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I had this strong stab of guilt overwhelm me in this situation. Here she was, my supposed enemy throwing up anger in its rawest form. She spat the over exaggerated and overly confusing expecting me to say something in return. But what can I say? Even after her little tantrum, I still feel like I hate her. I hate her for being blind and inconsiderate and just stubborn.

Wasn't she always like that?

What does she expect me to say…I don't think I have nothing to say? Why in public? Why here and why now?

Was there something more?

Ulrich stood there for a second in thought. To such a multi-meaning "release" she just made it was hard to think of a way to turn things around.

"What are you talking about?" He hissed at the girl.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Why don't you man up and tell me straight up what you really think of me. Come on I want you to tell me you hate me again…this time say it for real." She calmed down a bit but Yumi was still fuming. Half the school was watching confused, but to her it was like they weren't even there. This was between him and her and no one outside the circle was going to insert.

"You want me to tell you that I hate you huh. Fine I hate you, now let's cut short this little scene of yours get back to what we were doing before. I'll see you Yumi. At least try to take care of yourself." He sighed nonchalant. He played off as he didn't care, as if this whole nervous breakdown Yumi had was really her going insane. He had nothing to do with her and it seemed like it. Ulrich rolled his eyes, this placing the cherry on top to his innocence, and began to step away a bit from the girl. The girl who he really did truly care about, one of his best friends lost to a stupid argument and an even more stupid rumor.

Yumi grabbed Ulrich on the shoulder. She made a fist that was sure to leave a deep bruise later.

"You're so fake it's sickening. Why do you give a damn about what these gossipers think of you anyway? They brain washed us and turned us against each other. I don't want them to win but at the same time I don't want to friends again. Not after I've seen how easily you could be manipulated and be turned into a pawn. So please could we just make truce?" she said hiding all possible trace of her true feeling or initiative.

He avoided eye contact with anyone and decided to stare down at the ground. She wanted truce? Even though she despises him a million times more she wants to stay neutral? This doesn't make sense.

While he was still in decisive mode, Yumi released Ulrich from her clutches and stepped closer to him. She tip-toed to place her chin a bit above his shoulder. Her lips lightly tickled his ears as she whispered

"I'm graduating soon and I want this to be over and done with. I don't want you're fucking thickheaded self to get in my way anymore. So please accept the truce and stay away from me. I don't hate you, you just disgust me."




"…Fine…it's no problem with me."

For someone who was completely uncaring one second, Ulrich could really shift into a really ticked off "I can't believe you find me annoying" quite quickly. He brushed the girl off his shoulder and roughly made his exit from the swarm of buzzing eyes. All staring in curiosity; all leeching on like vermin.

"I wonder what that was all about." Jeremy thought out loud. He, Odd and Aelita saw the whole thing…they're supposed to be those two's best friends but the three were just as confused as the other blob of students.

"Uh, should we…maybe go talk to them or something? From that little scene they've just displayed something tells me something is not right." Odd pondered as he rubbed his chin. Jeremy and Aelita stare at him in wonder. Where has he been, of course something isn't right! Oh wait…he was on that lunch line for a while getting fourths.

"I think the smartest thing to do right now is just let them cool off because one thing's for sure I don't want Yumi barking at me like she did with that poor guy," smirked Aelita. PMSing or not, Aelita has learned to stay distant from Yumi in times of stress.

"Wait but didn't our decision to not getting into their business cause us to be clueless anyway?"

Jeremy is one that doesn't exactly know when to shut up…and leave things the way they were. No sire, he's just has to make things more difficult than the way they are now.

"Damn, he has a point. But how are we gunna approach them without getting our heads bitten off." Odd can try to talk to Ulrich sometime tonight after he cools off that is…if Ulrich doesn't decide to lock him out again.

"Okay all we have to do is wait a while…I mean hey they're practically friends. They now have a nice and neutral relationship which benefits us and maybe they'll eventually be as close again."

"As stubborn as they are? I won't bet on that. And anyway, Aelita don't you have some sort of meeting thing or whatever? Yumi asked you to help her with some project for student council." Jeremy is also one to remember everything right on time. It's like his brain absorbs information to storage until that instant moment comes and that info has to be remembered…but hey they don't call him Einstein for nothing.

"Oh that's right! I can't believe I totally forgot about that, I mean it was planned like almost a week ago! Well…then again it's only been about four days." Aelita rushes back to the cafeteria again to collect her books. Maybe I can probably ask what's up or what it was she wanted to tell me before Ethan came along, she pondered as then she caught up to catch the elevator to the third floor destination. Yumi left right after Ulrich which was about 15 minutes ago or so and that's more than enough time for her to get up and finish sulking …or at least enough time to put on a "mask" for just a little longer. Miss President is never late for any of her meetings no matter what the situation.

Well, never late except maybe for this one time.

Yumi hurried back to her room after her little cry feast of aggravation. She cursed at herself for forgetting she had invited Aelita, for forgetting Ethan was going to be there and for forgetting all her materials.

There are only four people that are allowed in the dorm. Aelita and she because they live there Ulrich, who still owns the key...and Hiroki because sometimes he leaves his books there so his trip to the next class would be easier.

You see at this time, Aelita normally has her once a week part-time job as a piano instructor here on campus.

Yumi at this time always has her meetings.

Then there's Ulrich who is just not welcomed in this room anymore. So how could had Hiroki possibly know that his sister was going to barge in during his little make up session.

Yes, his sister did find him applying her mascara….while humming the latest teen beat. Oh yeah and don't forget the little shock poor Yumi was in when she saw her little baby brother in Aelita's pink pumps.

What a pickle this Hiroki has gotten himself in.

A/N: Sorry for the corny mess I uploaded and labeled as 'Chapter 8', I was in a rush to update and I didn't really realize how bad it was until now. But I must admit, it was quite fun to write.

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