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"Hey, Tohru…what's up with Orange-top and Yuki today?" Questioned Uo in third period, hoping up onto the desk and facing Tohru who sat in her desk.

"W-what do you mean?"

"They're being…I don't know. Quiet. The both of 'em. Believe it or not, I haven't seen them get into a single argument today. Are they sick or something? Aren't trips to hotsprings supposed to make you feel good?"

"They're fine, Uo!" Tohru smiled nodding, "They're just a little tired today. They were up late and then had a bit of a rushed start this morning so---"

"Yes, I sensed that." Hana stood by Tohru's desk, here eyes locked on Kyo and Yuki who sat a few desks away from each other, "Something in their waves tells me that they're quite tired. But I am also sensing something else. A slight bit of tension. It's odd…it seems to be…well, no, how silly of me, it can't be."

"What're you thinkin', Hana?" Uo said.

"I might be wrong, but it seems to be sexual tension."

Tohru stiffened in her seat, clenching her fist tight and pressing her lips together tight How can Hana see that?! I mean…well…she's always been able to. But…but…this isn't good!

Uo stared at Hana with a serious expression, then snorted a few times before breaking out in laughter.

"Oh wow…ha…wow, Hana, that was a good one. You had me going there for a sec!"

Hana didn't smile, but the amusement was clear in her eyes. Tohru breathed a sigh of relief and put her head to the desk.

"My mentioning sexual tension was a ruse, yes, but the waves those two are emitting are in fact quite strange."

Uo looked over at them and shrugged, "Who knows? Not my problem and I don't care all that much. I was just being nosy, but if nobody knows what's up, then I ain't gonna stress about it."

Uo got off Tohru's desk and slid into her own as the teacher walked in. Hana found her sat as well and Tohru let out a soft sigh of relief as she glanced over at Yuki, then at Kyo. I hope you two are good at keeping secrets…

Third period came to an end and Yuki stood up from his seat and headed out of the classroom quickly as he had a Student Council meeting to attend. Kyo, Tohru, Uo, and Hana all exited the room shortly after him and he bade them goodbye, then headed down the hall in the opposite direction. The rat let out a sigh, closing his eyes as he walked. He wasn't tired, but his body was. Walking was a trial in it of itself. The changes in the weather affected his bronchial tubes and that was taking it's toll on him, but that was no longer the only thing. Yuki rubbed his neck and let out a groan in remembrance of the previous night. THAT really took a toll on his body…

"I'm not letting him stay in my room anymore…" Yuki mumbled to himself.

No more than a second after Yuki had said that did he feel eyes on his back. On his sides, right on his chest. It was as if there were several people staring at him. Goosebumps dotted his arms and he stopped in his tracks, taking in a deep breath and looking around. There was no one in plain sight. The hall was deserted, save for the occasional teacher or who came by. There was no place to hide, so there couldn't be any random Yuki Fanclub members stalking him. So…what was he feeling? Why were chills being sent up and down his body? Why was he suddenly…very frightened?

His eyes flicked to the bay window through which the school's courtyard was visible. The courtyard was empty as well. Only trees and benches dotted the area. And yet, Yuki felt that someone was there and they were glaring at him. Angrily. His eyes darted back and forth around the area, but he saw no one. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, then letting it back out.

Relax, Yuki…relax…


He opened his eyes and turned to face the one who'd called his name. Haru approached him, his usual emotionless expression showing some confusion and a little bit of worry.

"Yes, Haru?"

Haru let out a breath, "I don't know if you've heard anything lately but, it seems that…that…" Haru looked around, then took a step closer to Yuki and dropped his voice, "It seems that Akito's been leaving the main house a lot lately. He's been checking in on all the zodiac members. He's suspicious of…something."

It felt as though a cold hand had grabbed Yuki's throat, constricting his breath. More hands were gripping him. He was tense. Scared. He suddenly understood why he'd been feeling the way he'd felt a few moments ago.

"No one has…seen him here, right?" Yuki questioned in a hushed tone, "In school?"

"Hiro said that he was at the elementary school checking in on him and Kisa." Haru said gravely, "He'd been near the back of the playground dressed in black."

Yuki looked back out the window at the courtyard. It was still empty. Not a soul was in sight. He had to have been there. Maybe it had been before Yuki came down the hall and he was already gone. But Yuki sensed him.

"Has he been anywhere else?"

"Not that I know of." Haru shook his head, "You may wanna talk to Hatori."

Yuki nodded, "I will. Thank-you for the warning. Have you told Kyo yet?"

"No. Why?"

Yuki shot another glance out the window, wanting to simply stand there and stare. Wait for Akito to come back, but he forced himself to keep his attention on Haru, "Let me tell him, if you don't mind."

Haru nodded, "Okay. That's fine."

Yuki nodded, "I have a student council meeting. So, if you'll excuse me." He bowed slightly before heading down the hall the Student Council room.


"Akito? Leaving the Main House?"

"That's what Haru told me."

Yuki and Kyo sat together on a bench in the courtyard during lunch. It was fairly warm for a day in early spring. Mother Nature was being kind to Yuki by not plaguing the town with a cold front. The boys' bentos (box lunches) sat unopened on their laps. They couldn't eat. The conversation topic stole their appetites and didn't seem to be giving them back.

Kyo let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead, "What the hell is he doing?" He grumbled.

"Apparently he's checking up on those of us who aren't living in the main house. He's…suspicious of something. He feels like something's going on…behind his…b-behind his back…"

Neither spoke for a few moments. Neither wanted to admit to what they were thinking. That Akito somehow knew about them. Kyo rubbed his hands together, then ran them through his hair and let out a frustrated groan.

"It could be anything!" He said, clapping his hands back down on his lap, "It's not necessarily us he's after."

"You're absolutely right. It could be a number of things. Not us." Yuki agreed, "However…"

"Most likely it's us…." Kyo finished, letting out a sigh, "Yeah, I know. But we don't have to be so pessimistic. There's always a chance it's not us."

"There's a chance he doesn't know and that we'll be okay for a little while longer." Said Yuki, more to comfort himself than to agree with Kyo.

There was suddenly a gust of wind. It blew a leaves off the tree and some landed on each of the boys laps. Kyo, frustrated, brushed them off and let out a groan. Yuki watched him, then looked down at his lap at the green leaves that had rested their. Gently, he brushed off all but one. The one left over, he picked up and held in his thumb and pointer finger, turning it and examining the lines. He smiled softly and let it go, allowing it to get caught up in the wind. He placed a hand on his bento, going to open it when he saw that his little leaf had fallen to the ground and was now being rolled along the ground behind another leaf that looked nearly identical to it. Those two lone leaves rolled in unison on the ground and over to the walkway where a couple students passed by and accidentally stepped on them. Yuki let out a breath.

"Just as the wind pushes those leaves into the fray, Akito is pushing us. Forcing us along to face our fate. For the longest time, we were bound to the main house just as those leaves were bound to that tree. And then he let us go, just as the wind pulled the leaves from the tree."

Kyo looked at him, "What're you going on about?"

"He let us go and let us be free for a little while, but now he's pushing us to a place we don't want to be. He as a powerful wind is pushing us as little leaves into the fray. By striking fear into us. By hanging around checking on us, making his presence known, he's pushing us into torture. And when he succeeds…we'll be stepped on. We'll be persecuted…"

Kyo swallowed hard, refusing to look at Yuki as he used an analogy to describe their fate. To show just how week the members of the zodiac were.

Yuki let out a shaky breath and took the top off his bento, "We're just leaves who can't stand up to the power of the wind…"


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