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The Café

Sakura had a secret, one she successfully kept from everyone she wanted to keep it from. Only Tsunade and Hinata knew that the pinkette spent her time like this. Every Saturday she would be busy, for a reason. Not the hospital, no she specially requested that day off. Not her ninja job either, Tsunade pulled some strings so she would never have to go on missions that were on Saturdays; with the exception of the occasional long-term missions. She didn't train that day either, she didn't need to since she did that on Sundays. No the reason she always had something to do was because she had a part-time job.

It was at a little Café that not many ninjas really had any interest in, except her. She loved this shop because it was her Aunts shop. Ever since Sakura was a child she would enjoy all the desserts her Aunt made. Whenever she was sad or in a bad mood all it would take to cheer her up would be her favorite dessert there. And when she first asked out Sasuke it was to this special little Café.

But she never invited anyone; she realized this place was too special to share with someone like Sasuke. But then one day Sakura stumbled upon a crying Hinata, torn over her breakup with Kiba. Sakura knew that her Aunties food would cheer poor little Hinata right up. And so the secret was shared, and they kept that secret together; as the best of friends.

Sakura was a waitress and a cute one at that. She was really familiar with regular customers, and was very popular to all the guests. But she didn't just wait the tables, she sometimes cooked too. Her dear Auntie was teaching her lots. And Sakura loved to be in such a warm and homey atmosphere, in such a familiar place. The café wasn't too girly either, even if girls loved it. Boys came also, for a cup of coffee or a breakfast. Here they served breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the dessert was the most popular. But they worked like a restaurant too.

So one Saturday Sakura was at work like any other Saturday but she sensed something. It was a chakra signature? What ninja would be close by? It was a Hyuuga, but not Hinatas'. Sakuras eyes snapped open at realization the same time the bell that signaled a customer chimed. Him? Sakura took a deep breath and turned to greet him like any other customer.

"Good afternoon! Can I show you to a table?" Sakura said in a cheerful voice.

A slightly surprised Hyuuga Neji stood before her. He recovered quickly, his normal face showed like usual as he nodded to her.


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