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it's weirdass fucked-up emo jude/max.
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Jude would not— could not— tell Lucy. She didn't need to know.

He didn't think she would've been able to handle knowing, anyway. So he kept their secret, well… secret. And he did it well.

Any time Lucy was home, Jude was all hers. He found that his arms were wrapped around her more often than not, and he took in her sweet little love songs like the air he needed to breathe. They were nothing and no one but Lucy and Jude, and they were, undoubtedly, in love.

Max was just Jude's best friend and Lucy's big brother.

Until, that is, the second Lucy stepped out that door.

Then Max was all over Jude and Jude was all over Max and it was like Lucy never even existed in the first place.

Max was Jude's muse and Jude was Max's high and it was like they completed each other. In a way they'd never quite been complete before.

Of course Jude loved Lucy, but he was pretty sure he loved Max, too.


And Max figured he was just a part-time escape, but that was okay with him. He'd live. After all, in their… off time, he could get any girl (and possibly any guy) that he wanted.

It didn't matter because Jude had Lucy and he had about half of Jude. That was okay. It was good enough. Max could get by, and he was more than certain that Jude would as well.

This could never last in the long run, what with the uncertain state of limbo that things were in now. They would have to work things out one way or another.

Jude might have to decide someday.

Max was pretty sure he knew who'd get picked. And he figured that was okay. After all, the very first time Jude had told him, "I love you," would've been enough to last him a lifetime anyway.

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