My first Angel sanctuary. I've always been in love with this couple (and Kira but that's not the point) so I feel kinda comfortable writing about it. I haven't read much of the series so I hope I don't kill it. Please enjoy!

Burnt bloody wings and an ethereal face that I've longed to protect. She didn't see me. But he does. I've stopped looking for the difference in them. He is who he is, she is who she is. I love both of them, sometimes I can't tell which is which.

How could god be so cruel to me? Why must I always searchfor her? Why must I fall in love so many times? Why can't she at least remember my face?

She never saw me, but he does. I can at least be happy with that. To him, I am precious. I am his one and only friend, his ally in a war against the world. He sees me, but he does not love me. He loves another. He's a sinner. How can I comfort him when my own heart is breaking?

She trusted me. With her life and her blood and her tears. She was a rebel, just like he is. She is a sinner. But I love her all the same. I love her so much. I try to ease her death. I search for her and make friends with her and at least make sure she has one things to let her leave in peace.

He clings to me. He tears at my clothes and cries into me chest with wretched cries. He's so torn, it hurts me as well. How can I love? How can such a pitiful things as me feel for him?

I am a sinner as well.

Something like this is impossible. But I hope. and I wish. and I pray to a god who is not there, who is not listening. I just want her to love me back, she is always loving another. Even he is in love with his sister. Not me, who has always been there, who has always held him when he needs it.

I know he is not ungrateful. He thanks me whenever his pride feels up to it. He trusts me like she did. And when he smiles his face looks so much like her's. his determination shines so bright that we have to follow him, we have to obey him, no matter how selfish his requests are.

Those burnt bloody wings, that perfect face. That heart that is always crumbling to dust in my very hands. I do not deserve him. I do not deserve her. I am a sinner and a killer and a body stealer. I defy god every way I can, simply by trying to save her.

But I go with him. I follow him and I followed her. I realize that if I bring her back, I'll never have him. I love him more than I could love anyone before. I long to protect him from everything, I want to keep him safe in my arms. I'm almost positive, if he stays in my arms, he will never die. I can keep him forever.

I'm almost as selfish as he is.

Don't you know you could die, fighting for a reason such as that? Don't you realize you have nothing to rebel against? Why must you keep fighting against that which rules you? Every single time? Why do you have to die?

She did it. He does it. Their both sinners.

I've stopped trying to find the difference in them.


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