I'm sorry for the late update

I'm sorry for the late update. I've been busy and very distracted so I haven't done all that much writing.

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Chapter 6: Shock

Author: Ebil Chameleon


I didn't know what to expect as I stood before the highly polished oak door. I was sure I was in front of the right room. I looked down to my left and recounted. Yup, I was at the right door. Slowly I brought my hand up and grasped the door knob, and with equal hesitation I twisted and let the door open on its own.

I had never expected to be sent to his room.

The dark, navy blue room was large and seemingly empty. There was a large bed that looked so vacant; it's midnight blue and black silk quilt looking abandoned. Besides the bed there were two book shelves that stretched up to the high ceiling. Both were completely full of books, some looking fairly modern and others looking ancient. There was an old looking throw rug strewn on the floor, its different colored designs giving it an old look. Like something his grandmother would have made. Then there was a large, chestnut bureau.

Other than that, the room was virtually empty.

Really, a room this large was too big to have so empty. There was a cold feel about it. It felt like it was never ever used.

I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. It was incredibly comfortable and I fell back onto it. Normally I would've smiled at such comfort, but I was too strung out at the moment to even think of it. I rolled over onto my side and took in the sight of the very nice looking pillows. There were more than what was necessary for one person (unless they shared a room?). They looked inviting but I forced any traces of sleep out of my system, insisting to myself that I had to stay awake.

It seemed to be taking the two men a long time. In simplest terms I was growing bored. I sighed loudly and sat up, my arms crossing over my chest and a scowl finding its natural way onto my face. I stood up, the wood floor cold beneath my bare feet. I made my way over to the bookshelf. My eyes scanned over the books, some very old looking, others looking as though they had never been opened. My hand reached up and traced along the spines of the books, feeling the different textures between rough and smooth. On some of the older books the text was fading, barely legible. I squinted my jade eyes, trying to comprehend the words written on the book.

The sound of the door opening startled me and I jumped, clenching at my chest in fear that my heart would jump out. I turned around with a fearful expression and was greeted with a serious looking Naruto. I didn't say a word; his face scared me. I had no idea why, it just did. I found my questions that had risen up into my throat stop short and shrink back down to settle distressfully in my stomach.

Right behind Naruto was Sasuke. The 'symptoms', as I'd like to call them now, had already been going crazy just being in Sasuke's house. But once he entered the room they went to a whole new level and I found my knees wanting to buckle beneath me. Wearily I ventured over to the bed and sat on the edge, holding onto the wooden post to keep myself upright.

"Why?" I choked out, wanting this question to be answered first. Naruto promptly sat on the floor before me, legs crossed beneath him. He looked up at me with the stern face that I didn't like. I looked away from him and over to Sasuke instead. The dark haired man was leaning against the equally dark wall by the closed door, as if ready to escape if he had to. "Why do I feel these strange things when I'm around you? I don't understand," I said. My eyes were searching him, looking for an answer.

"We'll explain that later," Sasuke said simply. He looked mildly uncomfortable. He refused to meet my gaze and I wasn't sure if I was glad or not.

"Alright," I retorted, my voice once again returning to me. I brought my legs up to me; a protection barrier. My eyes drifted to the bed where my finger was idly running over the smooth material. "Why did you take me from my apartment? Why wasn't it safe for me to stay there?"

Both men glanced towards each other. Naruto frowned at Sasuke and nodded to him encouragingly. I imagined that they were silently talking to each other, deciding what to say. "Just tell her man," I heard Naruto say aloud. His seriousness had fallen away and he looked concerned now. "She's one person right? We knew we couldn't keep this a secret from everyone right?"

"No," Sasuke responded. "I'll just tell her what she wants to know. Nothing more." To me, Sasuke looked colder than I'd ever seen him look. I felt myself wanting to shrink away from his presence. Suddenly he turned on me and his eyes pierced through me. He wasn't looking at me; rather, he was looking over my shoulder. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't look at me.

"I took you from your home because someone is after you."

Oddly enough, I wanted to laugh. Sure I had gotten a cold feeling as though I had just been doused by ice water, but what he had just said was laughable. Why would he say that? Just for an excuse as to why he would kidnap me and bring me to his home? He was my stalker, so maybe this was a good ploy to getting what he wants. I felt myself shiver at the thought and knew that I wouldn't go down against him without a fight.

"That's funny. Now really, why did you kidnap me? Money? Sex? Come on, tell me the real reason," I insisted, feeling slightly smug. I knew now was a horrible time to start feeling prideful, but the feeling had just come on out of no where.

I looked down and noticed Naruto was between gaping at me and looking nervously over at Sasuke. I looked too and noticed the agitated look on his face. He let out a sigh, steadying himself and keeping in control.

"Are you really that naive?" he asked me, eyes closed. "I saved you from death before did I not? And that was your second time encountering him. I thought you would have understood."

Just by the sound of his voice, I could tell that he didn't like me. The raw dislike was there. He was hard to read. I could usually read people easily too. Naruto, for instance, was worried for both mine and Sasuke's sake. He was concerned and unsure. It was all there, written in his eyes. And yet Sasuke, it was hard to tell. Just looking into his eyes, it was empty. It was cold. There were no emotions there. He was stoic and he didn't show his true self often. That's all I could gather just from looking at him.

"Well, why would someone be after me? I don't have anything, besides my body, to offer. It's not like there someone out there who wants to eat me or anything crazy like that is there?"

The looks I received made me rethink over what I had just said. Both seemed to find whatever it was funny because they both had very…amused looks on their faces. I frowned, my brows furrowing.

"Listen," Naruto spoke. His change was instantaneous as he frowned in my direction. He avoided looking me in the eyes and I found myself becoming annoyed by this. I was impatient now and I wanted good, straight answers before there was hell to pay. "What Sasuke is saying is the real truth. There is someone after you Sakura-chan."

"Who?" I had the sense to ask, observing them both. Sasuke opened his mouth to answer my question.

"My brother," he said. Those words were said with such hatred, such pure dislike and hate that I felt an angry shift in the connection we had. It was as if I could feel his anger and I felt my hands ball into fists. I had no idea who his brother was and already, I had a feeling of rage, like I wanted to go out and hunt the man down myself.

"He was the one who was in the ally way wasn't he?" I asked in a small, rough voice. My eyes were piercing through the bookshelf, staring directly over Naruto's head. My teeth grit together and I wished that Sasuke would lighten up so I could. My nails were beginning to puncture through my palms, the wounds there beginning to reopen. But I couldn't find it within myself to calm down and unclench my hands. It was as if he was controlling my emotions, forcing me to feel exactly as he felt.

"Yes," was the only word I got. I turned my head towards Sasuke and saw that his face was turned completely away. His eyes were still closed, his own hands balled up at his sides. I had the urge to advance towards him to attempt to comfort him in some way, but I reminded myself that he was just some stranger. Some stranger who was kind enough to care for me.

"So," I said to ease the tension in the room. I felt myself begin to loosen but I doubted that Sasuke was. Naruto was looking at him nervously.

Before I knew it, Sasuke was gone. He had moved from the room so fast that I never even saw him leave. Naruto hadn't tried to stop him. I opened my mouth to call after him, angry that he had left me with so many questions unanswered. "Don't," Naruto said before I could even get any sound in my throat. I closed my mouth abruptly and looked at him. Actually, I glared at him.

"I don't see why he just ran out when he never really answered my questions. I mean, I've been kidnapped for Kami sake! I at least need a better reason than his brother wants to kill me." I spat this out angrily to someone who didn't deserve it. Naruto looked at me sympathetically.

Quietly, he said, "You don't understand what he's going through right now. What he's feeling. I can't even comprehend what he's feeling at the moment. No offense, but I'm having a difficult time just being in here so close to you, so I have no idea how he held out for so long. Hell, I don't get how he carried you here without…" then he stopped short and looked as though he said something he shouldn't have.

Already I knew something was abnormal. I had reason before to believe that these two weren't human. And now they were acting so strangely, I was certain. "If you don't mind my asking, what exactly are you?"

Startled, Naruto glanced at me with wide blue eyes. "Excuse me?" he said, shock evident in his voice. I felt my face heat up and I wondered if I was wrong after all. There were strange people in this world after all. No, I was certain there was something different about them.

"I mean, you and Sasuke…you just don't seem to be all that normal," I said, sounding as small and quiet as I could. I was sure I mumbled that whole sentence so that it was incoherent to anyone's ears.

"What about us isn't normal?" he asked. Looked up, aghast that he had heard me clearly.

"Your hearing for one," I mumbled again. The man sitting before me grinned, a nice toothy grin. His teeth were sharp, I noticed, like he had razor fangs or something. "But I mean, you two are abnormally pale. And the shadows under your eyes. Do you sleep? Because look how late it is! I would have expected you to be in bed."

"I'm a late night dweller," Naruto said and I heard a bit of humor lanced in with his words. I ignored his good mood and pulled my tank top up, noticing that it was creeping downwards, giving the blonde a nice view of my assets. He had looked away respectively.

"Alright, well you two look like you were both carved by the Gods themselves. Your hearing is obviously better than anyone I know. And Sasuke…can you run as fast as him? Because that was just amazing." I took a deep breath, having said all of that in just one breath. I fell back onto the bed, staring at the blank ceiling above. "I mean, what are you two?"

I said the last part in a sarcastic manor, but Naruto apparently thought I was being serious. "You really want to know?" he asked. I sat up so fast that I hurt my neck. I just looked at him skeptically, waiting for him to burst out laughing and go on in an 'oh haha, I'm just joking,' manor. But he never did. He just looked at me, smiling, like a young child with a big secret.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well," he started, then trailed off into a pause, most likely just to get on my nerves. I growled and he continued. "We aren't human, you've got that right."

My mouth was agape, and I repeated his words in my head, wondering if I had mistaken them. "You're joking, right?" I questioned. Naruto shook his head no and stood up, walking over to the window. He looked out to the city below, just gazing at the life outside.

"You know," he said and glanced in my direction. "A city can change a lot over a long span of time."

I was curious as to what this had to do with him not being human. But I remained silent, allowing him to continue on without any distractions.

"To be honest, I've wanted to tell someone our secret for a long time. A long time. But Sasuke said never to tell anyone, and I understand why. But still, I have a hard time keeping secrets."

"Is Sasuke's brother what…whatever you and Sasuke are?" I asked.

Naruto didn't respond for a bit, then he nodded slowly. "He is," he said and turned away from the window, instead leaning back against it. I could feel Sasuke coming down the hallway towards the room. A moment later the door opened and he entered.

"I heard you and I think you better shut your mouth now."

Naruto pursed his lips together, eyes wide, looking frightened. Sasuke had a dark aurora around him and he looked quiet displeased. The shock being sent through my body intensified. I wanted to speak up, to yell at Sasuke and tell him that Naruto was his own person, he could do as he pleased. But my words wouldn't form and I remained silent.

"Sasuke, what harm could it do to let one person know. She already knows enough about us. She's already curious. I don't know why having her know would be the end of the world." I was glad that Naruto was fighting back against him. Sasuke had no right to decide everything.

Sasuke's hands clenched and unclenched as he ground his teeth together. "You know that it wouldn't be good if this got out. We'd have to leave this place and trust me, I'm not moving my entire business elsewhere. I've lived in Tokyo all my life and I'm not about to leave."

"We won't necessarily have to leave," Naruto argued. He narrowed his eyes at his friend and he promptly started whining. "Come one Sasuke. We can trust Sakura-chan. She already knows we're not like her. What could it hurt? Otherwise she'll bother you until you tell her. And if she's running from one of us, she has the right to know what it is she is running from!"

I was all in favor for Naruto at the moment. I couldn't help but feel true gratitude for him at the moment. I would hug him, but I knew that just wouldn't be the right thing to do now. Instead, I turned my gaze to Sasuke who was glaring at the floor.

"I still don't think…"

"Who gives a shit what you think?"

"Obviously you do if you're arguing with me about it!"

Naruto stuck his tongue out at his friend. "At least I can be nice, unlike you Mr. mean person."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at his friend childish antics. He refused to say anything.

"Sakura-chan, we're…"



The silence that enveloped the room now was indescribable. It was then that it all suddenly began to make sense. The pale skin, the dark shadows under the eyes, the inhuman speed, and the perfect face. How could I have missed this? How could I feel as calm as I did after hearing this?

That was when my reflexive nervous laugh took over. I just started giggling, as if it would cover my weird feeling now. How awkward could this get now? I am now standing in a room with two vampires, who could very well kill me in a second, and I'm laughing. Oh dear Kami, I have finally lost it.

"Alright. That's just ah…great. So you two are vampires." I pointed to them both and noted the drunken sound of my voice. You'd think finding out this new fact would sober me up. "I'm just gonna go back to sleep and wait to wake up from this dream now." I proceeded to crawl up the bed and I rested my head on one of the many pillows. I could feel both sets of eyes on me and wished that they would look elsewhere. Sadly, I knew they weren't lying but I was trying to keep myself in this calm state of mind before I truly lost it.

"Baka," Sasuke muttered loud enough for me to hear. I didn't know whether that comment was aimed at me, Naruto, or the both of us.

"Hey! Shut it Sasuke! She had the right to know!"

Sasuke sighed, deep and long. "You don't understand Naruto. She must think we're both crazy now."

"Hn, well can you blame her? It's not everyday you meet a vampire, so really, she must feel lucky," Naruto said and I could see the smirk on his face in my mind.

"Because anyone would feel lucky knowing there lives are at stake at this very moment," Sasuke replied sarcastically. I heard footsteps and the door opening then shutting.

"Don't mind him Sakura-chan."

"Yeah, I know," I mumbled into the pillow. I really wanted to be left alone now so that I could configure all the information I had just obtained before I continue questioning the two. "I'm just going to rest now. You don't mind do you?"

"Nah, I'm sure you're tired. Sleep as long as you want. And don't worry, you're safe with us," Naruto proclaimed and I heard his footsteps, light as a feather, moved across the room. "Oyasumi-nasai." He said and left the room.

Of course I had been lying when I said I wanted to rest.

I knew I wasn't going to sleep.

Oh joy.

Sleepless nights, how I re-welcome you back into my life.

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