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I could bear to hear anymore so I put one of my fingers to her lips, "Shhh…. Bella, I'm here now everything will be okay."

She lifted her head and stared at me as if I was speaking a foreign language and that's when my self control ran out.

Chapter 8


As I leaned into Bella her scent overwhelmed my already heightened senses and even as I tried with all of my might to back away from her I could not. I let my lips trail along her collar-bone and then I whispered in her ear, "I am so sorry Bella, you're just too tempting for your own good…"

My teeth sunk into her soft flesh and for the first time I tasted her sweet blood. I pulled back repulsed at what I was about to do- I was about to suck my Bella dry and now I have doomed her to live forever as I would.

Alice danced into my room followed by the rest of my family and she froze at the sight that lay before her and then she squarely looked me in the eye, "Edward what have you done?"

I looked at Bella thrashing around on my couch and I felt my undead heart break. I took her delicate hand in mine hoping to offer her some form of comfort and as I felt the warmth of her skin against my cold hand it was as if only she and I existed, "Oh Bella, I am so sorry…"

By this time all of the family was peering down at Bella, "Carlisle- would it be okay if we moved Bella to one of the beds?"

I looked up at Carlisle just in time to see him nod his head slowly, "Bella is not that far into her transformation so I think that is possible."

Carlisle looked around the room at his family and down at his youngest daughter and as he stroked Bella's now damp hair, "On three Edward. One-two-three…"

I lifted Bella's head as Carlisle lifted her feet, I was startled to see Alice come to stand next to me and slip her small arms under Bella's back offering unneeded support. She looked up at smiled at me, "We all love her Edward…"

One by one the rest of the family came to help support Bella and as we carried her we shared a closeness that none of us thought was possible- a closeness that can only be felt when a family is complete.


I laid in Jasper's arms trying to comfort him some from what from the emotions radiating from Bella and Edward. As I tried to lessen the pain that was evident in his eyes by filling myself will my love for him in hopes that it would radiate from me enough to fill some part of him I felt myself entering into the trans-like state that was associated with my visions- I saw Edward holding Bella's face and kissing her neck and then I saw Edward bite her…

I froze, "Alice hasn't anyone ever told you when you are trying to comfort someone you're suppose to keep your focus on them?"

I picked up a pillow off of the couch and chucked it at Jasper's head, "I know that silly… It's just that I had a vision of Bella and Edward…"

Jasper motioned for me to continue, "I need more than that Alice…"

"Edward is going to lose control and bite her and unless we stop him he is going to kill her."

I stood up at pulled on Jasper's hand, "Come-on we need to go!"

The rest of the family (minus Bella and Edward) appeared around the corner and I acted as if I didn't see them I just shot past them with Jasper in tow. Jasper and I ran up the stairs followed by the rest of the family and I stopped at the top of the stairs long enough to throw open Edward's bedroom door.

I froze staring at what was laid out in front of me and then I let my eyes meet Edward, "Edward what have you done?"

As I stared at Bella's thrashing body I thought I heard Edward whisper in her ear that he was sorry. I let a growl fill my throat and I felt Jasper put a hand on my shoulder in an attempt to calm me.

My eyes drifted back to the figure of my best friend lying in so much pain and I wanted to kill Edward for doing this to her. My eyes snapped back to Edward as I heard him speak, "Carlisle- would it be okay if we moved Bella to one of the beds?"

As I heard these words all of the anger I held towards Edward disappeared, "Bella is not that far into her transformation so I think that is possible… On three Edward. One-two-three…"

Edward supported her head as Carlisle lifted her feet and I as I looked at the tortured form of my friend I felt something that I was not used to- complete and utter helplessness.

I walked to Bella's side and I slipped my arms under her back glad for the chance to feel the warmth of Bella's skin one more time. Edward looked down at me with a look of confusion clear on his face, "We all love her Edward…"

Edward nodded his head and I was impressed as one by one the family came to help support Bella's body, even Rosalie. As we carried her we shared a closeness that none of us thought was possible- a closeness that can only be felt when a family is complete.

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