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Heather: I appreciate the kind and thoughtful review. You made me smile as I read it because I have to tell you, I had the same concern about the use of "Lupin," instead of "Remus" when he interacted with the trio. It kept nagging at me because I couldn't remember Harry ever using his first name. As I wrote this last year, I searched through the end of POA and chapters and chapters in OOTP and HBP; and it seemed that Harry never used his name in direct conversation. Even in situations where Harry was describing him, it would read something like, "Sirius and Lupin looked shocked." So, I followed JKR's lead and took it one step further, actually using "Lupin" when they addressed him, since they never seemed to call him anything in actual dialogue with him. It was never intended to be formal or cold, just comfortably familiar. And then I laughed when DH came out, because it was finally on page 211 when Harry said, "I can't tell you that, Remus." So, four books later and Harry finally used the man's first name.  But I loved that you picked up on it and asked about it, because it is exactly the type of thing that would show up on my radar, too.