It had been months since Edward left me and every time my mind wandered to thoughts of him it felt like someone was pouring salt onto an open wound. I felt like one of the animals he hunted lying bleeding in the snow before he came in for the kill.

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"Hi my name is Isabella Marie Swan, a few months ago I was left me out in the forest, crumpled, and bleeding. OK not literally bleeding but it sure felt like I was. I am here tonight to present this award to the La Push kids who found me. If it wasn't for your kindness I might never have made it home. Thank-you." Why did Charlie insist on giving an award to these kids? And even more so why did he insist on me being the one to present the award?

After being hugged by Sam I finally was able to return to my seat and as Charlie started to babble about the kind nature of the citizens of Forks I became lost in my thoughts.


"Don't you get it Bella? I don't love you! I never did!"

I watched as Edward walked away for the last time. I always knew this could happen but even with my reminders that I wasn't good enough for him I still could not believe this was happening. I felt like Edwards pray. The pray that he played with before he went in for the final kill.

"Edward please don't leave me!" I sobbed.

"Oh Isabella you're so naïve, can't you see that I've moved on? And so should you… Good-bye Bella."

With those words I completely broke down into pure hysterics until I heard a distant voice, "Bella!" Bella Swan!!!"

Was that my name? I couldn't remember.

The voice grew closer then someone softly said, "Is that you Bella?"

End Flash Back


I shook out of my trans and felt the tears roll down my cheek, I felt the salty taste fall into my mouth and that's when I completely lost it. I ran outside into the falling snow and fell to my knees, "Oh Edward why did you leave me?" I whispered through my increasing tears.

I felt a hand on my shoulder relieved to see Charlie standing above me and no one else, "Let's get you home Bells."

The drive home was silent except for my sporadic sobbing.


For the third month in a row I sat on my bed looking up at absolutely nothing and then in that nothing Bella would fill my mind and I would start to dry sob.

This time was different: as the nothingness was filling my vision I heard a voice, "Edward! Can't you see what you're doing to Esme? This is breaking her heart! She loved Bella like a daughter…"

I tuned Alice's voice out of my head and slipped slowly back into nothingness.

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