Tidings of Joy

By zeilfanaat

Category: Humour

Rating: K/G

Warning: AU

Disclaimer: "Doc" is not mine. It's produced by Dave Alan Johnson & Gary R. Johnson. No infringement intended. Any characters that are not from the series are mine.

Spoilers: none

Challenge: Written for the i2Eye Christmas Challenge 2007. Was voted to be the Best Short Story ( 5000 words)! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Archive: i2Eye Fan Fiction, fanfiction. net; if you'd like (me) to post it somewhere else, please ask first.

Summary: She brought tidings of joy, and he reacted… strangely.

A/N: Don't have much to say except for that it's a (very) short one. And don't let the 'part 1' fool you.

Part 1
"I'm pregnant."

The words, though spoken into the silence of the room, which was mostly lit by the candles in the Christmas tree and the lamp on the desk, didn't really sink in yet, and Clint Cassidy nodded absently. But then his mind connected the dots, and he sat up and put the newspaper down.

"Come again?"

A sigh. "I said, I'm pregnant. Can't you see?" she asked impatiently. Clint had to admit, that was one very impressive bump. How had he missed that?

"Yes, I can see that. When did this happen?" Clint asked seriously. A roll of the eyes was his answer; he should know. It was kind of obvious, wasn't it?

"Just now," she answered, and she put a hand on the bump. It was quite a big bump too, considering her frame. Clint closed his eyes, but he soon had his initial reaction under control.

"That's great! When are you due?" He carefully hugged her, and she was temporarily distracted. "What?"

"When does the baby arrive?" Clint asked again, smiling at her. She shrugged. "Soon."

"Yeah, I can imagine," Clint said, looking at her belly in contemplation. He supposed it was a good thing she was wearing a large t-shirt. He actually thought he recognised it as one of his own. How did she get that one?

"And eh, is the baby healthy?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. Can you do that scan?"

Clint raised his eyebrow, but nodded. "Sure, we can do an echo."

A/N: on to part 2. Hope you're enjoying so far.