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Loranas was a small kingdom; it was peaceful and ruled by King Charles. Although the Queen had died there was one heir to the throne, the princess Isabella. Bella was nothing like a princess should be. She was an average looking slender girl with straight brown hair and eyes who was a bit lacking in the cleavage area. She hated being waited on hand and foot by her maids and butlers and was a complete klutz. She found her life dull and uneventful but her fate was about to change.

In two days she would turn eighteen on that very day she would be introduced to the boy she had been set to marry since infancy, the prince of Colasind which was just south of Loranas. She and the prince had never met and she didn't he know his name. Bella knew her life was gong to change but she had no idea how right she was.

Bella's POV

"48 hours and counting" I murmured inwardly while pacing around the garden lost in my own thoughts. "Everything is two days away, and my eighteenth birthday is going to be ruined by some dumb prince. This is the 21st century you'd think I could pick out my own husband!" I ranted not caring who heard. Fuming I walked over to the nearest fountain. Looking into the sparkling water a took a look at my reflection. "Who would want to marry me anyway?" I sighed turning around but not before tripping over my dress and falling into the clear chilly water with a shriek.

"My Lady, are you alright?" I heard my personal maid Jessica ask. "Umm yeah, I just slipped that's all." I replied a slight blush on my cheeks at my own clumsiness. "Oh, well I was sent to got and get you." she explained helping me out of the fountain. She went on, "There is a family of nobles new to the kingdom that are due to arrive at the castle in a hour to be greeted by you and his majesty King Charles." "Oh, well I guess I had better get changed" I stated collecting myself and heading towards the castle and up to my chambers. Jessica only nodded and followed me.

Once in my private chambers I stripped off the wet clothes and handed them to a maid waiting nearby. That was all they would allow me to do myself, by the time the dripping pieces of cloth were out of my hand I was surrounded being blow dried, poked, and prodded. When my hair and body was dried I went into the dressing room with Jessica and another maid Corinne.

Out of my three choices I chose a shorter dress to avoid any mishaps. The dress ended just above my knees and was blue green and black. It was a halter and had an empire waistline. Corinne paired it with a pair of dangly silver earrings and my favorite silver locket. Somehow my hair ended up in an intricate up-do with corkscrew curls framing my face. With 5 minutes to spare I slipped on a pair of black flats and silvery eye-shadow and hurried down to the throne room to meet my father.

Just as I was in place the doors opened and a butler came in and announced "Duchesses Esme, Rosalie, and Alice, and Dukes Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward" I lost all of the air that was in my lungs when they walked into the room each new face more beautiful than the next. They came into the room and bowed or curtsied respectively. The last one the enter the room caught my eye, he was the most beautiful of all of the people before me his auburn locks fell around his eyes which were an entrancing golden color. He seemed to be looking at me with a puzzled look as if he were confused. Each of them came and we welcomed them personally to the kingdom. The last was the beautiful one, Edward is his name.

As he approached my heart pounded rapidly against my chest. "It's a pleasure to se- I mean to meet you Edward welcome to Loranas," I stuttered, a blush rising to my cheeks. "Thank you your majesty." he replied kissing my hand so softly I barely felt it. I smiled my blush getting redder if it was even humanly possible.

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