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Chapter 1: Down in Love

Lily smiled down at the messy-haired brunet scribbling quickly in red ink on her cast. The very same messy-haired brunet that caused her to get that cast a few weeks ago while skateboarding. She was getting it off in a few days, and was she ever thankful. It was making her arm itch like crazy.

"Why are you signing it again?" She asked cooly, a smile playing on her lips.

"Because it's my fault you had to get it on in the first place. I want to make sure I make up for it. Besides, so far, I've signed in just about every color but red.

Lily laughed and looked at her cast. She didn't really like letting people sign it because it tended to cause such a scene, but she had a soft spot for Oliver since he just wanted to make her feel better. Besides, it was true. There wasn't a spec of red on the cast, and it would be rude to let all the colors have a chance but one, right? She twisted her arm back and forth, reading the names:







Ollie Pop



And now her favorite, Donut.

"Well, we've about covered all of your nicknames, so I think it's safe for you to stop signing."

"I guess, seeing as this thing is coming off soon. When, by the way?"

"Uhm...I think my mom told me Friday after school, why do you ask?"

"Well actually, I've got something to ask you. Seeing as it's summer and all, and I'm going up to Maine to stay with my Grandma for an entire month, alone, mind you, I asked my mom if I could bring a friend along. She said it should be okay as long as I got permission from their parents, so I thought maybe you'd like to come along with me."

"Maine? I don't know Oliver. That's a really long way a away," she started to say, grinning to her ears, "And it might be expensive, and I've been doing just loads around this crazy town lately. I'd have to say...uhm...I'd freakin' love to!" She threw her arms around his neck and laughed. "Thanks so much for asking me. I'll have to ask my mom, though. When do you, or we," she said, wiggling her eyebrows, "get to leave?"

"Saturday afternoon, actually. So start packing!"

"Will do!" she shouted, jumping off Oliver's front step and running across the sun drenched street to her house.


It was getting to be pretty dark out when Lily got home from her doctor's appointment on Friday night. She couldn't get over the pale, oxygen-deprived, but revived arm she now had. She changed out of the jeans she'd worn all day and into her pajama shorts and began pulling clothing out of her dresser, finishing her packing for Saturday.

She was walking towards the bathroom to get her toothbrush and toiletries when she came face to face with a very attractive face.

"Oliver?" she asked. 'Did I just say very attractive?"

"Hey Lily-pad. Your mom told me I could come up and help you finish packing. 'Sthat all right with you?"

"Yeah, no problem," she spoke, stumbling back a little from him and returning to her bedroom. She began searching the tops of cabinets and closet shelves for things she might need over the month. She pulled a few headbands from a basket and a few belts off a hook. She was picking up some mascara and lip gloss when she turned around to see Oliver laughing, a pink polka-dotted bra hanging from his hand.

"I see you wear the niceones! I'm surprised at you, Lily. Pink?" He was nearly on his knees with laughter when she stomped over to him and pulled it from his hand.

"Where did you get this!?" she tried to look intimidating, but she was laughing inside and knew it was showing on her face.

"It was just on top of your stuff, I swear."

"All right. You're such a pervert Oliver."

"Hey, hey. No name-calling. I was doing a service to you, anyway. How often does a young attractive man tell you he likes your underwear? Hm? I bet that doesn't happen often," he joked, but to Lily's surprise, she started to blush. 'Where did that come from?" she thought to herself before folding the bra and placing it back in her suitcase with the rest of the accessories she'd gathered.

"I think that's everything, actually," she breathed, dropping onto her half-made bed.

"That was fast. I'm impressed. It usually takes my mom six or seven hours to pack, I swear," he laughed, closing her suitcase sneakily.

"Hey! What did you just put in there, Oken?"

"Oken? That's cold. I didn't put anything in there, Truscott."

"Fine. But if I open my suitcase and find frogs or your boxers or something else that's gross in there, I'll probably have to kill you. I can see it now. I'll be pleasantly unpacking in an old white and robin's egg bedroom at your sweet old grandmother's house, when out of nowhere will come the ten plagues. Oh yeah, you'd better be careful."

"Jeez, you act like I'm some kind of prankster. I never tease, Lily," He said, flopping down next to her on the bed, on his stomach.

"Ah! No cast I see! Impressive!" Oliver moved over towards her to examine the colorless section of her arm.

Just then Lily felt him grasp her arm between his fingers. "What are you doing?" she laughed.

"Making it feel better," he smiled at her, beginning to massage the exposed skin.

"I got the cast off. As in, it's better now."

"I know - I just thought it might still hurt a little."

Lily laughed and held out her arm for Oliver to keep rubbing. She felt his warm hands crawl up past her hand and her wrist, up her arm until he was massaging her shoulders. 'His hands are so - strong,' she thought to herself, smiling at the way his masculine fingers moved gently against the material of her T-shirt. She felt herself start to blush. 'Lily! You're killing yourself...Shut up, self. This feels so good.'

She tried not to get too comfortable, sitting stock still on her bed. She desperately fought to keep in a moan of pleasure as he dug his knuckles into her back. 'Jeez, Oliver, who taught you to do that?'

Just then he stopped, laughing, and moved his hands away. She turned around as if to ask why, but stopped herself and giggled. "Thanks," she mumbled somewhere between her blushing.

"No problem," Oliver half-whispered, pushing a hand through her hair, "What do you say we listen to some music?"

"Sounds good to me," Lily jumped on his words, hoping to get out of this awkward situation. She hoped he'd forget about that short-lived intimacy.

He pulled an old Ipod out of his shorts pocket and stuck one bud in his ear, handing the other to Lily. The two lay down side by side on her bed, staring up at her ceiling. He pressed the play button and closed his eyes.

"Ouch! Oliver!" Lily screamed seconds later, "What was that? Turn your volume down!"

"My volume is fine, Lily."

"You're going to go deaf! And I'd rather you not pull me down with you!" she grinned.

"Fine," he grumbled, turning down the volume with his finger, and shutting his eyes


Lily smiled and mouthed a light "thanks" to Oliver before curling onto her side and drifting to sleep.


"Lily! Oliver! Up!" came the booming voice of Mrs. Truscott an hour or two later. "I was just wondering what happened to you two and decided to come look, and I find you asleep? How are you supposed to be ready for tomorrow?"

Lily blinked and removed her head from Oliver's warm shoulder. 'How'd I wind up in this position?' she wondered. "Don't worry, Mom. I'm all packed."

"All right, but come downstairs now. It's time for dinner. Oliver, you're welcome to stay, if you'd like. We're having lasagna." she said, slipping out the door and padding back down the stairs.

Lily tried to sit up, but found herself trapped by a strong arm wrapped around her shoulder.

"Oh, jeez Lils, I'm sorry," Oliver blinked and sat up, removing his arm.

"Don't worry about it," she smiled uneasily. "Do you want to stay for dinner?"

"I'd better not. I still have a few things to do before we leave, if you don't mind," he said as he stood up.

"Oh, all right," she said, a little disappointed, "I'll see you in the morning then?"

"Definitely. Good night, Lily," he whispered before turning and leaving through her open window. She laughed a little at his dramatic exit. Yes, Oliver did think highly of himself. Any normal boy would use a door, but Oliver loved the window. But she didn't mind. It was almost - romantic. 'Oh Lily! What's gotten into you! He's your best friend!' she thought before running down the stairs.

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