One More Explanation

by Adrian Tullberg.

So here we are. The world reformed, and the universe reorganised.

It's nice to sit back and look at one's handiwork, don't you agree? To quietly contemplate - and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Not to mention the sense of satisfation in knowing that the truely desperate, the truely needy will, when all else fails, come inevitably to me.

And when presented with an opportunity, mould it to my benifit.


Oh yes, the marriage.

Yes, that part was true. The whole enjoying their suffering in a fragment of their souls part.

Please don't judge me. I have these tiny self-inflicted miseries, you have the man nearly castrating himself jumping from his roof and landing crotch first on a fence on YouTube.

But why would I reorder reality simply to give myself some amusement?

Well ... I didn't tell them the real reason. Not the whole motivation.

Very well, a brief analogy. If you were a chess player, a true master, and your opponent gave you full permission to reorder the board and pieces as you saw fit, simply to save one of the pawns, you'd leap at the chance, wouldn't you?

Yes you would, don't think about lying to me.

One of the most influentual, most involved heroes on this planet gave me written permission to reorganise his life and those he's ever come into contact or influenced in his entire life, in exchange for eliminating one more piece of guilt from his already neurotic psyche.

All those heroes, villians, people of power and influence. A free pass to shuffle the board to my whims. They'll never notice, won't be aware ...

And in addition with all that's been happening recently - the Registration of Heroes, the Civil War, the Initiative ...

... no, I'm not going to tell you what I've got planned. I understand giving away spoilers is quite rude.

I will say this ...

... you're in for one hell of a show.

Your move.