Title: Crush

Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka

Warnings: Can't think of any.

Disclaimer: don't own the anime naruto, nor it's characters or whatever. just this fic.


"I'm completely serious! You must look, it is the greatest thing in the world."

"...Well... Fine, but this better be quick."

Gai grinned a suspicious smile, leading Mizuki off to his doom. It was the next day, and time for Kakashi to make his move. As the bowl-cut haired teen ran with Mizuki, he threw a thumbs up in the air, signaling his rival to go.

Kakashi sighed in relief as he saw the signal he had been waiting for. Getting up from his crouched position in a bush, he casually brushed himself off and walked over to Iruka, who he'd found sitting at a bench near the school, his thin, brown legs swinging carelessly as he looked about for Mizuki. It was obvious they made plans to meet.

"Well hello there, Iruka-kun."

Kakashi called out in his friendliest voice. He still managed to make the boy jump, perhaps he shouldn't have popped up behind him after all.

The tanned teen turned with a yelp of surprise, not yet able to sense someone had snuck up on him. Kakashi was glad to see a slight calm in Iruka's eyes when he realized it was Kakashi, but the cautious stance the boy had was still there.

"Oh... um... Hi... K-Kakashi-san."

If Iruka was trying to hide that he forgot the older teen's name, he did a very bad job. A tinge of pink spread across his cheeks, embarrassed that he got so surprised by another teen so easily.

"Have you seen Mizuki-kun around anywhere? He was supposed to meet me today so we could go buy a present for the Hokage. His birthday is coming up, yanno?"

"Well, Iruka-kun, that is exactly why I am here. You see, Mizuki forgot that he had plans to uh... train... with... Gai! Yes, he was supposed to train with Gai today. And Gai never lets someone break their promise. So Mizuki told me to tell you he wasn't coming."

The surprised look on the younger mad Kakashi worried his lie was as sucky as he thought it was for a moment, but a soft "Ohh..." of understanding emitted from his secret crush. His lie was a success.

Kakashi could've started dancing in triumph... had he not seen the crushing look of disappointment on Iruka's face. The boy's head ducked down, hiding his sad eyes from view as he bit his trembling lip.

"E-Er... I forgot! Mizuki also asked me if I could fill in and go with you instead today!"

Iruka's face immediately brightened. "Really?! But he said I shouldn't hang out with you!"

With his mask covering a horrible scowl, Kakashi tried his best to keep a friendly look and shrugged. "Maybe he was just joking. Come on, let's start looking."

He held out his hand to the younger ninja, waiting as long as it took until the boy finally took his hand, standing up. If Kakashi had forgotten why he liked Iruka so much, he was reminded full force by the brilliant smile the boy shone on his face.

The white-haired flirt could feel his heart thumping hard in his chest, his body becoming nervous and tentative. This never happened before, not even when he saw Iruka. But to be holding his hand, and recieve a smile meant just for him, well, it made Kakashi feel like fainting.

But Iruka wouldn't let him faint, clutching his hand and dragging him off to whatever they were planning on doing. Kakashi followed behind like the lovesick puppy he was, but made sure to take full advantage of the situation.

He studied the way Iruka's soft, caramel-colored hand felt clutched to his, how he was sure they were a perfect fit. Being this close, he could smell the other boy, an aroma of vanilla, and maybe a hint of musk. It wafted around him, filling his senses with bliss until,

"-So anyway, that's what we're doing."


"Kakashi-san? Did you hear me?"

Apparently, he missed something. It's not hard to guess why.

"Um, sorry about that, you were saying??"

A cheesy grin followed this, and Iruka seemed to buy it, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Oh, well, I was saying, I was wondering why I never see you around. You've always seemed pretty scary... but now that you came face to face with me, you're very nice."

Kakashi was beaming at this statement, how glorious to know Iruka felt he-

"So nice, just like Mizuki-kun! Maybe we can plan to all get together, you, me, and Mizuki-kun. That would be fun, right?"

It seemed the boy truly meant what he said, a look of hope and questioning in his eyes. Kakashi felt himself begin to sweat. He would love to spend another day with Iruka, but the thought of Mizuki being right there, ruined it. Or perhaps not... Kakashi slowly began to grin once more as his mind thought of terrible plans to ruin Mizuki in Iruka's eyes.

"Sounds PERFECT! We must do that. Now then, time to find a present!"

He suddenly scooped Iruka up, and began running with him in his arms to the market street. Iruka was very tense at first, but soon calmed down, and Kakashi was sure that Mizuki had done this more than once too.

And so, they were on their way to the

...porn store?!


"Okay. We're here! This is the youthful spot of love!"

"What the hell are you talking about? This is a cave at the outskirts of the village. What are you-"


Mizuki went out like a dead fish... or something akin to a dead fish. He fell to the ground and was tied up immediately. Gai turned around, tears flowing down his face and a clenched fist to his chest, he whispered.

"Go get him, Kakashi..."

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