I love the Shinigami's Cup so much that I decided to have one of my own. I'm looking for requests for further short one-shots, and promise to dedicate that chapter to the idea-provider!

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Hitsugaya leaned back in his chair, rubbing his forehead. The stack of paperwork on his desk seemed as tall as when he'd started, and as usual, there was no sign of his vice-captain.

"One day, I'm going to freeze her to a chair and make her do her share!" he muttered angrily.

"Taichou!" a cheerful voice rang through the office. "Are you here, taichou?"

"In here, doing the paperwork," he called.

As usual, Matsumoto took no notice of the hint, and breezed into his office. "I'm on my way to deliver Hinamori's reports to Shuuhei, but Ukitake-taichou asked me to give these to you first. See you later, taichou!"

And with that, she was gone, leaving a pile of sweets in the middle of his desk and a fuming Hitsugaya slowly getting angrier and angrier.

"Calm down," he told himself, teeth gritted tightly as he massaged his temples. "She can't help being annoying; all the sake she drinks destroyed her brain. Calm down, calm down…"

Letting his senses spread, the small white-haired captain felt for anyone nearby, but didn't feel any reiatsu in the building that wasn't his own. Even so, he looked around furtively and shut the office door before slumping back in his chair and letting his eyes close.

Drawn by the air of sheer despair, Hyourinmaru materialised, and taking one look at his partner, said sympathetically, She's been that bad again, huh?

"You have no idea," Hitsugaya sighed.

He dropped back into his chair and leaned back a little, then with one hand resting on Hyourinmaru's head, he began forming little ice darts and throwing them at the picture of Matsumoto he kept on the back of his door especially for days like this.

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