I've never actually read a Draco Albus fic before. I don't even know if there are any. I got the idea from another fic where Albus accidently walks in on Draco in the shower when he stays at the manor with Scorpius and the idea stuck in my head. I really hope you like it and I – like everybody else – love getting reviews.

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The first time they met Albus Potter was in his third year at Hogwarts. He was walking through the halls of the castle aimlessly needing to get away from his family that surrounded him in the Gryffindor common room. It was close to summer and the sun had yet to set outside the windows. He turned a corner and walked straight into a hard body that was about to turn the corner in the other direction.

He took a step back to not fall back from the collisions. "I'm sorry." He said and looked up at the man in front of him.

"That's quite alright. Mr. Potter." He added as an afterthought.

"Mr. Malfoy." Albus said with a nod at the blond man.

Mr. Malfoy raised a perfect eyebrow. "You know who I am?"

"I have classes with your son. You look very much like him, or maybe that's the other way around."

"I see. You look very much like your father as well." Mr. Malfoy said and started walking again. Albus wasn't sure why he did it but he decided to walk with the older man back the direction he had come.

"I know. Everybody points that out." Albus said with more bitterness in his voice than he had intended to show.

"I take it you don't like being compared to your father all the time." Mr. Malfoy looked down at him.

"Would you?"

"No, I'm not the hero type." A smirk crossed the man's features.

"According to my uncle you're the ferret type." Albus said innocently and wondered what kind of reaction he would get from the man. To his surprise Mr. Malfoy started smiling it wasn't a big smile but it was genuine.

"If I tell you a secret do you promise not to tell, especially not your father and that uncle of yours."

"Sure. I promise."

"My animagus form actually is a white ferret."

"It is?" Albus looked up at the smiling man.

"It is."

"I think ferrets are cute." Albus had no idea where that came from. "At least a lot cuter then weasels."

Mr. Malfoy actually laughed, not a mean laugh but an amused one. "I have to agree with you on that Mr. Potter." They had reached the entrance hall and Mr. Malfoy stopped and turned to Albus.

"It was a pleasure talking to you Mr. Potter." He said and held out his hand to Albus.

"You too Mr. Malfoy." Albus said and took the offered hand.

The second time Draco saw Potter's middle child was the day after his father's passing. He had come to Hogwarts to inform Scorpius he no longer had a grandfather.

"Mr. Malfoy." He had not seen the boy approach until he stood face to face with him. He didn't look as much like his father anymore. He still had the black unruly hair and the vibrant green eyes.

"Mr. Potter." it unnerved Draco a bit just how much time had spent thinking about the boy during the past one and a half years that had passed since the last and first time they spoke.

"What are you doing here?" There was no accusation only curiosity in the young Gryffindors voice.

"I came to inform Scorpius about the passing of his grandfather."

"Your father?" Albus asked carefully. Like he knew it wasn't really his business but curiosity got the better of him.


"I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy."

"Thank you." Just like last time Draco started to walk and Potter fell into step with him, and just like last time the boy started walking in the direction he had come from only to be able to walk with Draco.

"Were you close? You and your father?" Albus looked up at him from the corner of his eye.

"If you compared the relationship I had with my father to the one I am sure you have with yours, you probably wouldn't think me and my father were close, but in our peculiar pure-blood way we were."

Potter let out a small laugh. Draco knew the boy's name was Albus, that his friends' called him Al but he couldn't let himself think of the by his first name. He knew in which directions his thoughts would go if he did.

"Peculiar pure-blood ways, huh?"

"Oh, yes pure-bloods are very peculiar." He was not joking with Albus Potter.

"That explains why Slytherin house is so strange then?"

"There is nothing wrong with Slytherin."

"I didn't say there were. Only that they are a bit - peculiar."

Draco huffed. "It's not like Gryffindors aren't at least just as strange."

"That's true. I mean I'm practically related to half the people in that house." Albus – Potter said with a laugh.

"That thought is just scary."

"I know. You know the speech of the house will be your family away from home? I don't even have to pretend." He sighed and Draco let out a laugh.

"Is that why I always find you walking the hallways alone?"

"I need to get away now and again. I usually hide in the library to do my homework otherwise I will get hexed by James, mangled by Dominique, asked love advise by Lily and that's only mentioning three of them." Draco laughed again at how pitiful Albus sounded. Potter, his name's Potter. He knew it was useless but he could try couldn't he.

They walked in silence for a while when Draco saw the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy and realized they were outside the Room of Requirement.

"If you need somewhere quiet to go why haven't you used the Room of Requirement?" He asked.

"The what?" Albus actually seemed to not know what he was talking about. How could that be? Potter had known about it why hadn't he told Albus? So Draco hadn't told Scorpius about it either but he had though Potter would share that kind of thing with his children.

"Room of Requirement, or the Come and Go Room. It will turn into anything you need or want. I'm surprised you didn't know about it. I found out about it thanks to your father."

"He's never mentioned any such place." Albus said. "Where is it?"

"Here, that's why I came to think of it."

Albus looked around the empty corridor. "I take it the entrance id hidden." He looked expectantly at Draco.

"You must walk past the entrance three times thinking about what it is you want and the door will appear."

"Ok, I just walk three times back and forth here and the door will appear?" Albus asked and Draco nodded.

The door opened the third time Albus passed it and he looked at Draco with a bright smile that made Draco feel things he shouldn't when a fifteen year old boy was involved. Albus walked over to the door, opened it and proceeded with blushing a bright red. Draco got curious what the boy could have conjured that could give him that reaction. He approached the door and looked inside. It was clearly a bedroom. The bed was huge, in silver with black silk sheets. The mental picture of Albus lying on that bed naked and willing passed though his mind but he banished it quickly. He wondered what the boy had thought about to create this setting, and why it was making him blush like that.

"Nice bed. What were you thinking about?" Albus mumbled something he couldn't make out. "Sorry?"

"I wanted someplace I could be with you and get to know you better." Draco felt a blush spread on his face as well when he realized the implications of what the boy had said and what had happened to the room.

"Oh," Draco took a step into the room. He couldn't stop himself, it was like being drawn into the room by an unknown force.

"I'm sorry. I should go." He could hear Albus turn in the doorway ready to leave him.

"No, wait." He spun around and found the boy who had haunted his thoughts for so long standing in the doorway looking on the verge of tears. "Do you like me?" He tried to keep his voice neutral to not give away his emotions.

Albus gave a small shaky nod. "Yes." His voice was barley over a whisper. "I have since the last time we met."

He wasn't the only one. Albus had felt the connection between them too. He slowly walked over to the door again. He moved like he was dealing with a frightened animal that could run away at any point. He took Albus's hand into his and carefully pulled the boy into the room, the door closed behind him on its own.

"You don't have to be afraid of me Al. I won't yell at you or hurt you. Truthfully I've thinking about you a lot since our last meeting too."

Albus looked up at him with big eyes that made him look even younger than he was. "You have?"

"Yes, I can tell you that found it a bit unnerving thinking so much time thinking about a boy the same age as my son."

"Oh," Albus looked down at the floor by his feet.

"Al, look at me." The boy looked back up and met Draco's eyes. "I may have found the thoughts I had about you a bit unnerving but you have to understand I never expected to find myself attracted to a at that point thirteen year old."

Albus nodded. "I never expected to find myself attracted to someone my dad's age either." There was a pause in which they both stood in silence watching each other. The boy was beautiful, Draco could not deny that. He was even more beautiful now that he was older and didn't look as much as his father.

"Can – can I call you Draco?" Albus asked shyly. Draco nodded his assent, in the dreams he's had about Albus the boy had always called him by his first name. Albus took a small step towards him looking up into his eyes. "Draco, would you kiss me?" Draco's heart rate picked up dramatically at Albus's words. He'd dreamed of this so many times there was no way he could deny Albus his request. He stepped close to Albus. Their bodies were almost but not quite touching. Slowly he leaned forward and captured the warm soft lips of the boy standing in front of him with his own. A tingling warmness spread through his body from his lips. He felt arms wrap around his waist pulling him closer to the body of the boy of his dreams. His own arms encircled Albus's neck and tangled themselves in his black messy hair. He broke the oft kiss of lips on lips, and looked into the green eyes below him. Albus was almost a foot shorter than him and had to stand on his toes to reach up to kiss Draco.

"You are so beautiful Al." He whispered. He couldn't even remember telling his wife she was beautiful with even near that much feeling behind his word. The boy blushed and looked into his chest. Draco removed one of his arms from Albus's shoulder and placed his hand under the boy's chin to push his head up. He needed to see those beautiful eyes. He leaned down again and again captured Albus's lips. This time the kiss deepened. His tongue traced the crease between Albus's lips begging for entrance that was granted. His tongue caressed the Albus's softly, mapping out the boy's mouth, storing it all in his memory. The need for oxygen in the end broke them apart, both breathing deeply. Albus looked at him in awe.

"Was that your fist kiss?" Again Albus blushed and nodded. "You were amazing for a first time." Albus blushed harder but looked happy at his words. Albus glanced at something behind him and Draco turned around and saw the large bed. His cock gave an involuntary twitch. There was no way he would sleep with a fifteen year old, and definitely not a fifteen year old that was obviously a virgin.

"No, Al." He said despite the pain that accompanied the words.

"You don't want to?" He could hear the hurt in the boy's voice.

"I do, you have no idea how much I want to, but I can't Al."

"Why not Draco?" He looked straight at Albus when he answered.

"You are fifteen years old, I'm forty-one. Your father would kill me if he found out, not to mention it's illegal." It had never hurt to turn someone down that much before. In fact it had never hurt to turn someone down before.

"I don't care." Albus said defiantly. It was the first time he had really seen Harry Potter in the boy. Not that he had seen him much. Before he could react he was being kissed again this time the kiss was more demanding. More passionate, and his body reacted accordingly.

"Al." He moaned into the boy's mouth. He couldn't stop himself as he was pushed back towards the bed. He couldn't do this, but he could no more stop than he could survive without oxygen. His knees hit the edge of the bed and he sat down. His sudden change in height broke the kiss and he looked up into the face of Albus Potter who stood in front of him with his lips red and swollen from the kiss they had shared.

"Are you sure you want this?" He needed to be sure if they went any further he wouldn't be able to not go all the way.

"I'm sure. I don't think I've ever been so sure about anything in my life."

Draco reached up and pulled Albus down to straddle his lap. He caressed the boy's cheek before leaning in to kiss him again. His hands traveled to the robe Albus was wearing and started to unbutton it. The outer robe opened and fell of his shoulders down on the floor next to the bed. He then moved to the tie, undid it and let it join the robe on the floor. Slowly Draco started to undo the shirt button caressing the exposed skin as he went.

Albus had been letting his hands stoke up and down Draco's back but had so far not tried to remove any clothes from the older man, when he felt Draco's hands brush over his exposed skin a need to feel skin under his hand too awoken. Slowly he moved his hands from the strong warm back and moved them so that he could reach the buttons on Draco's black shirt. His hands shook as he started to unbutton the shirt. Slowly more and more perfect white skin was exposed. He let his fingers brush over the skin and was rewarded with a quickly sucked in breath. Albus lost his shirt was lifted from Draco's lap and placed lying down in the middle of the bed. Draco hovered over him with the irises of his silvery eyes dilated so much the silver was only a narrow ring.

"You are so beautiful." Draco repeated his words from earlier. Again Albus felt his face grew hot but he didn't break his gaze with the older man. He was the most wonderful sight Albus had ever seen leaving over him like that with his shirt hanging open and moth red from kissing and with his hair ruffled from having Albus's hands pass through it. Draco ran a hand from the top of his chest down to the hem of is past and Albus shuddered and the sensation. His eyes fluttering closed as his arousal grew even more.

"Please." He breathed. He felt the weight on the bed shift as Draco got up to stand next to it. At first he fought the man would leave him, but when he opened his eyes he saw Draco was removing his shirt before moving down to his pants not once taking his eyes from Albus like he fought he would disappear as soon as he blinked. Albus let out a moan at the sight of Draco undoing his pants. He had never been so hard in his life. A few moments later Draco rejoined him on the bed wearing only black boxers. Draco's arousal was obvious through the tented underwear. Albus hadn't moved as he watched Draco undressed only laid still on the bed trying to breathe evenly. He noticed the scar that had been the man's Dark Mark, but ignored it as he concentrated on other things.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked in a voice hoarse with arousal.

"Yes." Albus doubted he'd be able to say anything more.

"Do you want me to stop?" Albus shook his head. Draco sat down at on his knees at the end of the bed and proceeded removing Albus's shoes and socks before moving up the bed and reach for the buttons of his pants. Though all this he didn't broke eye contact with Albus for more than a few seconds, checking to see if he was ok. He didn't think he'd ever had so much intense attention directed at him before. At home there was James and Lily fighting for the attention and Albus had always been the quietists of the three. The attention Draco gave him made him feel special and he loved it. Loved the way Draco was looking at him with concern that he might hurt him. He lifted his hips and the pants were slowly removed.

"What do you want, Al?" It was a question with so much meaning Albus didn't think head be able to answer it even if he had been able to talk properly.

"You." Draco nodded clearly understanding.

"I'll be careful. If you want me to stop you have to tell me." Albus nodded again. When Draco removed his boxers all Albus could do was stare. Draco was bigger than anyone he'd ever seen before and the only other erect penis he had seen was his own, but it was beautiful and it stood out proudly from the man kneeling by his side. Draco removed Albus boxers as well and placed himself between Albus's spread legs.

"It would be easier for you to be on your hands and knees but I want to be able to see you." Draco said and leaned down and gave him a kiss.

"Me too."

"Good." Draco started stroking and kissing his chest stopping by the nipples and giving them extra attention. He continued down to his navel and started to place kisses around it before dipping his tongue into it making Albus groan. The next thing he felt had him scream out. Draco had without any warning taken his erect cock into his mouth and run his tongue over the tip. It was the most wonderful feeling he had ever felt. Draco let go of his penis and grabbed Albus's legs one at the time lifting them up and placing them on his shoulders. One hand was stoking his erection and balls while the other moved down towards his arse. His heart was beating rapidly. He trusted Draco, but he was about to lose his virginity to a man head known all of an hour, combined. Draco stopped moving and looked up at Albus silently asking if he could continue. Albus gave a nod and soon felt a slick finger breach his entrance. He briefly wondered where Draco had gotten the lubrication from, but the thought was soon pushed from his mind. To have someone's finger inside you was a very odd sensation. He wouldn't say it was painful but it was – odd. After a moment the finger was removed and replaced by two instead. A burning sensation appeared in his lower regions but quickly dissipated again as his body got used to the intrusion. Through it all Draco had continued to stroke his erection, keeping his mind on the pleasure instead of the discomfort. At three fingers Albus cringed a bit before he could relax. He'd read about gay sex and knew it could be painful until he got used to the intrusion and the first time would be the worst. He also knew he had to relax or it would only hurt more. The three fingers buried deep inside him suddenly brushed over that special spot and he almost jumped off the bed at the feeling of pleasure that rushed through his body setting his nerve endings on fire.

"Do that again." He panted. Draco complied and the feeling was almost enough to send him over the edge. Draco seemed to notice this and removed his fingers much to Albus's disappointment. Draco changed his position and lined himself up with Albus's loosened entrance. Slowly and carefully he started to push himself inside. It hurt like hell. Albus closed his eyes and tried to not make a sound at the feeling of fire that spread up from his arse and through his body.

"You have to relax, Al. it won't work if you don't." Albus concentrated on relaxing and the pain soon lessened only to return as Draco pushed himself further inside. Several minutes later Draco was finally fully sheathed inside him and at the very first thrust Albus was in heaven. Albus had wrapped his legs around Draco's waist instead of keeping them on the man's shoulders. Draco was kissing him as they were rocking together, Draco hitting his prostate almost every time.

"Oh god Draco." Albus moaned and threw his head back. "God. So good."

"You are so tight Al, tightest I've ever felt, god your perfect."

"I'm close Draco, I think I'm gonna come."

"Come for me then."

One more thrust and Albus came screaming Draco's name. A few more thrusts and Draco came screaming Albus's.

Draco pulled out of Albus before collapsing next to the spent boy, putting his arm over him. It had been the best sex he'd ever had and it terrified him slightly. He was married for Merlin's sake. What was he doing sleeping with his son's year mate, and thinking about it like the best sex he'd ever had on top of that. It shouldn't have been so good. The boy was a virgin. Sex was better with experience.

"That was good." Albus said sleepily.

"It was fantastic." Draco corrected him.

"You think so?"

"Yeah I do."

"Me too. It hurt at first, but then it was fantastic." Draco didn't like the thought that he had hurt Albus but it had been unavoidable. Well he could have bottomed himself, but he had never let anyone who had topped his first unless they both had been virgins or at least new to sex with another man.

"What will happen now?" The question was something Draco didn't want to think about.

"We can't have any kind of real relationship, Al. You have to understand that. I can't divorce my wife and you are still in school and underage."

"I understand." Albus voice was subdued.

Draco pulled the boy close to him and hugged him tightly. "If I could divorce my wife and be with you without being sent to Azkaban I would so it in a heartbeat Al, but I can't." Albus nodded against his chest.

"Can I see you again?"

"When? How? I don't see how it would work Al." There was an undertone of aspiration in Draco's voice. As a rule he was good at masking his emotion, but bringing them out was one more thing Albus had in common with his father. Why couldn't I have fallen in love with the adult Potter instead? Why the fifteen year old? And I did not just think I had fallen in love with him. Draco looked down at the head of black hair that rested on his chest and realized that if he hadn't yet, he was indeed very close to falling in love with Albus Potter, fifteen year old son of the Boy-Who-Lived. He was so screwed.

"There's Hogsmead weekend in two weeks. Could we see each other then?"

Draco thought about it. could he start an affair with Albus and still live with himself. He already had started it hadn't he? "We can see each other. If you promise to not put your life on hold for me. I'm a lot older then you and I'm married. If you meet someone. Do not let any relationship with me stand in the way."

"I promise, but there's no one in school I'm attracted to."

"Ok, there is an inn in Hogsmead, the Black Unicorn."

"I know of it."

"Meet me there at ten o'clock. If you're not there by quarter past, I will leave."

Albus rose up on his elbows and looked down at Draco. "I'll be there. I promise." He said with a smile.

Draco walked back and forth inside the Black Unicorn waiting for Albus to show up. Why was he doing this? There was no way this would end well. If Astoria found out there would be hell to pay. If Potter found out he would be happy to get out with his life. The door to the small shady inn opened and despite the hood he had told him to wear Draco recognized Albus. The boy smiled and walked up to him.

"You're here. I wasn't sure you'd actually come." Albus said.

Neither was I. "Of course, I promised didn't I. Come." He grabbed Albus's hand and led him over to the stair. He had already booked and paid for a room for the day, and he lead Albus down the small corridor to number seven. The rooms weren't up to his normal standard, but no one cared if a frown man led a teenager to a room here. They had had their faces covered and no one should have been able to recognize them. The door had barley closed before Albus was all over him and his cloak lay forgotten on the floor.

"I missed you Drake." Albus said and hugged Draco tightly.

"I missed you too Al. Wait Drake?" No one had ever given him a nickname before.

"It suits you."

Draco wasn't so sure but let it slide. Draco led Albus over to the bed and sat down on it resting against the head board with Albus in his lap. "Tell me about yourself." He said.

"Anything specific you want to know?"

"Anything. Everything."

"Fine. As you know I have one older brother and one younger sister. I have seven cousins, all are in Gryffindor. Well Victorie has graduated but she used to be in Gryffindor. My favorite colour is green. My favorite food is everything that spicy, really spicy. I have no pets but I've always wanted one. Compared to most of my family I'm not very loud as a person, and you usually don't even see me at our family gatherings because I don't scream to make myself heard, dad's the same way. My birthday's the fifth of June."

"What?" Draco looked down at the head resting against his chest.

"My birthday's the fifth of June."

"Mine too."

"Really?" Albus turned his head to look at Draco.


"Cool, do you want me to go on?"

"If you have anything more you want to say."

"I honestly don't see what everybody finds so fascinating about Quidditch."

"You don't see the fascination with Quidditch?"

"No. you fly around on your broom. Chasing and avoiding balls, and it's boring."

"It is not."

"You used to play seeker right."


"Completely pointless position."

Draco gaped at the boy in his lap. He'd never met anyone that really didn't like Quidditch before. Astoria wasn't a fan, but she didn't run the other way if you mentioned it.

"Anyway, what about you?"

"Erm," Draco started still thinking about the Quidditch. "Well, I'm an only child, had one cousin who died in the war. Has a son, is married, but let's not talk about that. Favorite colours are dark blue and black. I love Quidditch." He got a huff in response to that. "I'm pretty rich."


"Very rich."

"I expect many pretty, expensive gifts." Albus said in a high, girly voice.

"Dream on kid." He said with a laugh.

"Anything else I should know?"

"No, you already know which side I was on in the war. You've seen the mark, or what's left of it."

"Yes." Albus said, but still grabbed Draco's left arm and rolled up the sleeve. He started to trace the mark with his finger. The feeling of Albus's hands on his body sent bolt of pleasure through his body and he soon felt his cock growing hard.

"Al," He breathed and thrust up against the boy in his lap. Albus turned around and straddled him, then leaned forward and started kissing him.

"I want you Draco." He mumbled against Draco's lips. How could he deny him that?

He shuddered and called out Albus name as he came inside the boy. Albus had come moments before him and lay underneath him looking blissful and content.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." Albus said.

"I think I've already fallen."

They continued meeting in secrecy. Every Hogsmead weekend. Every time Draco could make an excuse to come to Hogwarts. During the summer they spent as much time as possible together without anyone getting suspicious. It wasn't until the end of Albus's six year that their relationship changed at all. Albus was walking from his transfigurations class when he saw Draco walk down the hall, Scorpius at his side. He met Draco's eyes and knew they would meet at the Room of Requirement after dinner.

Albus entered the room and sat down on the silver and black bed. The same one he had lost his virginity in one and a half years ago. Seventeen minutes and thirty-seven seconds later Draco entered the room. In no time flat he was up from the bed and hugged his lover tightly.

"What's happened and don't tell me nothing because I know it's not nothing."

"Astoria died yesterday."

Albus didn't know what to say. He didn't even know how to react. Firstly Draco never used his wife's name in Albus's presence if he did mention her it was always as, my wife, and secondly. Dead. She was the woman who had been his rival. Was he supposed to laugh and dance a victory dance? A part of him very much wanted to. Was he supposed to say how sorry he was? He didn't want to see Draco sad. He had seen his lover sad before, usually when they talked about the war. He was glad Draco could show his well hidden emotions around him, but he still didn't like seeing his lover sad. Suddenly the corner or Draco's lip began to twitch. First Albus thought Draco was about to start crying. Hysteric laughter hadn't even been on his list. He managed to pick up the words muggle, buss and told you so from Draco's laughter but it didn't make any sense.

"Drake, come on, calm down. What happened?"

Draco calmed down enough to sit down on the bed and pull Albus down next to him. "Astoria got hit by a buss while shopping in muggle London yesterday. They, the muggles, took her to one of their hospitals. By the time St. Mungos found out it was too late. I have always told everyone muggles are dangerous. No one ever listen. This is what happens."

That explained the, told you so part. "I honestly don't know what to say." Albus looked up at Draco. He had grown but Draco was still taller. "A part of me is happy she's dead. I know it's horrible to think that, but I am."

"I understand that and I don't think you're horrible Al, only human." ¨

"Still, she was your wife."

"She was, but I love you. I never loved her. I wouldn't have been able to divorce her. You know our marriage was really until death did us apart, and before you ask, no, I did not set up the accident."

"Just had to be sure. So you're single now?" Albus asked innocently

"Hardly, I have this wonderful boyfriend I love immensely." Draco said with a smile and a playful voice.

"You do, do you? Anyone I know?"

"You may." Draco turned and pushed Albus down on the bed.