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Omg...After I posted chapter 7 last night I went to bed...and this came to me in a dream. I litterly dreampt of this chapter...o.o it was sooooo hott. So I decided this would be chapter 8 hehe...I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I throughly enjoyd writing this...thought I enjoyed the visual of dreaming it more HAHA

Chapter 8 – Pleasant Surprises

Kisame walked into the kitchen and sank into a chair across the table from Hidan. "You're an asshole, Hidan."

Hidan's eyed him suspiciously. "What did I do?"

"Think back about 5 minutes and you know what the hell you did."

Hidan frowned as he thought about it. His eyes widened as he realized what Kisame was talking about. "Holy shit, you were fucking Itachi in the bathroom?"

"We weren't fucking. It would have lead to that eventually if you hadn't interrupted us."

"Fuckin' A. I thought Deidara was bullshitting me when he said he caught you and Itachi fucking in the river."

"He didn't catch us fucking either. Deidara has a habit of exaggerating things."

"Which is why I thought he was bullshitting me. So, why are you telling me this, Kisame?"

"I'm telling you so you wont go snooping around again if you happen to hear something that's none of your business."

"If I had known you were in there Kisame, I would have kept walking."

"I know, Hidan." Kisame stood and took two bottles of water from the cooler before he walked towards the door. He stopped, his hand on the doorknob and turned to face Hidan again. "Do me a favor, would you? Tell the others. I want to get back to what you interrupted. Tell everyone to draw their own conclusions about what Itachi will do to them if we are bothered again."

When Hidan nodded, Kisame opened the door and hurried back through the hallways. He wanted to get back to his room before Itachi left. He wasn't a patient man by any means and Kisame knew he wouldn't wait long.

Kisame opened the door to his room and stopped in the doorway, his eyes glued to the vision on his bed. Itachi lay on his stomach completely nude across the blood red blankets. His long damp hair clung to his back in dark waves. Kisame gently closed the door behind him and turned the lock. Itachi turned his head and looked at him, his eyes burning with need. Kisame felt himself grow instantly hard as Itachi pulled up his knees, raising himself up with his ass in the air, his face still pressed against the pillow. It was an impressive display of submissiveness he never would have expected from Itachi.

Swallowing loudly, Kisame opened his cloak and let it fall to the floor at his feet. He walked the few feet to the bed and knelt behind Itachi. As he looked down at the body before him, he noticed that Itachi's skin gleamed with wetness around his entrance. Kisame looked over to the nightstand and noticed the bottle of oil he used for his sword sitting there. He grinned, Itachi must be desperate if he went far enough to wet himself.

Kisame ran his hands over Itachi's ass, smiling to himself as the boy moved impatiently against his hands, moaning softly. He pressed a finger against his entrance and was mildly surprised when it slid in without resistance. He added another, and another before Itachi's muscles responded to the intrusion. The boy had not only wet himself, he had prepared himself as well.

Kisame twisted his fingers around one more time before withdrawing them and pressing his rock hard shaft in its place. He pressed the tip of himself inside, earning a gasp from his young lover. He placed his hands on Itachi's hip and prepared to enter him. Before he had the chance, Itachi thrust back against him, thoroughly impaling himself on Kisame's body. Kisame gasped in surprise as Itachi cried out, his hands tearing at the blankets.

Only Kisame's hands on his hips kept Itachi from reversing what he had done. He writhed against the body behind him, the pain causing his muscles to spasm. He whimpered softly, a sound he had never thought would escape his lips, as the cramping eased until all he felt was an overwhelming sense of being completely filled.

Itachi rolled his hips forward, pulling a groan of pleasure from Kisame. He slowly rocked himself against Kisame's body, moaning and panting softly. Kisame's hands tightened on his hips and pinned him tight against his body. Itachi made a small noise of surprise as Kisame lifted him up and twisted them sideways across the bed.

Releasing Itachi's hips, Kisame pressed his back against the wall. He drew his hips back slightly to let the boy know he could continue. Kisame offered no resistance as Itachi pressed back hard against him, pushing him back until his ass was pressed against the wall. Itachi pushed back so far against him he could feel the tight ring of muscle around the very base of his shaft.

Itachi raised his hands above his head and gripped the side of the bed as he rolled his hips in circles against Kisame. He started a steady rhythm, rocking forward and back, slowly increasing the speed. As the speed increased, so did the volume of Itachi's moaning. Once he found a comfortable speed he braced his hands and rocked back harder. The sound of their flesh slapping together mixed with the sound of their moaning. Kisame's eyes rolled in his head as he pressed his hands against the wall, digging his fingers into the cold stone.

Itachi went harder and harder until Kisame was sure his own hips were going to be bruised by the time they were finished. Itachi's back tensed a moment before he thrust back as hard as he could, screaming out in pleasure as his orgasm hit him. Kisame gripped his hips and pushed him forward, picking up the rhythm Itachi had stopped when he came.

Kisame groaned as Itachi's muscles continued to flex around him as he rode out an incredibly long orgasm. As Kisame continued to pound his body, Itachi reached back with one hand and raked his nails over Kisame's hip. Hissing from the sharp pain, Kisame threw back his head and growled as he exploded deep inside his lover.

Itachi shivered and let his hand fall onto the bed beside him. His panting was threaded with soft moans as he felt Kisame throbbing inside him. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, lifting his body up until his back was cradled against Kisame's chest. He let his head fall back again the shoulder behind him and turned his face to press their lips together.

Kisame slid along the wall with Itachi in his arms until they were laying on their sides. He ran his lips over the length of pale neck before him, licking the sweat from the skin. Itachi lifted a hand to run through his hair and he turned his head enough to gently kiss his wrist.

Pulling back slight, Kisame grunted in surprise when Itachi rocked back against him, pinning him between the wall and those thin, lovely hips. "Stay." Itachi's voice was low and sated as he let his hand drop from Kisame's hair and hugged his arms tightly against his body.

Kisame smiled and pressed his lips against the boys ear. "Anything you say, Itachi."

Kisame lay in the dark and listened to Itachi's breathing even out as he fell asleep. He closed his eyes and let the press and feel of smooth, pale skin lead him into sleep.