The Famous Happy End.

Giselle has thought about her Prince Charming since she was six. Pip was, of course, the first one to hear about him and it's Pip who starts telling Giselle to get the prince's portrait so that they have a chance to find him.

The prince, according to Giselle, is kind and smart, chivalrous and sweet a great father to be. Giselle always sighs and looks out the window, thinking about the future. Pip rolls his eyes a little even when he's smiling too.

The prince just better love his girl for all she's worthy, though, or they're gonna have Words.

While he's training, Edward sometimes thinks about the princess he's one day going to marry. His mother doesn't like him thinking about that since she says he'll get distracted and injured, which he agrees would be terrible.

Still, sometimes, Edward thinks about her. She'll be beautiful, of course, and her voice will be sweet... and that's about it. Sometimes her hair is as long as Rapunzel's, sometimes she's an enchanted princess kept in a tower. Edward figures it doesn't make much difference, however, since he'll just know her when it's time.

He would prefer if she had dark hair, though.

Nancy is sure Robert is the one, even if they've been dating for so long that sometimes she really has to wonder about it. It's sweet that Robert is taking time to make sure that Morgan will be okay, she reminds herself. Nancy has always thought that devotion is charming.

Of course, he doesn't sweep her off her feet, but Nancy figures that stuff just happens in fairytales.

Robert is sweet, smart, kind and she does love him. Once things between Morgan and her stop being so awkward, they'll be happy.

Who needs a prince in a white horse anyway?

Her note is barely five words long. Robert walks around their apartment, Morgan in his arms, not sure of what he should do now.

He starts making a list after a while, something to distract himself from the way his heart aches. He has to call to his office, inform that he's taking a few days off. He needs to find a nanny for Morgan. He needs to throw away every single picture where his soon-to-be ex-wife is in.

Robert can do this. Morgan will be his only princess from now on. He doesn't need anyone else.