Since We're Here

by Lumendea

Chapter Five: Going Home

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AN: I am reformatting the story and doing a little bit of rewriting, but nothing major.

The Doctor stared at Rose with more fascination than he felt comfortable with, but he couldn't look away from her as she gave Tegan and Turlough the pills and sent them to their rooms. She told them that the pill would make them fall asleep and keep the memories from being stored in their long-term memory. Shoving his hand in his pockets, the Doctor hung back from Rose as Tegan and Turlough walked off.

He followed Rose in silence to the console room. She turned back to him with a small smirk. The Doctor felt a small wave of curiosity and annoyance at her confident attitude and her enjoyment of the situation. Finally, the silence became too much.

"Where is Sammy?"

"It usually takes that boy a few minutes to get himself in order. He takes after you in that. You only move efficiently when there is danger," Rose answered with a glance at the door, "Granted Alex and Abby are even worse. They mean well, but they have a knack for finding trouble."

"I suppose they got that from me too?"

"No," Rose replied with a smile tugging at her lips, "I've set records for being jeopardy friendly as a companion. Once the twins were born, I tried to reign it in some."

"Oh," the Doctor cursed the awkwardness again, "So how long have we traveled together?"

"Years," Rose paused, "Hard to keep track. We traveled for a while before we became… involved and then it was a few years before the kids were born."

"This is going to get me exiled again," the Doctor sighed.

"You just ran away from Gallifrey after being named President, Doctor."

The Doctor laughed, the tension dispelling slightly and he managed a smile. She smiled in return to him and looked toward the door and Sammy came dashing into the room. His blond hair was messy, his converses untied and his teddy bear in his arms.

"Okay Mum!"

Rose kept her smile from growing too much as she told Sammy to tie his shoes and held Teddy of TARDIS for him. When the boy was done, Rose sent him toward the door and turned back to the Doctor.

"Thank you for looking after him," she told the Doctor with soft smile

"Of course," the Doctor answered with a nod, "I'll be sure to suppress the memories."

"Alright," Rose nodded with a smile.

Then she kissed him. Softly, but enough to surprise him. Sammy groaned and ewwed from the doorway of the TARDIS. Rose pulled back a moment later and kissed his cheek.

"See you in four regenerations."

Then she took Sammy's hand and they walked out of the TARDIS leaving the Doctor shaking his blond head in amusement and a tiny spark of awe.

Rose smiled as her brown-haired Doctor ruffled his hair and moved around the console. He was twisting knobs and resetting levers for a moment before the TARDIS moved. Then he turned to Rose and Sammy as they entered the Vortex.

"Alex and Abby are sleeping off the effects, James is in the library and Diana is down for a nap," the Doctor informed her with a hint of pride.

"Good," Rose replied, "Looked like you and Sammy were having fun."

Nodding, the Doctor hugged his son and picked him up. He was saddened for a moment that he couldn't remember the events that had just played out. His son snuggled against him and he grinned. It didn't matter, not really. Sammy was fine, Alex and Abby were fine and James had once again stayed out of trouble. Reaching out for Rose's hand, he waggled his fingers and grinned. Rose took her husband's hand as the Doctor set Sammy back down. The boy rushed into the depths of the TARDIS to go play.

"You were a little foxy in that body, Doctor."

"Just a little?"

"Maybe a bit more than a little, but then I seem to have a weakness for a certain Time Lord in no matter the body," Rose replied with a playful smile.

The Doctor wrapped an arm firmly around his wife and kissed her soundly. He gave her a very serious look a moment later which he didn't manage to hold for more than thirty seconds.

"You know, Rose, the kids are all occupied or asleep."

"Oh," she grinned, "Since we're here…"

"Since we're here."