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September 23rd, 2007 4:54 PM

I hate my family. I really do.

Tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday. That's pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself. I'm going for my license, but not like it really matters. I have a chauffer that takes me everywhere.

Sometimes, I hate having rich parents.

Maybe I should explain that bit of information in more depth.

Hi, I'm Stephanie McMahon. My father is the Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, better known as the WWE. He is a very rich man, which I suppose would make me rich, as well. I don't have to get a job. I would really like one, though.

You see…Every chance I can get to leave this house, I take it.

It's not that I hate this place. It can just get a bit…frustrating. My parents fight over me all the time! My mom wants me to be a perfect little angel, and dad wants me to do whatever I want. I like that.

But the thing that really irks me about my mom is…

Well, let me tell you about my best friend, first. Her name is Emily Levesque. I've known her forever. Heck, she's even my next door neighbor. Our windows face each other, leading to successful sneak outs together and late night conversations. I love it.

But then again…

The window below hers belongs to her older brother, Paul. He's a year older than us, making him already seventeen. I kind of have a little crush on him. Emily knows, of course. I tell her everything. I don't even think he knows that I exist. He should, though. He wants to be a wrestler. He has all the strange conversations with my father…when he's home.

My father is rarely home, to be honest. He's always out on the road, making his little television appearances. He doesn't have time for me like he used to, but at least he treats me better than my mom does.

She's home a lot more than daddy is. We live in Connecticut, about twenty minutes away from Titan Towers where she works as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. She's not on the road as often. Usually, when she is on the road, she's making press appearances. Rarely is she ever on television.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, why I don't like my mother right now.

You see, she doesn't really like Paul like my father does. She doesn't want me dating "one of those wrestler boys." Um, mom? My whole life pretty much revolves around wrestling.

Oh, the irony. She just walked into my room.

"Stephanie, darling, tomorrow when we go out to dinner for your birthday, we have something very important to tell you."

She didn't even let me ask about it. She just left.

What a wonderful mother.

At least my dad will be around for this…I hope.

September 24
th, 2007 11:13 PM

Okay, now I really hate my family.

I really can't believe this. Dinner was horrible, it really was.

I mean, the food was fantastic. We went to Red Lobster, which is my favorite.

But it's really hard to have a civilized dinner when you're part of the McMahon family. No, it wasn't obscene amount of fans mauling my father and brother.

Let me explain about Shane. He's seven years older than me, making him twenty-three. He's been working as the Executive Vice President of Global Media for World Wrestling Entertainment since he was twenty-one. Good for him. I love how he just had the freaking job handed to him…not. What exactly does the Executive Vice President of Global Media do? Pretty much everything, when you think about it. He deals with the overseas stuff, the publishing, event bookings, digital media, and retail. I'd hate to have his job.

Oh wait, it gets better.

Once we got to dinner, it was Shane, dad, mom, and myself. Well…

"Stephanie, we have a surprise for you," dad said. I could see mom getting upset. This wasn't going to be good. I could tell. "Your mother and I have discussed this, and now that you're sixteen--"

"Vince, I really don't agree with this," mom said.

"Linda, yes you do. We agreed that this would be best for Stephanie."

I don't really think that parents truly understand what is best for their children. I still can't believe what he said after this.

"Stephanie, when you turn eighteen, I'm making you the Executive Vice President of Talent and Creative Writing. Not only that but…"

"Vince," my mom said, warning my father about something that I didn't know at the time. Yeah, I really wish he didn't say what he said next.

"Linda. We're home schooling you, Stephanie. Not only that, but I'm going to have you trained for your job title, and you will be training to be a wrestler."

"What?" I gasped. Yeah, because I really want to be a wrestler.

"Yes, you will be a wrestler. I have plenty of ideas for you. Oh, and you'll be training with Emily's brother, Paul."

Not only did my father just force me into something that I don't know if I want to do, he's sticking me with Paul. Ugh!

I tried to stay calm, I really did. I don't know if it worked or not, though. "Daddy, what exactly does the Executive Vice President of Talent and Creative Writing do?" I had to use my sweet voice to soften him up. He couldn't know that I was upset. Now, usually, my dad is the one letting me do whatever. Not this time. I know if I complain, he'll hold it against me and be all like, "I let you get away with hell, Stephanie." Ugh.

"You're the boss of everyone, sweetie. You tell the wrestlers what to do. And you're in control of the storylines. You won't be in control of them completely until you stop wrestling after a couple of years, though. I'll have the head writers of the shows help you out, darling." He gave me a kiss on the top of my head. Ugh again.

I think I'll like being the boss of everyone. I mean…yeah. That should be kind of cool. I just don't want to wrestle very much. I don't take pain very well. I cry when I stub my toe!

And Paul being there isn't going to make things much easier.

My dad kept talking about the whole thing on the way home from dinner. Apparently, starting next week, Brian Gewirtz, the head RAW writer, is going to come over and teach me about storylines. Sounds boring.

I need sleep. I would try and get Emily's attention, but tomorrow is a school day for her. I would say for me too, but I'm getting home schooled now. Great.

September 25
th, 2007 10:45 AM

I hate my mother!

My dad flew out first thing in the morning. He had to go to Columbus, Ohio, for something.

My mom just told me that I can't get my driver's license since I have a chauffer. I just want to drive! I want to be able to go to the movies with Emily without some guy following me everywhere. People don't know who I am yet! It's not like I'm going to get randomly kidnapped like she thinks.

This whole job thing better be worth it.

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