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Part 3
"What, what is it?" Lindsey asked.

"That," Clint said, "is the sound of an empty stomach."

"Luckily, it's almost four o'clock, and I brought chocolate cookies," Nancy said, a smile breaking through the serious façade. Lindsey's eyes lit up. "Oh, yummy! Can I have one?"

"Yes, you can," Clint said, before adding with a wink, "Doctor's orders."

"Yippee!" Lindsey exclaimed, and she hurriedly tried to get off the table. The bump got in the way though, and for a moment she sat still, thinking. Then she declared, "I'm not pregnant anymore." Within no time, the bump had disappeared, leaving a pillow on the floor. Lindsey disappeared through the door, towards the kitchen.

Nancy and Clint exchanged a smile. "Perhaps we should go and see what our little bundle of joy is doing to the kitchen," Nancy said.

"Yeah, and I have the feeling there's one of my shirts missing from the laundry-basket."

"I thought I recognised it," Nancy nodded. Clint stood up, and kissed her, while his hand went towards Nancy's swollen belly. "So, how was Christmas shopping with Beverly and Tippy?" he asked quietly. "You didn't overdo it, did you?"

"No, don't worry. It went fine, and Beverly and Tippy were even worse at mothering than you, Nate and Derek put together." Nancy rolled her eyes in a way that was reminiscent of the eye-rolling Clint had encountered half an hour ago. Guess he didn't have to wonder where that came from.

Clint chuckled. "I suppose that's saying something."

Suddenly they heard a shout from the kitchen. "Mom! Where's the cookie?"

The couple looked at each other, shared another kiss, and went to the kitchen to make sure their five-year-old daughter didn't get the whole kitchen turned upside-down in her quest for a chocolate cookie.

The End

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