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Chapter Eight



Raito sat listlessly in L's old room, seemingly sinking further and further into a very old mattress. He couldn't decide if he wanted to search the room or sneak out and look for Nate River. Alas, L had asked him to wait here. Then again, Raito didn't take kindly to listening to the detective. When L came back, they had agreed to reveal how Kira killed; which meant Raito either had to tell the truth in a matter of minutes, or think of a believable lie.

Leaning back onto the bed, legs draped over the side, Raito's eyes wandered over the room. It was incredibly plain and quite small, fitting for a child genius. Bare walls meant little distraction, it's size enforcing its purpose. There were no pictures, no decorations; just a shelf full of books and another full of notebooks, surely full of work. There was also a desk with nothing on its surface with a chair. Unable to bear his boredom, Raito stood and pulled one of the notebooks from its place, bringing all those near it out as well and onto the floor. He groaned, agitated, and decided to leave his mess there. Resuming his spot back on the bed, he opened a notebook bluntly titled "15". It was thick and was stuffed with pieces of newspaper and other notes.

Raito opened the note to the first page. In the top corner was the month and day of the entry but no year; October 31.

Another year has gone by. I have started a new project concerning the human psyche. Currently, I am the top candidate for L's successor, my running mate a boy named Beyond Birthday. He arrived here recently and is very strange. I will be the next L.

"Put that down, you dirty Japanese!"

Raito looked up from the notebook to see Mihael, the one L told him to call "Mello".

"How rude! My name is Yagami Raito." His eyes narrowed.

"Like I give a rat's ass! You shouldn't look at what doesn't belong to you!" Mello ran up to Raito and practically ripped the notebook from his hand. "This is classified information!"

Patience was running short for Raito. This brat was more than annoying. "Well, I sure as hell don't belong to you, but you're staring me down," he said, authority in his voice. "Do you treat all guests like this?"

"Stupid Japanese! Go fuck yourself!" He then threw the note at Raito before running out of the room.

It was safe to say that Raito's first impression of Mello wasn't a good one. He couldn't believe that this boy was supposed to be a genius. In his eyes, Mello was a first rate annoyance. To write that boy's name in the Deathnote would be so gratifying, but knew that he was itching to write a name that was even more important; Nate River.

Dissatisfied with what just occurred, Raito left L's old notebook on the bed and left the room. He was going to meet River face to face.


Mello ran a short distance down the hallway and hid in a doorway. His head peeked out, eyes focused on the entrance to L's room. The nerve of that Japanese, snooping through L's things! Hands fisted at his sides, his body tense with anticipation. After a few moments, he saw Yagami exit the room, looking both ways down the hallway before proceeding. Mello smirked. Things weren't going the way he planned them to, but he was never one for plans anyway. Improvisation was always his strong suit.

Originally, Mello was going to leave the tape recorder in the room to try and get a confession, but tailing his suspect was good, too. Keeping to the shadows, the blonde followed Yagami from a distance. Yagami seemed lost, or searching for something.

What the fuck are you looking for . . . Corner around corner, Mello followed. He watched as Yagami said a brief 'hello' to the other children, flashing smiles. It was obvious that the Japanese man had charisma and Mello felt more compelled to not trust him. Quietly, he munched on one of his chocolate bars between hiding spots. Mello had been following his suspect for roughly fifteen minutes before he began to recognize where they were.

Nearing the grand hall.

That's where he was.

Mello took a large bite of chocolate as he assessed his options. Was he really going to face him just to keep his eye on Yagami? He could call Matt and send him to spy for him, but it was unlikely that Matt would help him. Or Mello could suck up his pride, it was for the sake of the Kira case! Taking a deep breath, Mello readied himself, emotionally and mentally, then followed Yagami into the grand hall.


It was a really large room full of children, Raito felt it was going to take him forever to find River. His analytical eyes swept over the room, looking for an unruly mess of white hair. He began to walk around, stepping past children and over toys. Some of the children he saw from when he first arrived were here and they recognized him, saying hello. A couple even started asking questions, such as "Wow! How is it like to work with L?" and "Are you smarter than L?" Raito was not in the mood to satisfy their curiosity, but answered, "It's never boring" and "Maybe!", respectively. He had to maintain his approachable and intelligent appearance.

Suddenly, Raito face-planted the floor. His perfect face! He propped himself up on an elbow, hearing laughter from children all around him. When he turned to see what exactly he tripped over, he couldn't stop his eyes from going wide.

Sitting on the floor, one hand playing a puzzle and the other fingering a curly lock of hair, was Nate River. The boy was dressed in white clothes that were obviously too big for him and didn't wear any socks or shoes. He turned to Raito, his large black eyes piercing and his face void of emotion.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to trip you." Then he swiveled back to his puzzle.

Raito quickly got to his feet, systematically patting off his clothes.

"Oh, it was my fault entirely, I should've watched where I was going."

"If you say so."

"So, I don't think I've met you yet." This kid was really hard to start conversation with.

"We haven't because this is your first time here."

And he was also incredibly blunt. Just like L . . .

"I'm Yagami Raito."


Raito walked around him so he can talk to him face to face. That was when he saw the puzzle Near was working on. It was completely white, not a single splash of color, and Near was halfway done. It was a reminder of how much a threat this boy was, how smart he was, and how much he needed to die. He now had Near's name and face, he could ignore L's threat and kill the boy right here! His ticking watch had a piece of the Deathnote and a piece of lead, it would take seconds and no one would even notice.

Kira twitched and fought the urge to hold back his maniacal grin. He had to have his way, he was a god, and gods always got what they wanted. His eyes became locked on his watch, so incredibly tempted to use the note inside it. Besides, what was L going to do if Raito killed this boy, anyway? Threats of arrest would be fought with threats of death. Then, he felt something ache inside him. Thoughts of killing L made him . . . uncomfortable? Ridiculous! L was nothing, just the keeper to his biggest secret, but L would never talk. The bastard loved him, really loved him. Raito's hand began to shake, making it difficult to look at the roman numerals on his watch.


It was L, the fact that he yelled surprised Raito. He turned to face the detective who stood slouched over as always, nibbling on his scarred thumb. Without being asked, Raito approached L who then began to say how the younger backed out on their deal, but remained vague due to their audience. Raito said nothing, eyes to the floor, mind tangled up in thought. They both returned to L's room, unaware of a scheming shadow.


Mello was on the verge of hyperventilating, not just because of having to be in the same room as Near, but because of Raito's display. How interesting to stare so intently at his watch. He took a bite of chocolate, his dubious mind at work. Why would Yagami stare so intently as his watch? He wasn't sure, but found it necessary to investigate. Mello finished his chocolate bar then ran down the halls towards his room, bumping past many of his fellow alumni. Once inside, he pulled out a shoe box under his bed. Inside were some tools, a few more chocolate bars, and a pack of cigarettes.

Taking the cigarettes as well as a hammer and screw driver, he went to find Matt. He felt that he had to inform his friend of the new information he had concerning Yagami, even though Matt would probably dismiss all of his suspicions. Matt was outside, leaning against a maple tree, distanced from the other children. When he found the gamer, he handed him the screw driver, as a token of peace. Matt accepted and they smoked together, Matt trying to fix his broken handheld. Mello took long drags on his cigarette, thinking about Yagami and how he was going to catch him as Kira.

He would have to be careful, if Yagami really was Kira then he would have to be smarter than his enemy. As of yet, Kira proved to be smarter than L, having eluded him for over a year. Currently, Mello intended to smash Yagami's watch with a hammer. Why would anyone stare at their watch as he had just seen his suspect do? His blonde brows furrowed in thought, and, Matt sensing the tension, spoke.

"Hey, why don't we just go and play football or something? Forget about this Kira bullshit? I mean, can't you just trust L?"

"You know it isn't that goddamn simple, Matt!"

"Then what is it?"

Mello said nothing, only puffing furiously at his fag.

"Uh-huh, that's what I thought . . . Oh, shit! Here comes Roger!"

Both boys quickly stamped out their cigarettes before kicking the butts towards the bushes.

"Hello, Mello and Matt. I hope you weren't doing anything obnoxious over here by yourselves." They remained silent, so Roger continued. "Well, I just wanted to let you know that I have a chore for you. Please clean out the supply room, tomorrow we will be evaluating human psyche with paintings. Gather the paints, brushes, and easels and put them in the grand hall."

Before either boy could protest, Roger had walked away. It was nearing evening, the sun starting to lower itself on the horizon. Mello became enraged, doing Roger's stupid chore would take all night. With Matt's persuasion, Mello agreed to smash Yagami's watch after they finished.


L sat in his old chair in his room, unable to hide his excitement from Raito. Knees close to his chest and thumb at his lips, a smile shown on his face. This was it, Raito was going to tell him how he killed. His toes curled over the edge of the chair, eyes trained on his lover sitting on the bed. Raito looked nervous, a rare sight indeed. Many silent moments wafted by, L's anticipation growing ever more.

After what felt like a lifetime, L almost flinched as he saw Raito reach into his pocket. He dug into it for quite some time, as if reconsidering having ever going into it. Tan fingers finally withdrew, holding a folded piece of paper. Curiosity overwhelming him, L almost got up to grab the note, excited to see what could possible be written on it. When another moment went by, L gave in and attacked Raito, causing the man to make a surprised sound. L now held a dominating position above the other, his own thin and nimble fingers chasing Raito's.

"Does this explain you're secret, Raito-kun? It was smart of you to write it instead of just telling me." This made Raito sigh, which further piqued L's curiosity. Sitting on the brunette's hips, L's eyes narrowed in though. "You didn't write it down. Its something else. If this is a trick, Raito-kun, you'll regret it."

"Its no trick." Raito's voice was a whisper.

Too slowly, the paper unfolded and L could see that there was indeed writing on it. A lot of it. L could tell that it had been ripped out of some kind of notebook. When Raito finished unfolding it, he turned it so L could read the writing on it.

"Travis Raleigh, Christine Babcock, Peter Wellington . . . These are all the names of those that died in the United Kingdom before we arrived." L tilted his head, his thumb resuming its place at his lips.

"It isn't coincidence. When I wrote their names on this piece of paper, it caused them to die. It only takes forty seconds for them to die of a heart attack, unless I specify otherwise. This piece of paper comes from a notebook called the Death Note. It is carried by gods of death, I found one lying on the ground and tested it for myself."

"How do I know you're telling the truth? Where is this Death Note?" L seemed skeptical, having been expecting some sort of trickery.

"The Death Note is hidden in my room back in Japan. I would never bring it with me. If you just touch this paper, you'll see for yourself that I'm not lying."

Unable to resist, L touched the note. He waited a couple of moments, prepared to feel different. L wanted to believe that this note held some sort of influence over the human mind, hoping that Raito couldn't really be a cold-hearted murderer. Nothing happened.

"I don't feel any different."

"Look out the window."

L didn't know why he hadn't noticed before, but there was a pair of dark eyes peeking over the sill from outside. A prominent brow bone jutting out above the sunken yet large eyes, wild black hair adorning the creatures head. L blinked which made the creature blink one eye at a time. Still curious as ever, L reached out his hand to open the window, but quickly withdrew it as the creature's face went through the window and wall. It had a large mouth and a flat nose. L's thumb lowered from his mouth and his eyes went wide in fascination as the creature also stuck out his hand and waved.

"Hello, L. I'm Ryuk. Its really cool that I have another person I can talk to now, hyuk."

It was all true, Raito hadn't lied to him. Kira really killed with a notebook. L always suspected that there may have been something supernatural about the Kira case, but nothing like this. Many thoughts suddenly flooded his mind.

Has Ryuk always been lurking in the shadows, watching? What has he seen? Does Ryuk know of his and Raito's relationship? Had he watched as they had sex? L felt sick to his stomach, the idea of a voyeur watching made him uneasy. Surely Raito had sent the shinigami away when they got intimate. Did Raito even have the authority to do such a thing? Did this monster even listen to Raito?

It wasn't difficult for Raito to sense that L wasn't happy with the discovery of Ryuk. To try and comfort him, Raito put his hand on the detective's shoulder and smiled. He saw L's cheeks tint pink, something that he hadn't seen since the beginning of their relationship.

"He hasn't seen as much as you think. Ryuk is easily bribed with apples." Raito assured.

"Yeah! I've only seen you guys do it once. Makes me glad I'm not a human, hyuk!"

And L shoved himself off of him, now standing on the floor. His back was straight for probably the first time in his life. Ryuk was so stupid! Raito couldn't rely on the shinigami for anything, especially with keeping his mouth shut. He sat up and ran a hand through his auburn hair as the room filled with silence. What was Raito supposed to say now? It was apparent that L was frustrated.

"Ryuk, there's an apple pie in it for you if you leave right now."

"Hyuk! Okay!" and the shinigami flew away.

Raito reached out to L, grabbing then tugging on his wrist. "I'm sorry."

Their eyes locked, onyx ripping through topaz. L's face was tense with anger and Raito's relaxed. Eventually, Raito's tugging brought L back to the bed, causing the detective to stand between his legs that now hung over the the edge of the mattress. Then, Raito shocked even himself as he wrapped his arms around L's torso, pulling the other even closer and breaking eye contact. He could feel L's limp arms just hanging at his sides, the detective's fingertips grazing his knees.

"I thought about killing you today," Raito said after what felt like an eternity of silence. "There's a piece of the Death Note in my watch, I was going to write Nate River's name on it, then yours."

L said nothing.

"But I couldn't do it. The thought of killing you made me uneasy. I don't know why, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I can't admit what I think the reason may be, because if I do it'll just make my feelings for you stronger." Raito fisted the back of L's sweater. "I'm Kira, deemed to be a god."

"You are not a god, Raito-kun," L said bluntly. "Your arrogance will be the end of you."

Raito laughed. "You will be the end of me, L."

"If what you are implying is true, is it safe for me to assume that you love me? I know that Kira hates me, but does Raito-kun really love me?"

The question made Raito look up to the detective, their eyes locking once again.

"I . . . I don't know."

He was beginning to feel as if he no longer knew himself. Earlier that day, when he had pinned L against the limousine, he knew in full confidence that he was Kira and will kill L. When he saw Nate River, he recognized himself as a god. But here, alone with L once again, Raito felt different. Something was pulling at his insides and towards L. He pulled at L's arms, bringing the detective down to the bed and on top of him.

L leaned down and kissed him, then shortly after their tongues became engaged in a heated dance. Raito was gripping the others shoulders, not allowing any escape. Passions rose and Raito could feel L's hands unbuttoning his shirt. When it was opened, white fingers ran along his tan and toned torso. Raito then pulled L's sweater over his head, eyes scoping for the millionth time over L. He briefly wondered why L was so thin although he ate so many sweets and desserts.

A soft sound escaped L's lips as Raito ran his fingertips up and down his chest. His trousers grew tighter and he knew that he wanted L. It was obvious that the detective wanted him, too, if bulge in his jeans were any hint. Deft fingers undid the fly and were about to dive but L grabbed his hands. Raito looked up to L to find the man breathing heavy and bagged eyes lidded over. Suddenly, his hands were above his head, bound in one of L's own, but unlike earlier Raito didn't fight back. In this moment in time, Raito didn't feel the need to assert his dominance over L; although he wasn't sure as to why.

Thick drops of rain sound like the way you spanked me. Your pleasure thrills in every way you make me.

L lowered his mouth to ravish the brunette's chest, causing Raito to bite his lip. As his nipples were licked, nipped, and sucked on, he tried his hardest not to make a sound. It felt good, and he understood as to why L enjoyed it so much. He couldn't stop his legs from squirming from underneath L, they acted on their own accord. Raito felt like one of the many women he had had his way with . . . and like L.

As he was distracted by L's mouth, he felt fingers working at his belt, hearing the buckle jingle and jangle as it was pulled through the belt loops. That skillful mouth worked lower and lower, kissing his abs and suckling at the area around his navel. Raito felt his breath become short, his lungs burning slightly at his light panting. His nerves flared up in excitement as he heard the zipper of his pants go down. Raito was skeptical to what L was implying he was going to do, but could not calm himself. As L continued to do what many other women have done to him, Raito's fingers twitched and hands shook.

All by myself and you're not here to take me . My red hot stain still makes you call me 'baby'. Tattooed your name, so you wouldn't forget to claim.

Raito thrust his hips forward as L sucked particularly hard on his hip bone, gnawing and kissing. Leaving a love bite, for sure. He couldn't help but chuckle quietly to himself, Raito had left many marks on L and this would be the first time the detective would return the favor. A hand slipped into his trousers and into his boxers, grabbing his semi-hard sex and squeezing. Raito couldn't muffle the tiny groan L's action had aroused. Although he couldn't see the detective's face, he could feel L smiling against his flesh.

As his arousal was pulled out into the cool air, Raito hissed lightly but twitched as L placed a small kiss on the head. L was now situated between his legs, arms resting on his thighs and filling Raito with anticipation. How long had it been since someone had done this for him? He couldn't remember, but it was then that Raito realized how long they had been together.

A month.

It had only been one month. It took one month for L to fall in love with him. It took one month to confess that he was Kira. It took one month for Raito to . . .

There was no stopping the moan that escaped his lips as L ran his tongue from the base of his sex up to the head. Hips thrust forward, begging for more, but were held down by L's strong arms. Raito found his hands tangling themselves in the black mess known as L's hair. It felt so amazing, Raito's mouth fell open as L began to take the brunette's arousal into his mouth. Eyes closed tightly and he wasn't sure if he whispered L's name.

Thick drops of rain sound like the way you miss me. Your windowpane steams like the way you kiss me. You're so profane that's why I love the way . . .

L sucked furiously, Raito wasn't sure how much longer he was going to last. He felt his fingers begin to pull at L's hair, who groaned in response. That wet, hot mouth was enveloping him and when L began to fist the base of his sex, Raito made no attempt of being quiet any longer.

"Fuck, L, that feels so good," he drawled, the vowels dragging as he moaned and writhed.

This confession made L work ever harder, lightly dragging his teeth each time he withdrew his mouth, only to descend again. Raito continued to thrust his hips, trying to reach purchase, but was held ever still. It was frustrating, he was so close he could feel it burn at the base of his spine. Wait, he had never felt that kind of sensation before. Raito focused his attention to the area he felt the burning and realized that L had slyly slid a finger inside him, curling and wiggling around. How long had it been there? Why hadn't he noticed? Kira inside him finally revered his head and became outraged, but Raito let L continue.

Another finger was added to the first and Raito winced. Was this how L felt when they first had sex? He was beginning to think no, because L seemed to be in much more pain. Suddenly, the mouth around his sex pulled away. Raito whined, hips again thrusting up.

"Raito-kun, can I make love to you?"

Like drops of rain your love has no pain.

He laughed. "Don't say it like that. Ask to fuck me, its sexier." His face momentarily screwed before relaxing, still in slight pain.

"Raito-kun, I do not swear."

Raito watched as L's face became slightly pink, the detective's eyes lowering in shyness. Suddenly, Raito felt a moan rip through him as L fingered a part of his insides. It was almost euphoric and he wanted to feel it again.

"Just fucking say it!"

". . . Raito-kun, may I . . . fuck you?"

Raito's body heated in arousal and he groaned. It was one of the sexiest things he had ever heard. His brain then thought of something even better.

"Hm, I don't, ah, think so. Ask a little more nicely."

"I'm not going to beg."

L continued to finger Raito, rubbing the spot over and over again, causing him to writhe and moan. His back arched and he could feel himself leak ever so slightly over his sex. It felt so good, and he knew L was getting incredibly turned on by his display. A third finger was added and jabbed directly into that sweet spot. Raito gritted his teeth, torn between pleasure and pain. After they scissor for a couple of moments, they withdrew, which nearly sent Raito into protest. He felt L slither up his sweating body, eye to eye, before the detective lowered his face to Raito's ear, nibbling on the lobe.

"Oh, Raito-kun, I want to fuck you so badly. I'm so hard, it almost hurts. Please let me fuck you."

The plea was barely audible but Raito heard every word and it sent chills down his spine. A begging L was officially his biggest turn-on. His sex twitched as it brushed against L's still clothed one and his breath grew heavy. What pleased Raito the most was that although he was on the bottom, he was still dominating L. With a breathy "yes", L rearranged and readied himself, pulling his sex out of his jeans. The head brushed Raito's orifice before slowly entering.

Raito grounded his teeth together, fingers did not compare well to L's size. He remained silent, his pride would not allow him to show that he was in pain. Bit by bit, he accepted L and soon the detective's sex was completely sheathed inside him. Raito stayed as relaxed as possible, knowing it would ease the pain. Small thrusts also helped, the movement aiding in him getting used to L. Unlike how Raito did, L was taking it slow, trying his hardest to not hurt him. This realization sent a pang of guilt into Raito's gut. When the pain finally subsided, Raito finally spoke.


If I see you're like your daddy, and I should be gone, I would try to burn you but I won't.

First with slow movements, L thrust in and out of Raito, unable to contain his own breathy moans. Raito looked up to L, whose face was now hovering above his, and saw those piercing onyx eyes to be blanketed with lust, pupils drowning in a fire of passion. It was a look Raito had never seen on L, nor thought he ever would. Grunts and groans sounded from both of the men, a tad bit of pain still staining Raito's voice under his pleasured sounds.

This was a completely different sensation than any other Raito had ever felt. He wondered for a moment what his followers would think if they knew Kira gave his body to his greatest enemy. He became curious if he even cared anymore, or at least at this moment. What would happen after they were done? Would Raito ever let L do this again, or will it be a strictly 'one-time' thing? Raito was sure, and was torn from his thoughts as he felt L's sex graze that pleasurable spot.

If I think that loving you could be just like a drug, I would try to burn you but I won't.

"Did you like that, Raito-kun?"

The answer was a feral groan and Raito rocked against his lover. Looking down to the brunette, L was so overwhelmed with his love for this murderer. At this moment, it didn't matter to L if Raito really returned his feelings are not. Just the feeling was enough, just to imagine was enough; and that tight heat he was thrusting into. It was spectacular, unlike anything else he had ever felt. The sensation made him convulse slightly and grind his teeth in an effort to keep his control. L looked to Raito's face, it was screwed in pleasure.

"Damnit, L, quit staring at me!"

"But, Raito-kun, you look amazing."

A growl rose from Raito's throat but was quickly replaced with a groan. Every part of his insides felt invaded by L, completely filled. He could feel a bead of sweat forming at his brow and his lungs burned more than ever from his rapid panting. When L began to fist his sex, Raito moaned loudly and he could see his lover smile. That smile looked almost . . . sadistic. Seemed as if L was forgetting his place, so Raito became determined to assert his role; the dominant bottom.

Tan legs wrapped around L's pale and bony hips, drawing the detective even further into him. It was Raito's turn to smirk as the detective shook and his free hand groping almost blindly at the brunette's hip. With his other hand, he raked his fingernails down L's chest, an action that would surely leave welts. L reacted with a guttural groan, eyes closing tightly before opening and locking with Raito's. Nails raked again, catching a nipple as they ran down that gaunt chest, bouncing over ribs. This time, L's hips jerked, causing him to thrust particularly hard into Raito and against that spot. A moan ripped from both of them, and with L's hand still fisting him, Raito wasn't sure how much longer he would last.

"Ah, Raito-kun, I love you," L breathed, passion in every syllable.

"Shit, L."

"Raito-kun, please say you love me."

"L . . . "

Its all your graces, your deadly sins. Love and hate you, its so intense. If I could burn you, walk away, and not see you anymore I would try to burn you, but I won't.

Raito's brain was swimming in a sex stupor, his blurred vision frantic and bouncing off the contours of L's body and face. He was trying to say it, just as he had many times in the past. But, before it had meant nothing; all of that praise and nice words were nothing. Perhaps he couldn't say it because, out of all of those times of saying it to women . . . saying it to L . . . this time he would mean it. He didn't want to be in love with his enemy, it would jeopardize his mission to become god. Yet, he felt this yearning in his chest to say it.

It was hard for him to think with L thrusting now roughly into him, almost desperately. The joint pleasure from having his sex stimulated and that spot was driving him crazy. Moments passed full of fervor and heavy panting. The mattress squeaked under them as they moaned and groaned with every thrust. L's lips found Raito's and the nipped, kissed, and sucked. When Raito proceeded to dominate the detective's mouth with his tongue, he could taste something that was slightly unpleasant. It was then Raito remembered that L had almost sucked him off earlier, and that taste was himself. He was tempted to pull from the kiss, but stayed. Their tongues heatedly wrapped themselves around each other, moans mixing together in their mouths.

It wasn't long before it was L who pulled away, just enough to look his lover in the eyes. Raito could see the light sheen of sweat on the detective's forehead, some of it beading at his brow. He knew that he probably looked the same, face covered in sweat and eyes desperate with lust.

"Raito-kun, I'm so close."

"Don't you do it." Raito showed his trademark Kira grin. "You better, ah, ask nicely."

"Please, Raito-kun, let me come." L's voice shook as he spoke.

"Hm, I don't think you, ah, want it bad enough." Again, he raked his nails down L's chest, making the other groan and twitch his hips. "Make me believe it. Ask your god for permission."

Perhaps it was a step too far to ask L of this. Raito was expecting a complete dismissal of his request, but he was pleasantly surprised.

"Ah, Kira-sama," L was thrusting desperately into Raito, "may I please come inside you? It feels so good, I want to come so badly. Please, Kira-sama."

"Oh, fuck, L. You, ah, may."

If I see that you're the precious I was looking for I would try to burn you, but I won't.

A moan ripped itself from L as he thrust violently, a string of lesser groans following. Shortly after, Raito's vision failed him as he felt himself become overwhelmed with a very hot, exploding sensation. All of his senses temporarily numbed as he his mind was overloaded with L. Raito's body convulsed multiple times, body wracked with pleasure, muscles limp. After what had felt like eternity, he felt L pull out him followed by a very unpleasant sensation of leaking out of his abused orifice.

L then collapsed atop of him, the detective's thin body heavy against Raito's ribcage. Panting, Raito attempted to push L off of him, but his arms failed him and fell over the other's back. Too tired to move them, he left them there, stuck in what could have been taken as a loving embrace. He could feel L nuzzle his ear, that black spiky hair tickling his face. This seemed far too sweet for Raito, but he didn't possess the energy to stop it. Raito was never one for cuddling, but he did just participate in the most intense sex he had ever had.

When moments turned into minutes, Raito became impatient and tried whispering to L for him to get up. It then became apparent that L had fallen asleep! Rolling his eyes, Raito just decided to lay there and not disturb him, the detective barely got any sleep already. He blew at L's hair in attempt to get it out of his face, but only more fell into his eyes. Wondering briefly when L was going to wake up, he closed his eyes to try to sleep as well.

If I could burn you, walk away and not see you anymore, I would try to burn you but I won't.

He could feel his body getting heavier with the temptation of rest, muscles relaxed against the bed. L blanketed over him with warmth, his body and his heart. Butterflies danced for merely a moment as Raito dared those words he was so afraid to say.

"I love you, L," he whispered before falling asleep.

Raito could not feel the smile form against his ear.


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