Chapter 1

The sun peeked over the treetops one Thursday morning and sunlight poured into the bedroom of Yuki Sohma, a High School Sophomore. The sunlight burned the boy's eyes opened and he let out a small groan, dreading how morning had come so seemingly fast.

"It feels like I went to sleep about 5 minutes ago." He said and slowly sat up.

After a stretch and a yawn, the boy stood up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then proceeded with his morning routine of getting dressed, fixing his oh so very perfect hair, and making his way downstairs to the kitchen where Tohru Honda was waiting with breakfast. He smiled at the thought of seeing her bright shining face and hastened his pace. To the best of his ability, he tied his tie and stepped out of his bedroom and slid it closed behind him.

"Another morning."

He smiled to himself and began down the hall to the stairway. The quiet walk was abruptly interrupted by the sound of quick footsteps coming up behind him and before Yuki could even turn to see whose footsteps they were, a flash of orange shot passed him, almost knocking him over.

"Kyo..." Yuki growled and went down the steps.

Kyo Sohma stepped into the kitchen just as Yuki had reached the bottom step, scratching the top of his head, ruffling his already messy orange hair. Yuki followed him in and grabbed him by the shoulder, yanking him backwards and stepping ahead of him.

"What the hell?" Kyo said angrily, "What are you doing?"

"Moving you out of the way." said Yuki simply, "And for future reference, watch where you're going in the hall."

"I don't have to listen to you, you damn rat!"

Yuki sighed and rolled his eyes while mumbling something that sounded like "Stupid cat" Kyo, being the easily angered boy he was, took offence to the remark.

"Don't think I didn't hear that stupid cat comment! You better watch what you say about me, you god damn rat!"

"And what do you plan to do if I don't?"

Kyo growled and grabbed Yuki by the neck, slamming him against the wall, "I swear I'm gonna pound your face in!"

"Yuki! Kyo! Please, don't fight!"

The attention of the boys was drawn to Tohru who was flailing her arms like a mad woman.

"Please guys..." she stopped waving her arms, "Can't you keep the arguing to a minimum?"

"I wouldn't have to argue with him if he would just stop being such a major instigator."

"I am not an instigator!" Kyo screeched, "You are!"

"Oh my my my, Kyo, Yuki, isn't it a bit early in the morning to be arguing?"

Shigure Sohma had just stepped into the kitchen holding a newspaper. He leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yes, it is. But you know Kyo." Yuki pulled out of the cat's grip, "Always the instigator."

"Why I ought to - !"

Kyo lunged at Yuki with the intent to kill. Tohru couldn't stand it and she didn't want either of the boys to be hurt, and so, she threw herself in front of Kyo. Kyo, instead of landing on Yuki, crashed into Tohru and they both tumbled to the floor, taking Yuki down with them. After hitting the floor, Tohru sat up and rubbed the back of her head, closing her eyes and wincing in pain. Shigure sighed a little.

"Oh dear..."

"What?" Tohru looked to where Kyo landed and found not the orange haired hot head, but an orange cat. In Yuki's place, was a small gray rat. Tohru gasped loudly and hung her head, staring down at the ground to hide her flushed face.

"I am so sorry. I didn't mean to make you two transform, I guys would have hurt each other and I didn't want that to happen."

"Please, don't blame yourself, Ms. Honda." said the rat and placed a small paw on Tohru's knee, "It's not your fault."

"Yeah, it's that stupid rat's fault..." mumbled the cat.

"How about you take the blame for once, you stupid cat?! You're always so quick to get away from trouble so you always blame someone else. If you hadn't tried to tackle me, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Oh yeah?!" the cat stood up on all four legs hissed angrily at the rat, "Well maybe if you weren't such a smart ass and didn't always have that stupid smug grin on your face, I wouldn't have the urge to kill you whenever I see that pretty boy face of yours!"

The rat jumped up on Tohru's knee so he could be at eye level with the enraged cat.

"You really are stupid, you know that?"

"I dare you to say that again!"



But before the cat could tackle the rat, Shigure stepped in yanked up the cat by the back of its neck. The cat clawed violently at Shigure to try and escape, but Shigure held him out away from himself to avoid the cat's brandished claws.

"Now, now boys. Let's not fight anymore. At least not now. I say we get some breakfast in us. How's that sound?"

Just then, both of the boys transformed back to their normal selves in a poof of smoke. Tohru let out a panicked scream, afraid of what she might see and turned around. Yuki looked over at Kyo who was now on his hands and knees on the ground. Though he looked absolutely infuriated, something in his eyes made him look positively radiant. Was it perhaps the sunlight from the nearby window casting a light on the boy's red eyes, making them glimmer? Yuki couldn't take his eyes off them.

Yuki...what ARE you thinking? Why are you staring? Stop!

"What are you staring at?" Kyo snapped and stood to his feet, then grabbed his clothing.

Quickly, he got dressed and headed for the dining area.

"Put your damn clothes on, Yuki."

Yuki had forgotten that he was undressed and nodded, then began to dress again. The image of Kyo's eyes was still imprinted in Yuki's mind for some strange reason, but he didn't think much on it, and headed into the dining room to eat and then, he was off to school with Tohru and Kyo. Kyo didn't want to walk with Yuki and Tohru to school that morning. In fact, he refused to go to school. But, Shigure would hear none of it and forced Kyo to go. And so, as the trio walked to school that day, Kyo had his arms crossed over his chest and was avoiding all possible eye contact with Yuki. Tohru sensed the tension between the two and took Kyo's hand into her's and Yuki's into her other. The three stopped at once, the boys staring down at Tohru with a questioning look on her face. Tohru merely beamed and began jogging forward, dragging the boys along with her. Yuki smiled. Even Kyo cracked a little smile, but as the boy's eyes landed on each other their smiles were erased and they looked away from each other. Yuki had noticed, again, that glimmer in Kyo's eyes.