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Chapter One

Room H-E-A-R-T is Vacant, My Good Sir

"Ryuzaki! Why won't you believe I'm not Kira?"

L looked at the brunette as if he just asked what color was blue. He sunk his fork into a strawberry on the plate before him, dipping it in a bowl of sugar then eating it. The cringe in Raito's body as he ate the completely sugar-coated fruit was obvious to L's ever-observant eyes.

"The evidence against you is strong. It would be stupid of me not to. You already know this, Raito-kun."

"What can I do to change your mind?"

Another strawberry. L talked between chews. "As I said before, Raito-kun, if you are innocent then it will become apparent soon. You should not need to prove your innocence if you know you are." His fork swooped down again on the plate of sweets and got a piece of cake. "And with this second Kira around, talking about notes and shinigami, I suspect the case should end soon. After all, this second Kira acts quite amateur. Wouldn't you agree, Raito-kun?"

The student's hands fisted at his sides. He didn't know what to do or say, he was already agitated about the second Kira being so careless. Mentioning the eyes, that fool! Right when he met the other Kira, he was going to kill him. Ideas were already beginning to form in his mind. 'Maliciously raped by an obese member of the same sex, then gutted and hung by his own intestines.' Perfect. He forced back the laugh that wanted to escape at the thought. Remembering L's presence, he turned away so he could at least smirk. The detective was going to die in the near future, if everything went according to plan.

"Raito-kun, I know how to prove your innocence."

Said boy's ears seemed to perk up, and Raito faced him with an exhilarated face.

"I'll do anything, Ryuzaki." He sounded enthusiastice.

"Good. I'm going to tell you my name."

Score! Jackpot! L was definitely not as smart as he seemed.

"If I die, though, trust that I will inform the others you knew my name and instantly suspect you." More cake. Some got on his lip and he swiped it away then licked the finger. "As long as I remain alive, you will be innocent."

Dammit, perhaps not. The only way he would be able to escape with the sin of L's murder would be to kill off every member of the task force. Surely the raven would have backup files somewhere mentioning this as well, which could be sent to a third party. It was all such a terrible headache, Raito felt like screaming. He couldn't though, not in front of L. He would have to remain calm and logical and innocent.

"I don't think I can handle the pressure," Raito began. "What if you die of a natural, non-Kira related death?"

"Unlikely. I am healthy and chances of such a thing happening with my lifestyle are incredibly slim. One in a million." L bit into another piece of cake and sipped some coffee. "The choice is yours, Raito-kun."

"I'll do it."

L held out his right hand. "Then allow me to reintroduce myself to you alone. I am L. Lawliet."

"Lawliet, huh?" Raito took the hand and shook it. "Glad to know." There was a warm, friendly smile on the brunette's face, but inside his mind was raging and screaming.

He got me, but I can't pass up this golden opportunity. He pulled his hand away and felt L's fingers stroke it ever so slightly as he did. Raito showed no recognition of the action.

"If you don't mind, Ryu . . . I mean, Lawliet, I'm gonna head home no. My dad and the other task force members will be coming soon." His hands went into the pockets of his beige jacket.

"No problem, Raito-kun. I look forward to our next meeting so we can discuss more of the Kira case."

"Yeah, I'll be here tomorrow."

He gave a friendly wave and walked out of the room. When out of the building, Raito took out his cell phone and called a taxi. Patiently, he waited, a smirk on his face. He quietly began to chuckle, arousing the ever-present Ryuk's attention. The shinigami just looked at him, having been silent for perhaps the longest time in his life. Ryuk took flight as Raito entered the cab that just arrived.

The drive home was short, it wasn't long until the brunette was at his house. He walked up the stairs after saying brief hellos to Sayu and his mother, Sachiko. He entered his room and locked the door behind him. For a moment he only stood still, then moved to sit on his bed. The mattress sunk a little as he sat. He grinned widely and broke into loud laughter. Raito didn't worry about his mother or sister hearing him, no, that was not important right now. No, not at all.

Ryuk stared, his expressionless face unable to convey the emotion he was currently feeling. The shinigami was confused and wanted to know why Raito was laughing the way he was. He was about to ask, but the boy was acting so out of character he wasn't sure if he should. Ryuk figured Raito would be angry right now, having discovered L's name and unable to do a thing about it. He definitely did not expect this almost maniacal laughter.

"Raito, why are you laughing? Shouldn't you be, mad or something?" he dared to ask.

As if the shinigami had said nothing, Raito continued to laugh. It was all just too priceless. Forget about killing L as fast as he could. With this new information, he was considering prolonging the detective's death. That would hurt him more, so much more. He began to form new plans and ploys in his brain on how to get to L, and as long as the second Kira didn't interfere, Raito would have his way. It they followed too well, perhaps even more. Hours passed, and all Raito did was sit in his room and laugh.

The next day, the brunette's highly plausible theory about L was further proved correct. It wasn't until now he noticed how L's eyes would linger a tad more than they had to, or how their fingers would graze and the other's would almost follow his when pulled away. It took everything Raito had to not go into hysterics. Oh, how he wanted to rub into the detective's face his newfound knowledge. He would get his chance.

Innocently, Raito asked the other present members of the task force to leave the room, saying he had something very important to tell L. He continued to say that it would be safer if less people knew and while he did L was looking at him strangely, thumb at his lips. As the last person, his father Soichiro, left, Raito politely closed the door behind them, assuring it wouldn't be long. His back to L, Raito smirked. It was just him and L now, he had earlier bribed Ryuk with apples and apple pastries (something the shinigami now loved) to leave him alone for the day.

When he turned around to face L, he realized the detective was staring at him. The raven wiggled his toes in his sofa chair, a hand on his knee. There was a coffee table in front of him, various sweets laid out on it. Some of the plates were missing the dessert but other than that every plate was filled. L resembled a child in his seat and Raito couldn't help but smile.

"Raito-kun, what did you want to talk about?"

In fake shyness, the brunette averted his eyes to the floor. "Well, it's about your name, Lawliet."

"Ah, yes, I figured you'd want to discuss that." He reached forward and grabbed a plate of cake. "I assume you're wondering why I told you."

"You can't really blame me."

"No, I won't say I can." L took a fork, swiped a piece of cake, and ate it. "I told you because I do not wish for you to be Kira."

Just as he thought. Fake shock. He looked at L, eyes confused and curious. Raito was pleased with his acting skills.

"What are you talking about?"

"I've grown a friendly liking toward you. I consider us friends."

Raito had to hold it in, the laughter bubbling in the back of his throat. He would keep prying at this pathetic thing named L and destroy him.

"But," he slipped his hands into his jean pockets, "surely there is something else. I mean, friendship couldn't be something strong enough to reveal your name." He saw L's hands tense up and grip the plate in his hands firmer. Keep back the grin. You're almost there.

"I'm confused, Raito-kun. As I said, you're my first friend so I'm not entirely sure how to act. Excuse me if I do anything dramatic."

Again, all of which he knew. Funny, he knew more about L's feelings more than the other did himself. He knew exactly how to deal with this. Raito allowed a moment to pass before smiling warmly and strolling over to the detective. L was looking away but then looked at Raito when he put a hand on his shoulder. The look in those onyx eyes . . . L was so killable right now! It was practically driving Raito crazy. He maintained his calm and gentle demeanor before speaking.

"Lawliet, I understand. It's fine, and it'd be cute if you were a girl . . ." He let his words drift off, waiting for L to . . .

"So, you're strictly heterosexual?"

Interrupt him. Pefect! Play it innocent, act embarrassed.

"Well, I guess I'm not that sure. What about you?"

"I've never been in a close relationship with either sex, but I won't deny each have positive, sometimes attractive traits." L was completely still and had been since Raito touched him.

"I never looked at it that way. Is there anything nice you find about me?" Raito's hand was shook off and L continued to eat cake.

"Stop fishing for complements and tell the others to come back. We must discuss on how we plan to contact the second Kira."

On purpose, Raito fell silent as if offended and did as told, grinning widely during the time it took him to turn from L and reach the doors. Things were getting so interesting so fast. Still, thoughts of the second Kira rose again and he began to eliminate the imposter if he wanted any hopes of having L falling desperately in love with him.

Step one of the preemptive preparations for his plan had followed through almost better than perfect. Now was the time to initiate step two. This was going to slightly more difficult, but he had faith in his skills of persuasion. Presently, Raito was at a video store, picking up DVDs and putting them back. Ryuk was with him today and he was annoying as ever, now begging for apple pies. It wasn't too hard to ignore the shinigami and Raito finally settled for five movies. They were all used and had cost less, all of which were important. He didn't want anyone thinking he bought movies just for this certain occasion he was planning.

He handed the clerk ¥2100 and was out the door.

Again, Raito had asked all the task members to leave the meeting room. This time, L merely slitted his eyes in what could have been annoyance. He didn't have the time to keep having interruptions such as these. Surely Raito intended to use his name again, but this was just getting ridiculous."You will not be sending them out tomorrow. Not only must they be growing suspicious, but I can be spending this time catching the Second Kira." L ate some cake. "What do you want?"

Just as he did two days before, Raito became shy. Out of character. L was no idiot.

"Lawliet, you need a break. Get some rest . . ."

"Justice does not sleep, Raito-kun. Every moment I waste not on the Kira case more people are murdered." He finished the cake and picked up a sundae. He swirled the cherry in the whipped cream and popped it into his mouth. "I won't allow more people to die for my sake."

Raito became angry. "You're only human! Just relax for a few hours, watch some non-Kira related T.V."

"I see no upside of this."

"It'll clear your mind, so when you focus back on the case, you'll realize ideas you didn't before." Raito seemed awfully persistent. "It's like unfogging a clouded mind."

He wouldn't deny it, the brunette had a good argument. It was strange that he just now, after knowing his name for three days, that he was bringing this up. Perhaps it was only coincidence but when things came to Raito, nothing was coincidence. His eyes were still slitted, observing Raito between bites of ice cream in hopes of finding something to reveal the student's intention. Hm, he was looking at him now; blinking rate normal, body semi-tensed, hands fisted . . . the normal stance of someone slightly agitated. And his eyes seemed caring. Wait, caring? From Raito? Strange.

L began to bite his thumb, putting the sundae down. "Why are you so determined?"

"Because you don't seem to have the energy you used to." Raito's stance calmed and relaxed. His risen shoulders slumped and face tilted downward. "I'm worried about you."


"Because I'm your friend. That's what friends do; they care about each other."

L sighed. "What else do friends do? Forewarn me now."

In response Raito laughed heartily. The detective failed to see what was so funny, but he smiled. He couldn't help it, it made him happy to see Raito as he was. Alive and full of energy. His smile faded though and his lips pursed into and uncertain line as the brunette walked over to him. Soon, the other was almost uncomfortably close, standing directly in front of L. There was a warm smile on Raito's face and it showed in his eyes. L gulped.

There was a hand on his head and he felt it run through his dark hair. It ran smoothly through the locks and L was unsure of what to say or do. The fingers in his hair had felt nice.

"I never thought your hair was so soft. How often do you wash it?" Raito asked casually.

"Twice a day. Raito-kun, this is irrelevant. Let's get back . . ."

"What shampoo do you use?" but before L could answer, Raito's nose was nuzzling his hair and inhaling. "Strawberry. I should've known."

L was starting to feel dizzy. Raito's body was close to his and it was making him nauseous. The hand in his hair came down and cupped L's cheek. He began to shake.

"Lawliet, I think I like you."

His breath froze in his chest. The room felt like it was getting hotter.

"I don't know why," Raito began, bring his face to L's neck now, "but since you told me your name I've been thinking about you more. Then when you said you liked me, even though only as a friend, I felt something jump in my chest. You're raiding my mind and I can't get you out."

Stay calm, that's all L had to do but that was becoming more and more difficult with each passing second. He released his held breath and tried to speak.

"It sounds like you're infatuated with me, perhaps because of the amount of trust I've given you for telling my name. You may be in college now, but your hormones can still react to slight signs of affection." L's breathing became labored.

". . . Lawliet, you're shaking."

Was he? Dammit, he didn't mean to. He was almost scared of the situation, he didn't know how to react to Raito's advances.

"Are you cold?"

He was playing innocent and oblivious?! Not fair, Raito knew fully well of what he was doing to him. L tried to talk again, but this time only his mouth opened. No words came out, only the sound of his soft pants. He felt Raito's lips brush against his neck, they were so warm and smooth. L's vision became foggy and unfocused.

"I'll make you warm."

And Raito was there, hands prompting L's legs to straighten and his feet to the floor. A knee on the right of him, now the left, then the brunette was sitting on his lap, chest flat against L's. His eyes widened but his sight didn't improve. Raito's hand stroked his cheek then cupped it again. His thumb ran along L's bottom lip and the detective gasped. This was not the kind of attention he was used to.

The shaking hin his body worsened and it felt as if something inside of him was falling. Falling, falling. Raito was still nuzzling his neck and finally L grasped the will to raise his hands and shove the student away from him. The force of the push was strong enough to send Raito into the table of desserts but his quick reflexes saved him and he grabbed the armrests to keep from falling. The brunette's eyes were lidded and shocked as he panted lightly. L felt like a deer caught in headlights, Raito the high beams. His lower lip trembled.

"G-get out."

"But, Lawliet . . ."

"Get out!" L yelled.

Their eyes locked and Raito didn't move. "No."

"You're being forceful," L almost sounded desperate. Almost. "Kira would . . ."

"Like I care what Kira would do! It doesn't matter what he would do, it matters what I'm doing!" and Raito brought their lips together.

Again, the detective didn't know what to do. He'd never been kissed before so he only sat there, eyes awkwardly open and staring into Raito's lidded ones. The kiss, it felt nice, no, great. He didn't shove Raito away or hold him there, he just sat and absorbed this new feeling. There was a small sound as the kiss broke and Raito pulled away. He wanted more and his hands darted out on their own accord and grabbed Raito's long-sleeved shirt and forced their lips together again. He felt Raito's lips smile against his before kissing back. Although L was merely guessing on how to kiss properly, that didn't stop him. Raito was on his lap again, chests together again, and his hands resumed their places; one on L's face and the other gripping his shoulder.

They continued to kiss and L gasped as he felt Raito nip at his lips. They parted and something foreign entered his mouth, vaguely tasting like coffee. It took a moment for him to realize that it was Raito's tongue moving and stroking his own. He groaned lightly into the kiss then felt something grind against his groin. If he had been able to look he would've saw that it was Raito's swelling sex. He didn't need to look, though, it wasn't too hard to figure out what it was. It wasn't until then he realized that he was swollen, too, and he gulped the best the could. L was embarrassed, he was a grown man who had gotten hard in front of someone. Thoughts of his teen years entered his mind and he mentally cringed.

Raito grinded again and sighed into the kiss. So he found this to feel good, L was suddenly curious to find out what else the boy liked. L rocked back and felt a sense of satisfaction as he heard the other make a pleasured noise. He could feel in his face that it was red but didn't mind or care.

Their actions stopped with a knock on the door.

"Can we come back in yet?" called a very familiar voice. The same though ran through both of their heads in annoyance.


"Tell him no," Raito said, beginning to resume but was stopped by L.

"No. They come back in." He heard Raito groan in disapproval so he spoke again with more force in his voice. "I'm leading this investigation. What I say goes. In this room, I am authority."

The student began to pull away and L kept his grip on the boy's shirt. Raito looked confused.

"But in, let's say, the neighboring room, I hold no power."

A grin formed along Raito's lips.

"Just say when and I'll be there."

"Tomorrow, seven at night. Bring some movies with you or something."

The grin widened, threatening to form a smirk.

"No problem."

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