H2O Just Add Water continued….

One day the 3 girls were in the juice bar, Rikki and Cleo were waiting for Emma to finish up at work.

'So what you wanna do when we get Emma out of this place?' asked Rikki as she took another sip from her smothie.

' I don't know… wanna go down to the beach?' Cleo answered not paying attention, while looking down at her phone reading the text that was sent to her by Lewis – her boyfriend- asking her to meet him in 30 an hour at the beach.

' Cleo just put the phone down and forget about Lewis for 10 minutes, please.' She said, just as her words had left her mouth her phone beeped a few times. She opened her phone; she had just received a message from Zane- HER boyfriend- wanting her to meet him in 30 an hour at the beach as well. She started texting him back smiling.

' Ya, like you can talk' Cleo said sarcastically.

Rikki wasn't listing but still playing with her phone. She laughed when she got the reply from Zane.

' What's so funny?'

Looked up from the phone.

'Nothing, nothing.'

Just then Emma appeared from behind the counter, took her bag and walked over to Rikki and Cleo.

'Hey guys' Emma said while they all started walking out of the juice bar together.

' So we going to the beach?' asked Emma

' Ya, well if that ok with you' Cleo said hoping that Emma would agree.

' Well ok, but later you guys have to come to my place couse my parents are having a barbeque.' She said as they approached the beach.

'Well…………' Rikki started.

'Well what? Do you have plans?' she asked nicely.

' Ya kinda, Kane what's to meet me at the beach in half an hour.' She said waiting for Emma to say what she always says when that kind of thing happens.

' Rikki you have the whole of the day to see him.' She said throwing her hands in the air.

' And Emma Lewis and I…' she trailed off.

'Not you as well Cleo?' she asked even though she knew how little time Cleo and Lewis had had together lately it still annoyed her.

'Why I think that you Ash been seen together lately' Rikki asked just so she could tell off Emma.

'Ya, but we plan those things. You and Cleo just do it when ever.' She said this in a way that wasn't as if she was upset about it, more like she was jealous about it.

'Well if its that annoying to you, I'll plan for us all to go and see a movie or something. OK?' said Rikki, just so that Emma would stop talking about it.

'Ok then'

So they all went down to the beach and 20 minutes later 2 people walked up to the girls who were sitting on the sand talking.

'Hey girls!' Lewis said waving to them.

'So what you been doing all this time?' Zane said while sitting down beside them.