyde heard a female voice say with disgust then turned and his eyes grew large behind his sunglasses while the rest of his face stayed zen. All he could think was how much she look like Jackie being short petite, beautiful and bitchy. She looked over at Hyde looking him up and down. "Your friend is a geek" She told him in a snotty tone.

"Yep, the biggest. Sometimes I can't help but hit him for it" Hyde replied back as a small smile formed on her lips.

"I'm Christy" She said to him taking a step closer to him with a glass of wine in her hand. Hyde stared at her for a moment as she looked at him expectantly.

"Steven Hyde" He said back to her then she smiled at him.

"How about we make this night interesting with a shot, Steven?" Christy asked him with a smirk then turned to the bartender. "Bartender get us two shots of whiskey" She yelled at him but the bartender looked at her. "NOW!" She yelled at him slamming her hand down on the bar. Christy turned to Hyde. "It's hard to find good help" She added as he smirked at her.

"You like whiskey?" He asked her as she shrugged at him.

"That's all my dad kept in the liquor cabinet" She told him as the bartender pushed the shots at her. "This one's on you since you took so long" Christy informed the bartender who just shook his head walking away. "People do what I want" She said to Hyde proudly.

"People are scared of me" He told her as he held up his shot and she clinked her shot glass up to his.

Eric smiled watching Hyde and Christy take a shot a shot together as Danielle looked surprised.

"I don't believe it! Christy is rarely ever nice to anyone" Danielle told Eric not taking her eyes of her friend.

"So is Hyde" Eric said to her as she turned to look at him smiling. Danielle leaned in and kissed him.

Foreman Mufflers

"You should have seen her! Donna was SO jealous of Danielle" Jackie exclaimed to Ryan as he worked under the hood of her Porsche. "She is going to break soon and dump Randy."

"Jackie.'" Ryan said as he stopped working on the car and turned to her. "I told you I don't want to know anything about all of this." Jackie rolled her eyes at him. "It's up to Donna and Eric if they want to work things out or not."

"They want to work things out but they are both to scared to do it!" Jackie said confidently to him as Ryan shook his head. "Tell me I'm wrong." She added and he turned back to the car. "Oh my god! You know I am right!" She squealed excited walking over behind him as he ignored her while working on the car.

"It's not any of OUR business" Ryan said to her as he worked under the hood of the car while Jackie ran her hands under his shirt causing him to pause.

"Say it. You're right, Jackie" She whispered into his ear then sucked on his earlobe making him close his eyes. Ryan turned around quickly pulling her into a passionate kiss shutting her up as he pushed up against the wall of the garage and she wrapped her legs around him.

"What was I suppose to say?" He asked her pulling away from an intense kiss looking into her eyes.

"Were we talking?" She asked then crushed her lips up against his.

Foreman basement

Fez is watching television looking sad all alone when Laurie walks into the basement.

"Where is everybody?" Laurie asked him sitting next to him.

"Everyone has abandon me!" Fez exclaimed annoyed as Laurie looked extremely bored.

"Want to make out?" Laurie asked him as he nodded quickly pulling to her and kissed her passionately and they fell backwards on the couch.

The next day-Eric's bedroom

Eric wakes up and sees Danielle laying next to him sound asleep and smiles as he looks at her. He snuggles up closer to her as her eyes flutter open and she smiles at him.

"Good morning" Eric said to her and she leaned in kissing him. "It is a GREAT morning" He added making her giggle.

"It's like the day the rebels destroyed the death star" Danielle said to him as Eric's breath caught in his chest.

"Are you talking dirty to me?" He asked her as she grinned nodding then he kissed her.

Jackie & Ryan's apartment

Jackie is sound asleep on the bed as Ryan is laying next to her with a big smile on his face as the phone rings. He grabs it quickly putting the receiver up to his ear.

"Hello" He answered the phone holding back a yawn.

"I am trying to reach Jackie Burkhart" He heard a man say into the phone as he looked over at his girlfriend, who was still sound asleep.

"She is sleeping. Can I take a message?" He asked reaching for the pen and paper on the night stand.

"This must be Ryan. I am Jack Burkhart Jackie's father" Jack Burkhart said to him.

"Mr. Burkhart. Jackie is still sleeping but I can wake her up." He replied into the phone feeling nervous.

"Let her sleep. But can you come with her for visiting hours today. I would really like to meet you after all the good things I have heard about you." Jack said to him.

"Of course. We will be there." Ryan said to him then Jack said goodbye and hung up the phone then Ryan did. Jackie opened her eyes to look at him smiling at him. "Good morning" He said kissing her softly on the lips.

"It is." Jackie told him smiling then kissed him more urgently as she rolled him onto his back. She pulled back from the kiss looking at him intensely. "I wonder what I did to deserve you, Ryan. I love you." She said to him causing him to pull her to him kissing her passionately.

Foreman kitchen

Red and Kitty are sitting at the breakfast table alone looking very content and happy when the phone rings. Kitty gets up and answers the phone on the third ring.

"Hello." She said into the phone as Red watched her pause to think. "No, I haven't seen him since last night. He went out with Eric for awhile." She explained into the phone as Red watched with interest. "He did? Oh, that's good news! I will call you later to let you know." Kitty said then hung up the phone looking very excited.

"What is going on, Kitty?" Red asked her curiously as Kitty sat down her chair grinning at him.

"Steven had a meeting with W.B and he didn't show up." Kitty said happily to him as Red raised a brow. "Come on, Red. The poor boy has been heart broken over Jackie moving on and now he is healing. He missed work." Kitty stressed to him.

"It's a great day." Eric said walking in the kitchen with a huge smile on his face then sat down putting food on his plate.

"Eric, your new girlfriend is so pretty and polite!" Kitty said to him as Eric nodded still smiling at her as Red rolled his eyes. Hyde walked into the kitchen still in his sweat pants and white tank top sitting down at the table.

"Is there coffee?" Hyde asked yawning as Kitty grinned at him getting up and pouring him a cup. "Thanks." He said to her with a small smile then took a drink.

"WB called for you. He said you two had a early morning meeting this morning." Kitty said to him as Hyde shrugged at her.

"Business can be handled at noon." Hyde told her then took a bite of his breakfast as Kitty and Eric smiled at each other.

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