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The Café

Ok, he just wanted coffee. That was all; of course an honorable Hyugga would never blackmail a fellow teammate…. Well there was that incident with Naruto, and Kiba, and Lee… OH MY GOSH he's going to tell on me!!!!!!!!!!! No, no I must keep a calm and composed face. Or he might suspect something.

I realized I had forgotten to pick up his menu. Walking back in a slightly hurried manner, I picked it up and stole a glance at his face. No showing thoughts of scheming, perfectly normal in fact; excluding the good looks, of course. I was right he wouldn't try to threa-WAIT! Was that a smirk?

As I made my way back into the kitchen I took a few big breathes. Okay, maybe I made an exaggeration; his smirk must have been because I forgot the menu. Yeah the menu… or he was scheming! But the only way to prevent one from blackmailing is blackmail. And I had the perfect plan.

She would give him her auntie's dessert. A picture of Hyugga Neji eating a very girlish raspberry tart in a civilian café would do the job. Even a chocolate parfait, maybe strawberry shortcake, or a cinnamon sweetcake!

I tended to a couple of my other customers, got a camera ready and told the cook I might have to rush off. I would be completely prepared if he chased me because I already knew the path I would escape through. And I knew this area better than he did, even if he did use his byakugan.

Sakura took a big breathe of air, and then left the kitchen with his order. She was going to make him eat a dessert no matter what.

It was obvious what she was thinking, her face may have been placid but her eyes said everything. Determination, anxiousness, amoung other emotions swirled thoughout her emerald eyes. With that glance he knew this was going to be more than interesting. Maybe even dangerous, but Neji had a feeling either way he was going to have a lot of fun.


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