Heya everyone!

Sorry about not having a ch. out in so long it's just that I've started secondary and I get home at 5 and then I've got homework!(which I hate!)

But I've posted this to tell you about my friend and mines new site that we're started.

It's instead of having to publish all our stories to fanfiction.

We're going to be writing stories and putting them on our site for people to see.
You can become a member and leave comments on the stories.

We've dicided that if you want to put a story on our site all you have to do is e-mail it to us and we'll upload it for you, provided that it's not anything M rated or that sort.
We've also dicided that if you want your story to be on the site that it can't have any copyright material in your story.

Thanks for reading.

P.S if there's anything you'd like to see in one of my stories or have some ideas about anything please e-mail me at: and I'll see what I can do!

Link in profile.