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For the love of--


"Aelita would you stop that already!" Odd snatched the pencil away from her hand and placed it on his side. Hm, he doubts the rumor is anything serious, probably not even true.

" Odd what if she is pregnant! I mean, you know it's been spreading around the school like wildfire and--"

"She's not. Yumi's not the kind of girl that gets knocked up so easily. Trust me, I know these things" They both stared at the clock tick by. Why in the heck is this taking so long! Trig never passed so darn slow before…well at least for Aelita that is. Maybe they shouldn't have had that iced coffee from the cart guy this morning or maybe they shouldn't have had overslept this morning because those two were so anxious to get out of there the whole class could tell.

"Della Robbia…Stones, is there a problem?" The instructor asked eyeing them intensively. But it seemed that the question went from one ear and out of the other because those two were staring at that clock the there was nothing else in this world more interesting.

"….Both of you…this isn't the time…."


"….mid-terms are going to be in 2 weeks and it is important that you…."


"Honestly, children this day in age…math is essential in everyday life so…."


" Now moving on, Odd could you explain---"

As soon as that bell rang those were out of there before the poor teacher could ask her question. She murmured something aboutteenagers and attention spans quietly to herself as the remainder of the students giggled out of the classroom.

Aelita and Odd stormed through the 2nd floor, up two flights, and entered the third classroom on the left , so fast it would have had intimated the track team. They scanned the room looking for their friend in absolute despair. Odd thought about playing it cool, but it was one of those things…

Darn it where was she!

It was T.A. this period and everyone that should be in her advisory class was there but the girl was nowhere in sight, this was not good.

"Oh my God, I heard they did it on the Dean's desk. Can you believe that, that is so unclassy!" a senior snickered to another close by.

"No, no you got it all wrong! He raped her in the Janitor's closet." the another whispered back, twirling a blonde lock around her finger.

"Odd, this is not good. What if she is pregnant. What if she was raped….and did things. I mean, she would have told me! I'm her best friend!" Aelita panicked.

The President is pregnant? Say it isn't so…someone of her stature shouldn't be sleeping around in the school grounds with random partners. It isn't civilized!

" Do you think Jeremy knows?" sounded more like….do you think Jeremy cares?

" No, he isn't one to be drawn into these kind of things so easily. He's a man of solid evidence. If we wanted to tell him that Yumi was pregnant we would have to present some actual evidence." Aelita answered.

The two exited the classroom having no such luck finding their friend and went on to their T.A. before the teacher snaps.

"Do you think Ulrich would know anything... it be…"

Processing……25 percent…

"…it might be.."

50 percent

"…you don't think…"

Information Complete.

"…would it be him, could it be Ulrich?" the pondered in sync.

"Would it be Ulrich what?" And there he was. Right behind them, the two turned around and stared as if analyzing. Ulrich had more of a "WTF" look painted on his face as he wondered why these two were staring at him like he had something on him.

" Ulrich, you and Yumi….you're just, friends right? Nothing more, nothing less. It's kind of peculiar…you both known each other for so long something must have bound to have happened by now, no?" Aelita half wondered and half asked to the poor guy.

"Oh great what's been spreading around now…" He answered in annoyance and no particular interest.


"Miss Yumi, it seems that there's been rumors going around the school, that they are." Her vice-president said. He was a nice and secretive fellow. Always had a smile on plastered on his face…Yumi has never seen him anything but happy.

"Ethan, I really don't want to hear it this time. I don't know why this keeps on happening to me." She sighed and went back to the heap of papers on the side of her desk. She really should be in Advisory, but she just doesn't want to deal with what's been spreading around now. It's already a pain in the ass to deal with all of this in her Senior year of high school, but to put that side-to-side with all the nasty rumors that have been going on?

Forget it.

" Well in that case, you don't want to hear what's been going on now. It's nothing of much interest…however it seems that many of our peers have begun to believe it. Quite preposterous it is though" He smiled and went back to his own pile of papers. She didn't know if he was using temptation…since all the boy ever did was smile, but it actually started to get to her now.

"Alright then….just---"

"Miss Yumi!" They really needed to stop calling her that it was getting on her last nerve.

A 10th grader barged in and ran up to her desk. It was her brother's friend Johnny and he looked like he was in much pain.

"Please tell me that my ears have deceived me. Please tell me that you---"

"Seriously, what in the world is going on!" She stood up finally annoyed as a bunch of other kids rushed into the room. This was her time to get some work done with her vice-president and all these people are just barging in like there were going to tell her like the world was going to end in 30 seconds.

Ethan just smiled in amusement…it was actually sort of scary.

Everyone began to talk all at once, yelling out things she couldn't even make out. What in the Lord's name is going on!

"Alright, stop it! Just tell me what's going on, ONE AT A TIME!!!"

Well it really didn't go one at a time per say…but

"Miss President, Miss President! We heard that you have been impregnated! And that you and Stern did it in the Dean's office! There's even solid proof of condoms…and pregnancy tests left in her room!---and----"

"NO NO! You've got it all messed up! I heard Ulrich and her did it on the second floor stairwell when we were all in Church for that Liturgy!" yelled another

"((sigh)) You're both wrong I heard they did it in the Church. Miss Yumi shame on you!" cried yet another. After probably 30 different "I heard" the poor president was twitching in utter shock.

"What….?" she subconsciously blurted out.

Everyone was in absolute silence waiting….anticipating for their president to announce the actual truth.

" So are you or aren't you pregnant!" They yelled.


"No I've never slept with Yumi!" He blushed. Sheesh, that cleared things up.

" ….Hmm…but wasn't like you never wanted too, ha buddy?" Odd nudged him raising both eyebrows a couple of times. Ulrich sent him a death glare and he stopped.

" I don't know where you two heard that but I can assure you that---"

"Mr. Stern. Can I please see you in my office." A rather annoyed Dean of Students commanded. Ulrich looked at him innocently and followed. What exactly is going on in this school?

"I wonder….what it would be like though." Aelita thought out loud.

"What? If Yumi was pregnant with Ulrich's baby. Wow, even saying it sounds weird. I doubt it's even true anymore." Odd replied. They both stared at each other and it seemed like they knew what the other was thinking.

"But….." Aelita started.

….what if…" Odd finished. They both stared into space as they drifted off to their own alternate reality.

Odd and Aelita's alternate reality:

There was this huge mansion the size of Texas ((okay maybe not that big)) with what looked like 7 pools, a countless number of acres, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm really not going to get into details. So anyways, Yumi comes out of a rather pricey looking convertible holding the hand of a 5 year old girl.

This girl's name was Susie. Ulrich was already home from work and is now…working again. Something about stocks and companies….you know that kind of stuff. And Yumi was now home but when they get home everyday, Yumi goes to her side of the house and Ulrich stays in his side. Yumi has the pool boy to keep her company and Ulrich has his sexy little secretary to keep him company. And you see, Susie would just stay there. Sometimes she went over her mother side of their home but she was always too busy working or locked into a room with the pool boy.

She never really got much attention from her.

But it was the same exact thing when she got her Dad's side of the spacious home. All she ever really wanted was to spend time with her parents together as a family. And the only 10 minutes and approximately 45 seconds she does is during dinner. The only time Mommy, Daddy, and little Susie were together and to her it was pure bliss. Even though they bicker about and argue and throw things at each other this was still her family.

And there was something she was meaning to ask of them.

"Mommy…Daddy….can I ask of you something?"

"Susie, sweetheart you already have everything any child your age would want…." Her mother answered looking at her salad in disgust.

"Don't listen to the whore of a mother you have…tell Daddy what you want" Ulrich replied pulling out his checkbook.

"Who the hell you calling a whore!" Yumi screamed at her husband

"You! You fucking-----" He almost hit his wife but before that happened Susie spoke up.

"….I want a baby brother!" She said in delight.

End of Aelita and Odd's Alternate….whatever that was.

They found themselves tearing.

"I feel bad for Susie…" Odd said sadly.

"Yeah me too, we should go to T.A." Aelita suggested but before they could even walk towards the door the first period bell rang.

Their Advisory teacher won't let them hear the end of this one that's for sure.

So long for free Saturday.