Egyptian Game

Chapter 1- Preparations for the Ball


"Sasuke, I want you to watch my sister- she's not allowed to be seen at the party I'm holding this evening, understood?"

"Yes, Pharaoh."

The Pharaoh nodded at his favorite general guard, before turning and leaving the room. Uchiha Sasuke stood there, frowning, before sighing.

'Great- another duty of mine- baby sit the princess of Egypt. Just wonderful.' He thought sourly, walking down the hall and turning a corner to a locked door.

He took out a key and unlocked it, before opening and entering, shutting the door behind him. The door leading to a steep staircase that climaxed upward more than downward, to keep intruders out and annoy them.

Welcome to Egypt. Where every day was hot as hell, and also a bored and a challenge. Tonight, to celebrate his being crowned Pharaoh of Egypt, Uzumaki Naruto, was hosting a masquerade ball in the throne room, of the royal palace.

Sasuke was in trusted with the most important duties. Of course he always was, being the new Pharaoh's right-hand-man, and best friend, since they were kids.

Sasuke swatted aside some of the cobwebs that were in the higher chambers of the royal palace. The chambers, never being used for ages, had invited only thick blankets of dust and spider webs, to keep them company.

He walked down the hallway to a large gold door, sealed shut, with a silver padlock. This, too, he unlocked with one of his many keys. The keys that only HE was given.

He removed the padlock and placed it on a dusty old table, next to the door. He left and went back the way he came, before turning and entering a room. A red-haired male, sat at a table, working on something.

"Sasori, the Pharaoh wants the princess to be out of sight, for tonight's ball." Sasuke said, making the male look up at him, golden-eyes holding no emotion.

"So you want me to hide her away, is that it?" Sasori asked. The Uchiha nodded. This made the boy sigh and look down at the creation, unfinished, that lay on his work table. "Well, that won't make her to sad, I suppose. Even thought she spend three hours dressing up, ready to go to it tonight."

"She should know better and that she's not allowed at the parties." Sasuke replied coldly.

"You make it sound like she's some type of demon that we must keep hidden from plain view." Sasori sighed again, pinching the bridge of his nose. "But, I will take her to the tower room, if her presence annoys the Pharaoh so much, that he must hide her."

Sasuke took out the key for the padlock, and left it on the table next to him, before leaving to the princess's room, opening the door. She sat on her bed, looking up from the book she was reading, giving him a warm smile.

'Those books aren't doing much for her.' Sasuke thought, as she closed the book and set it on the night stand next to her gold bed.

"Sasori said it's alright, if you stayed with him this evening-"

She stayed in a sitting position on the edge of the bed, as Sasuke walked over. But, when he came within three feet, she hurriedly stood up.

"Damn!" Sasuke cursed, as he tried to grab her, but missed, as she ran to another part of her chambers.

The princess only favored Sasori. It was only him and her older brother, who she would not run from. She was very- timid, and didn't really like new people.

He hid by the door and waited. The down fall, was that, she would always return to her bed, after fleeing.

The princess popped her head out from around the corner, looking around, not seeing the Uchiha. She looked down at the ground, as she walked back to her bed, before Sasuke tapped her on the shoulder, making her turn around.

"Tag, you're it."


Sasori looked up from his work, before hurriedly abandoning it, and dashing over to the princess, so was covering her face with her hands. Sasuke stood behind her in the door way.

"What did you do, Uchiha?" He hissed.

"Talk to me that way again, and I might 'accidentally' tell the Pharaoh." Sasuke hissed back, leaving the room, shutting the door behind him.

Sasori snorted, before looking back at her, as she stood there quietly. The stuffed, plush, leopard that she held, she hugged even closer to her chest, as she sat in his lap.

"Well- why don't I take you to your play room, huh? That will be fun, won't it? Playing will all the puppets and dolls that are up there to play with, right?" Sasori suggested, trying to brighten up her mood, only to get a slow and hesitant nod, before looking up at him. "Oh! And if you want-"

Sasori looked around, as if being sneaky, and about to tell her a secret. This made the girl excited and happy. Secrets were, no doubt, THE best.

Sasori leaned down and said quietly in her ear, "Maybe- we can sneak on down to the lower cells and give your friend a hello, yes?"

She nodded vigorously, before laughing a bit. He returned to his work, and she sat and watched, so that maybe, she would do the same work he did one day.


& Elsewhere &

"So- a masquerade ball, you say?" The King of thieves asked his left-hand man, who nodded, smirking slyly.

"Geez- how can that dope be so stupid, as to have a masquerade ball?" He wondered aloud, waving an invitation he had stolen from one of the less important guests, who had been invited to this party.

The king didn't reply, as he continued, holding the invite in front of his face. The other male blinked blankly.

"But- it's a 'couples only' thing-"He said, a bit sadly.

"Oh! I could dress up as the girl!"

The king was ignoring this person, thinking of a solution.

"Shut up, Orochimaru! You already cross-dress enough! We don't need someone who will blow our cover!" The boy snapped.

"Yeah, well, it's not like YOU could pull it off, Sakon!" Orochimaru spat inwardly. "Jirobo won't fit into a dress, Ukon, can't pull it off because his transformation jutsu SUCKS, and Tayuya-"The jet-black-haired male shook his head, shrugging a bit. "Tayuya isn't lady like in the least-"

"STFU, Bitch!" Tayuya outburst in the male's direction.

"SHUT UP!" The Thief King hissed, making them all go silent. "…I have an idea. Kidomaru will go with me."

They all stared at him.

"Why?" Orochimaru questioned, getting a glare from him.

"I should kill you for that- seriously." He said, before standing up. "Kidomaru will feel so awkward, that he won't really say much. Besides- most people here are very tan- Kidomaru's tan- makes sense. He has some very good transformation jutsu, so he'll be fine- even thought he may have to get used to having two arms for a few hours."

"Heh- nice." A silver-haired male smirked, pushing up a pair of glasses.

"Of course it's 'nice'! He's king after all!" Tayuya hissed.

"Tayuya, pick out a dress for Kidomaru." The king instructed, getting a nod from the red-haired, brown-eyed female, who zipped off.

"Oh, I hope you have a good time!" Orochimaru chattered, -giggling girlishly. "You might even see the princess! I've heard she's quite pretty-"

"And you've raided the Royal Palace for how many years and you HAVEN'T?!" Sakon asked, making the thief glare at him.

"Shut up! I only saw her ONCE, and she was gorgeous- unlike some of us." He countered, sticking his nose in the air.

"Orochimaru, go and play with your dresses." The king said.

"Wonderful idea! I think that will be great!" He said, walking off.

"Sometimes, I truly wonder, why he didn't get that gender-change operation-"Ukon said, sweat dropping.


So? How do you like it?!

I was having a dream- and then Kimimaro popped up and said 'Egypt' in my dream. Then, Orochimaru was shaking me and yelling at me to wake the hell up and make a cross over- and he wanted to be a girl.

Well, I made him a boy, and I made the story- I hope you think it's good.