November 2nd, 8:43 AM

Okay, I suppose that I got my full eight hours of sleep, right? Honestly, I can barely remember last night's conversation with Paul. I had to reread last night's journal entry to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. Then I saw that I wrote that just past midnight. So it's almost nine in the morning, and I guess that would mean that I got a lot of sleep, right?


I spent all of last night freaking out and nearly having panic attacks just thinking about today.

I swear on my life that if I don't die from embarrassment, then this wrestling thing is going to kill me. I know I'm going to do something retarded like land on my head and break my neck. Or I'll just die from seeing Paul shirtless. Either way, this doesn't look good for me. I guess today shall be the end of Stephanie McMahon.

Not that anybody would miss me, really. Emily has Randy now. She doesn't need me as her best friend. Randy is like her best friend that she gets to fool around with, that lucky girl.

I'm just trying to breathe calmly now. Training starts in two hours. My guess is that Paul is at the gym already, trying to be a good boy and already suck up to the instructor. Not like it matters, really. My dad basically guaranteed him a job for when he's done training. Oh, how I wish I knew what it was like to have my whole future planned out for me.

Oh wait, I do. Ugh. Why can't I make my own decisions? Why can't I just choose my own future?

I guess that's the price of being the daughter of Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

November 2nd, 11:30 AM

It's only been half and hour and I'm already bored out of my mind.

Our trainer is Dave Finlay. Paul almost had a heart attack when he found out that Finlay was our teacher. He was all, "OH MY GOD IT'S FIT FINLAY!"

I was all, "Okay."

I haven't done anything yet. Finlay is working with us for a bit, one at a time. He said something about there being a big difference between the art of male and female wrestling.

Whatever. It just gives me more time to watch Paul run around. Does that make me a bad person?

"Stephanie, it's your turn," Finlay said, calling me up from the bench.

I'm going to die.

November 2nd, 6:53 PM




I hurt so bad! I had to learn how to take bumps and it really, really hurt. I had to slam myself on the floor and onto my back. Um, ouch, much? I'm laying on my bed on my stomach and my mom put a huge ice pack on my back. The physical pain mixed with the freezing ice does not feel good.

The pain is almost taking my mind off of another huge thing, and it wasn't Paul.

There's another student training with us.

I seriously thought God entered the room when he walked up to us.

His name is Chris Irvine, but he said to refer to him as Jericho. I didn't get it, but that's okay.

He's tall, blonde, and nearly perfect. His passion for wrestling rivals that of Paul. I really hope these two don't end up hating each other.

They seemed to get along. After I declared that I was in too much pain to continue throwing myself on the ground, Finlay taught Chris and Paul how to lock up. My, my, my, what a girl wouldn't pay to see them fight. Seriously. I was just about dead.

It was strange, though. I found myself staring more at Chris than I was at Paul.

I must have been pretty stupid to believe that Paul was the end all be all of guys my age.

And for some reason, talking to Chris was really easy. It was way easier than talking to Paul. Maybe it was because Chris talked about more than just wrestling. He liked movies. He likes going places. He had a life.

Chris made me realize that maybe Paul isn't the right guy for me and that maybe I should give up on him.

Chris seems a lot more interesting than Paul right now.

Should I go for it?

Maybe I should call Emily.

November 2nd, 8:04 PM


Emily screamed that in my ear when I asked her if I should go after Chris. Wow. That was easy.

"Seriously, my brother is so jealous of him right now. He thinks Chris has more talent than him. And he's worried that your trainer likes him more. Personally, I think it's funny. Boys are so lame."

"But Emily, I've liked your brother for a long time."

"EW STEPH! My brother is disgusting! How could you like him?"

"Emily, you've known that I like him for a long time!" I shrieked back. I really hope that she's just playing dumb.

"I know, but it's Chris. Haven't you heard about him? He goes to the school across town. Every girl in the tri city area wants him. You could have him!"

"You think?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

I don't know about this.