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Chapter Two - Turnabout is fair play

"Dragon, what'cha want ta do for yure birthday? It's not every day that ya turn 20." Joey said to his boyfriend of nearly 9 months. His Dragon's birthday was only a few short days away and while he had everything, there had to be something that the blond could get for him.

Since getting together, they had finally finished high school, which Seto was valedictorian as expected. He had made a speech about friendship and power which surprisingly did not come off as sounding completely condescending. The day after, as expected, both him and the Kaiba brothers moved to New York, with his friends following just a few short months after. As a present to Jou for graduating with a 4.0 average, he had purchased a small apartment building and it was filled with all of his friends, with them at the top building. Now, he could see his friends whenever he wanted to and that night had been so tender and so right as he had made love to his Dragon, taking him so slowly that he had been begging at the end. It was still one of his fondest memories.

"Haven't a clue. I was thinking of maybe a trip to Venice. I have always wanted to take you there and since my birthday is on the weekend, I won't miss work." Seto said, slightly distracted from one of the proposals that was on his desk. Since July, he had taken full control of Kaiba Corp, now not having to worry ever again about social services taking his brother away as one of their conditions was that he graduate from high school. Which he did with his own grade average and was still working on some of the college courses that he had arranged with Harvard, to have one of the teachers come to his offices after hours for his classes. They had greatly complained considering the distance, until he had promised a new wing for their business department. Which shut them up and each night one of their teachers arrived and they went through the lessons.

It was hard work, and it would have been easier to have attended Columbia since Kaiba Corp's offices were fairly close to the campus. But Seto wanted the prestigious diploma from Harvard, and he didn't want to influence anything for his koi, who WAS attending Columbia for Archaeology, along with Yugi. Atemu was still complaining about sitting in class, versus the trip around the world that he had wanted to do, but Yugi pointed out that it would be like sitting in kindergarten for him and that he should attend as well. It was bad enough he had boggled the minds of all the professors when he would pick up different parchments and translate them like he was reading a regular book, stunning the entire campus. They had kept his origins a secret but Atemu's translations were so well and accurate that soon it was going to come out about him.

"That's good Dragon, cause I wanted to have a small party with the gang for you." Joey said as his koiryu (a/n - Dragon Love) looked up from one of the documents he had been drafting and stared at him.

"Don't tell me we are going to have another drinking game?" Seto said remembering the last time

"I think that turned out fine, or are you regretting the last nine months?" Joey said, his voice betraying a slight quiver that he had unconsciously allowed into his voice. One that his perceptive Dragon detected and came over to his emotional Seme.

"Koinu(a/n - Puppy Love), I would never regret our love. Never!" Seto said and bent down and kissed the top of his head.

"Good, but I still want to do something with it. So how about a game of Poker? Stakes are, who gets to be top? What do you say Koiryu? Ya man enough to take me?" Joey said taunting Seto with the one thing that he knew would drive his Dragon bananas. Fucking Joey blind.

"Seriously? You mean it?" Seto said in awe. He had only topped Joey that once, and since then, he has never worked up the courage to ask again. Now being handed the golden opportunity as his birthday present...well if it wasn't possible, he would have stars in his eyes, the way they lit up.

"Aww...is the big bad CEO lighting up like a Christmas tree?" Joey teased his uke, knowing that while they had weathered the scandal of them being together, no one, not even their friends knew, who took who. Joey felt that a) it was none of their business and only Mokuba had any idea. And he wasn't sharing, and b) he didn't want to embarrass Seto. Seto may be uke, but man did he have a bite on him. He himself didn't care who took who as his love's cock was gorgeous in its proportions and he wanted Seto to take charge. Rarely he did, but when he did, Seto still didn't take him, but Joey did find himself on his back, but with his uke riding him like mad.

"Joey?! You mean it?!" Seto said belying the fact that his little CEO was a tough as nails businessman. Right now, he was sounding like more of a child being told that they could go to Disneyworld for the first time

"Yes my precious Dragon. But...you have to win. If I win, then I get to top you for another year." Joey said with a gleam in his eye. Oh was he looking forward to seeing his Dragon squirm.

- ‡ - - 0 - - ‡ -

"Pharaoh...oh Pharaoh..." a voice said in a sing-song voice to the slumbering Pharaoh that was supposed to be doing his study on Cleopatra and Nefretiti, but instead was sleeping away his troubles

"Aibou, you are evil...Professor Hawkins has kept me awake for the last few nights translating Father's early works. Have a heart." Atemu said to his love.

"I do, and you know where it is right now. Now...Joey wants to have a party for Seto. So get up." Yugi said to his boyfriend who had yet to ask him to be his life partner. Despite being here for him instead in the afterlife "Aibou, what kind of party?" Atemu said still unsure of some of the customs of the new world.

"It's a birthday party. Seto is turning 20 on Saturday, so he wanted to throw a party to celebrate. It's what we do. Don't you remember? We did it back in January for Joey's." Yugi said slightly admonishing his sleepy boyfriend. He always was slightly forgetful when he awoke and had issues remembering things.

"I remember Aibou, thank you. Now if the party is on Saturday why are you waking me now?" he asked curious.

"Because we are doing the cooking of course." Yugi said matter of factly. They had the apartment directly under Joey and Seto's and Joey had asked them to make up the finger food as he had loved the feast they had prepared for his birthday and wanted the same delicious food for his Dragon.

"I see. Well we should get started then." Atemu said and got up and dressed and began the work of creating a feast for his cousin and friend.

- ‡ - - 0 - - ‡ -

"Tell me again why we are here?" a very irritated white haired man said to the man at his side

"Because I said so." he answered, his British voice clipped

"That doesn't exactly give me that much of an incentive." he said back, his own British voice a bit darker then the other man.

"How about this. You do it and I won't mention about the cutlery you stole the last time you were at their house." the man bribed the man.

"Ryou...darling...you know you wouldn't be a good thief if you began advertising what you stole." the man said to the other named Ryou.

"That might be true Bakura, but I am not a thief. So that rule doesn't count." Ryou said to his dark, who was currently looking completely crestfallen at his light's revelation.

"But...but...sweetie...you would make an awesome thief!" Bakura said but didn't get to finish the thought as the front door suddenly opened that they had been standing at and a very frazzled CEO answered the door.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" he barked at the taller of the two

"Happy Birthday Priest." was all he answered as the light of his soul hit his shoulder at his addressing of the CEO.

"Do not mind him Seto-kun. Happy birthday however." Ryou answered for the former tomb thief that apparently hadn't gotten better at manners.

"You are welcome but what the hell is he doing here?" Seto said narrowing his eyes at the thief

"Where my Hikari goes, I go." Bakura answered, not at all upset at Seto's treatment of him.

"Fine, get inside. The Pharaoh has been cooking for two days straight...apparently." Seto mumbled, knowing the thief's animosity for their king still had not dissipated.

"This I have to see." Bakura said as he entered into the apartment, pushing the CEO aside and remembered almost belated to remove his shoes and headed into the deeper regions of the penthouse suite of the couple's home. Coming inside he could hear pots banging and shuffling happening in the gourmet kitchen that Joey had insisted that Seto build for him. And inside he got the treat of the century seeing the Pharaoh in a frilly apron and flour all over his spiky head.

"Oh GODS!! Where is the Camera! Hikari!! Go get the CAMERA!!" Bakura shrieked at the top of his lungs to Ryou who was busy giving Seto his present from England where the pair had been residing.

"Bakura NO!!" Atemu shrieked at well at the thought of having what he looked like currently held for posterity.

"Oh YES Pharaoh!! I am going to have my revenge on you!!" Bakura screamed running around for a camera as the former King of Egypt began to run towards the bathroom to clean himself before he endured the worst kind of torture ever imaginable. His face on Youtube as the King of Games - in an apron.

And before he could wash his hair, he heard the tell tale snick of the shutters of a camera click and his utter humiliation was now complete.

"I hate you Bakura." was all he said.

- ‡ - - 0 - - ‡ -

As the evening wore on, the rest of their friends arrived, and the party got full swing. Yugi had made up his shots again, though this time making them jello shots. Of course, once Marik had seen them they had to keep him and Malik apart as Marik wanted to see how many colours he could make his Hikari. Clothing were optional. Of which both Joey and Seto objected.


But as Joey pointed out, it was going to be a birthday to remember...regardless of the turnout. And Seto did agree. He was having fun at the sexual deviant Yami's chasing after the innocent Hikari's and the sheer amusement that they all had. It was also nice that this time around his sister in law - by insistence by her - Serenity was able to visit. Her mother was still not talking to her only son, finding him together with the gorgeous CEO, blasphemous and was convinced that if he wanted in the family, he could marry Serenity.

Course, she didn't know that Serenity and Mokuba were now dating. It wasn't completely serious, unlike Seto and Joey, but they liked being with each other, and was both wanting to take it slow and easy. They only needed one temptuous relationship in the family, and hearing the two of them go at it was scarring enough. At least that is what Mokuba was always saying. Which was the reason why he stay at the Motou's...a lot.

The other new pair of guests were Ishizu and Odion and Mai and Valon. Seto had grumbled about having the latter pair there, still not forgiving them for ripping out the soul of his puppy, but Joey insisted and he had not been able to resist his love. So had agreed. Joey had mentioned playing poker but then as they had announced the game, only Mai knew how to play it. So Yugi mentioned a game he had remembered playing on Neopets called Cheat. Remembering the fictional characters faces as they cheated, he knew that a few of them would be happy at it. So began the game of cheat.

"Three fours!"


"Nope nope!! You get one strike!"

"Single nine!"

"Two tens"

"Three jacks"


"Bastard! Fine then!" and off went one article of clothing

"Two jacks"

"One Queen"

"One King"

"Two Aces"

"One Two"

"Three Three's"


"By all that's holy!" and off when Atemu's armbands

"Atem Cheated...your father must be so proud! Four Fives"

"Dragon! Cheat!"

"Nope...off with the shirt pup..."

"Three Sevens"

"Two Sixes"

"One Seven"


"I would not lower myself to cheat."

"Liar! I got you red handed!"

"Fine then, but no staring!" and off went Ishizu's top showing that she wasn't wearing a bra


"New Rule!! The girls get to keep their tops on. Put it back on Ishizu and you can remove your earrings."

"Thank you Highness."


"One Eight."


"Hikari, how can you possibly accuse me of that!"

"You ticked. Off with the shirt tomb raider."

"Told you, you would make a devious thief." and off when the shirt

"Three Tens"

"Cheat darlin'"

"Bastard...hope you like the floor, dingo." and Mai slipped off her hand guards adding to the amazing pile of clothing.

"Four Sixes"

"Cheat...and your grounded."

"SETO!! Fine, expect your honey replaced." and off went Mokuba's shoes. By standard rule, both Serenity and Mokuba were not removing any personal clothing as they were still underage so their articles were smaller that they were allowed to remove.

"Four Sixes"

"I got you now - Cheat!!"

"Wrong again Pup...off with those pants"

"Don't think you have won yet Dragon."

"I AM going to make you bottom, mark my words...oh SHIT"

"YOU'RE BOTTOM!!" a chorus of exclamations screamed and then burst out into laughter.

"And I'm out." Joey said as he came over to his Dragon and wrapped his boxer clad arms around the CEO.

"Next round?"

"Nah, this is good. Dragon ya got that new movie?" Joey asked standing up. Everyone else then proceeded to put back on their clothing and picked up the scattered card decks as they had been using a deck of three, to make it more interesting, and less likely to count cards

"Yes pup, I picked it up from the studio earlier." Seto said and with that Mokuba's eyes widened

"You got it? Really! Really Really!!" Mokuba began shrieking and jumped up and ran to his brother who had gotten up to get the projector set up.

"Yes, I did. Now everyone, sit back and watch" Seto said as he pressed one of the remote controls by the table and a very large 120" screen dropped down from the ceiling and fell down by the wall creating a huge television screen.

"What about popcorn?"

"And Drinks?"

"I'm getting it ya vultures." Joey shouted as they could hear the microwaves going off and the telltale sound of popcorn popping.

"Yug' come help" Joey shouted as they could hear him returning with small glasses of liquid on a tray. Mokuba went to go grab one of them, but Joey glared at him, instead of slapping his hand.

"You stay away from those. I'll get ya the non-alcoholic ones soon. No way are ya getting near my baby sister drunk" Joey snarled as Serenity pouted.

"Joey, behave." she said her eyes narrowing at her over-protective brother

"Not happening. I ain't gunna be an uncle in nine months." Joey snarled back and sat the drinks down in front of the others, leaving his hands free to grab his sister around the shoulders.

"Not happening Joey. Unlike a pair of deviants that have a difficult time from not inserting A into B, we don't have a problem from doing that." Serenity said matter of factly, reminding one and all, that she was a Wheeler first.


"Yes Joey?" she asked and got a few snickers from the peanut gallery

"Yure grounded."

"Can't ground me. I don't live here." she said defiantly

"Will be at Christmas...we were all going to Hawaii for Christmas. And you just earned yourself two days in the cabin instead of all those pineapple farm tours we were going to go on..." Joey said and watched as horror fell onto his sister's face.

"You don't mean that?!" she said, it not even registering that she WAS going to Hawaii.

"Yup. Mention the sex life again and it's an extra day without all the fresh pineapple juice you can have." Joey said twisting the screws harder.

"Promise! Never again!" she said and then it registered "HAWAII!!" and jumped up and grabbed her brother around the waist screaming thank yous.

Dont I get a thanks? Seto said in an undertone and then met with 108 pounds of female bones throwing themselves onto him and giving him a big hug too.

Thank you big brother. she said and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. And happy birthday she added softly

Thank you Serenity. Seto said in a rare movement of emotions. With that, the drinks were settled thanks to Yugi and Atemu, who came into the kitchen as well to help and they brought in the wide assortment of finger foods that they had slaved over for the last two days. There were 5 trays in total, all to cover not only the basic food groups but as well as a dessert plate. Everyone began to fill up their plates and then settled down on the very large and circular couch that was part of the entertainment system. While they had been gathering their foods, Seto set up the speaker system which had been in another section as it looked unsightly being there without the television.

As they finished, they dimmed the lights and he began the projector. It started showing some of the previews for the holiday season as the reel was for theatre use, not home use, but with Setos connections they had allowed him to view it for his birthday, with the understanding that his group would not reveal what they had seen. Knowing most of the bunch here would have no issues with it, he did agree and they got their own copy of Twilight to watch.

Thank you Dragon. Joey said leaning down to his love that had sat on one of the cushions in front, so that his head could be between Joeys legs, giving lots of room for his very playful, and very touchy Puppy to touch him.

You are welcome pup. Seto whispered back, and tilted his head to receive the kiss he knew his pup wanted to give him. Of which he did, setting a wave of fire throughout his body, just like every time they touched. Which had not changed in 9 months, and he suspected that it never would.

Joey was his soul mate and their touch lit the love that their souls had for each other.

And suddenly he wanted his other present.

Right now.

Excuse us. Enjoy the movie. Seto said standing up and then picking up his DragonPup who was currently grinning at Setos lack of manners. Which suited him fine. Any excuse to be naked and writhing made him a very happy Puppy.

As Seto moved towards the bedroom, Mokuba shouted at them:

Try to remember this time to activate the sound proofing?! which left everyone giggling and laughing as Seto slammed his palm over a large round button on the side of their wall just before the bedroom door.

And the rest of them who watched the two hour long movie with blissfully unaware of the screams of pleasure that were being ripped out of the blond as his Dragon rode him hard and fast for the rest of the night making it truly a night to remember

Happy Birthday Seto.

The end.

Till Joeys birthday.