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A deep chuckle rumbled through the chest of the tall, blue skinned man as he set his sword over his shoulder. Silver eyes flashed as he bent over the corpse of the man he had just killed and pulled a scroll from his pocket. Looking to his right, he tossed the scroll to the man at his side before standing and straightening his cloak.

"You know, Itachi, this guy actually put up a decent fight. To bad he still wasn't good enough to last 10 minutes against me." He raised his hand to his face and slowly licked the blood from the cut on the back of his hand.

"Actually, Kisame, you fought him for 12 minutes. But who's counting. We got the scroll, our mission is finished. I want to go home and sleep in a real bed for the first time in two weeks." He put his hat back on and turned his back on the bigger man, who was glaring at him as he felt the wound on his chest with his fingers. Itachi stopped, sensing the other mans discomfort. "Are you too wounded to travel?" He turned his head, moonlight glinting off his red eyes as he looked at the blood seeping through his partners cloak and coating his hand.

"Heh, I'll be fine. I'm just a little surprised he landed such a good hit on me. He was pretty fast." Picking his hat up from the ground, he put it in place, bell jingling softly as he caught up to the smaller man.

They traveled in silence for the next hour, the only sound that of their feet on the gravel path leading away from the village. Itachi couldn't help but notice that the wound on his partners chest was still bleeding and the man was beginning to breathe heavily. If it were anyone else, the stone-faced Uchiha wouldn't have given the slightest thought to their condition. But the years he had spent working with the Mist Ninja had left its mark on him. He had began to find himself enjoying working with him. If Kisame were to die, Itachi would be furious at having to break in a new partner.

Stopping, Itachi crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the older man from under the brim of his hat. "We are stopping for the night, Kisame. You are bleeding to much and if you pass out I really don't want to drag your heavy body off the road to keep us from being seen."

Kisame kept walking. In fact, he hadn't reacted at all to Itachi's words. A flash of worry wormed its way into his mind. He is hurt worse then he let on. Cursing under his breath, he jogged to catch up to his partner, stopping in front of him, he only then noticed that the mans cloak was dripping it was so soaked with blood. How is he still moving?

"Kisame, can you hear me?" The bigger man stopped, lifting his head an inch to see Itachi's face. His eyes were unfocused, his face dripping sweat. "We're stopping. Come on, there is a cave off the road here if I remember correctly." He turned, grinding his teeth together as he stepped off the road and walked past the line of trees.

Dimly, Kisame realized that Itachi had been talking to him. He turned his head just in time to see one of the red clouds on his partners cloak disappear past the trees. His head was so fuzzy. It had been a long time since anyone had wounded him this badly. He wondered just how badly he was hurt as he stumbled off the road and past the trees. Itachi was standing on the other side of a wide meadow, leaning forward as he looked into a small cave hidden in the rock face beside a river.

"The cave is empty. Go inside and rest while I get some wood for a fire." The knot that was building in his stomach relaxed a bit as Kisame moved into the cave as instructed. While he gathered wood, he let his mind wander to thoughts of tearing apart the man who hurt Kisame with his bare hands. But of course the man was dead. Itachi felt odd having such thoughts. It was the first time he had ever had thoughts of revenge. But it was the thoughts of protecting Kisame that made him collect more wood then was necessary just for an excuse to be away from the other man for a while.

Itachi entered the cave with his arms overflowing with wood. Setting it down, he busied himself with lighting a fire, carefully avoiding looking at Kisame. After the fire was blazing, he went back outside with a the empty canteens from his bag and filled them with water.

No longer able to avoid it, he lifted his eyes to look at his partner when he reentered the cave. The canteens fell from his hands, the lid of one breaking off to send a stream of water inching towards the fire. But Itachi didn't notice, his eyes were all for the very pale man covered in blood before him.

Kisame had removed his cloak and rolled it up under his head. His right hand was over his chest, blood seeping between his fingers from the wound, his left arm lay motionless at his side. If it weren't for the fact that blood still flowed form his wound, Itachi would have believed the man dead. He had never seen the blue skinned man so pale, his skin appeared whiter even then his own. Inching closer, Itachi strained his failing eyes to try and see if Kisame was breathing.

The man groaned and turned his head. "Did you get some water, Itachi?" He tried to sit up, his arm shaking from the force.

"Kisame, stay there I will get you some water." Itachi's mouth was dry. He didn't know how his partner was still alive with the amount of blood soaked into his clothes, let alone still awake and trying to sit up. He quickly retrieved the canteen that hadn't spilled and handed it to the other man.

"Damn it!" Kisame cursed as his hand shook so violently that he spilled half the water down his chest trying to take a drink.

"Do you need help?" Itachi was beyond worried now. He had never seen Kisame so weak before.

"Fuck off, Itachi. I don't need your help." He tried to take a drink again, only to spill again. He cursed even louder and threw the canteen out of the cave.

"How badly are you hurt, Kisame? You should not still be bleeding. If you wont let me help you drink some water, at least let me check the wound. I may not be a medical ninja but I know a few things."

Itachi reached forward and grabbed the bottom of Kisame's shirt. When he didn't protest, he slowly peeled the wet fabric off his skin, helping him sit up enough to pull it over his head. As he laid back down, Itachi let his eyes fall to the wound. His breath hissed in sharply. The wound was only about two inched long, a straight wound from a knife. But that wasn't what had him worried. The skin around the wound was completely black in a circle about three inches around the wound.

"Kami-sama, poison." Itachi stood and all but ran from the cave, picking up the two canteens and filling them again. He dug hurridly in his bag and pulled out a cooking pot, placing it haphazardly over the fire and filling it with water from one of the canteens. Kneeling again at Kisame's side, he held the other canteen to the mans lips and helped him drink, thankful that he didn't protest.

"You knew it was poison didn't you?" Itachi looked down at the man with venom in his eyes.

"Heh. It's been a long time since I've bled for this long, and never from such a small wound. I figured it was something other then the blade." He laid his head back down and ground his teeth as a flash of pain radiated from his ribs.

"Why didn't you tell me? We should have stopped earlier. Moving that much could make it spread faster through your body." He stood up quickly, his feet kicking dirt onto Kisame as he grabbed the pot of hot water from the fire and a bundle of bandages from his bag and got to work cleaning the wound.

Kisame just watched as Itachi's delicate hands dipped into the pot of water and then moved gently over his skin. Now that he was laying down and not moving, his head was beginning to clear a bit from the fog of blood loss. He stared at the curious look on his young partners face. Itachi never showed any emotion, but at the moment his face was a mask of worry, his eyes burned with anger and Kisame had a feeling that it wasn't directed at him.

Kisame hissed in pain as Itachi pressed a wet bandage into the wound, trying to clean it as much as possible. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth in thought. He knew a few healing techniques he had observed with his sharingan in the past, but he also knew that they would only fix the physical problem. He could stop the bleeding, but the poison would still remain. As it was, Itachi was versed enough in poison that he knew that the bleeding was pushing the poison from Kisame's body. If he stopped the bleeding, chances were that the poison would finally take its toll and he would likely suffer more then he currently was, possibly die.

Laying silent, Kisame watched Itachi suck on his lip, deep in thought. It was another new action on the younger mans part. He looked quite attractive when he did it, and very young. Kisame allowed himself a small, short smirk at the thought. He never thought to see this cold, seemingly emotionless man letting something like him being injured effect him so much. The man was still a teenager and had all the emotions of a rock. Or so he though, until now.

"I don't know what to do." Itachi's voice was small and tight. Further reinforcing Kisame's thought that he looked young with such emotions playing over his face.

"How so?" Though in pain, and still slightly lightheaded, he was thoroughly enjoying this new side of his partner.

"The bleeding is making the poison bleed out of you. Which is a good thing since I know almost nothing about curing poison, or the type of poison. But you have lost a great deal of blood. So I can either let you continue to bleed, hoping you will bleed out the poison and stop bleeding on your own. Or I can stop the bleeding and hope that you have already bled enough of it out that the poison wont kill you."

Kisame grunted and lifted his head enough to look at the black stain on his chest. "Which would you suggest?"

"Without knowing the effects of the poison, I honestly couldn't say." Itachi put his hands on Kisame's chest and leaned in closer to the wound, trying to get a better look at it.

"Would you stop the bleeding if I asked you too?"

Itachi sat up and looked him in the eye for the first time since yelling at him for not informing him he had been poisoned. "Is that what you want?"

"Heh. Either way it could kill me, you said so yourself. I would rather risk the poison since its unknown rather then slowly bleed to death. Besides, I'm getting more and more lightheaded." He closed his eyes and clasped his hands over his stomach.

"Alright. I will stop the bleeding. Then I will try to contact leader and have him ask Sasori for advise on the poison." Itachi did a few hand seals and places his hands over the wound.

"Sounds like a plan." Kisame took a deep breath and allowed his mind to slip into the unconsciousness he had been fighting as he felt the warmth of Itachi's healing caress his skin.