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Egyptian Game

Chapter 9- Scheming

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The other thieves stood outside of Kimimaro's bed chambers.

"Poor thing- did he lock her up in there?" Kabuto asked.

Kimimaro, had left even before Ra had taken to the early skies. (Before the sun was up.) And- he'd left, as they assumed, while the princess was still sleeping. She hadn't left the room at all- and they were starting to panik a bit.

What if he had changed his mind and taken her with him? Would the King send guards? Was the King of thieves, on a boat right at this moment, sailing across the sea to another country? Was the Princess with him?

Or was she there in the City? Was she still sleeping? Could he had thought he couldn't trust his own men (and women), and hidden the princess in the city? Had he chained her up? Locked his chamber doors?

All these questions and more, raced through their minds, until suddenly, Tayuya decided to take action, and walk over to the doors. She cautiously, turned the door handle. It wasn't locked. She pushed open the doors, stepping in before closing the door so that it was only open a sliver of the way.

"Your Highness?" Tayuya said quietly, looking around.

No one had really been into Kimimaro's room- only as far as the door way. The thief King liked his privacy, so all the high arches and hallways. were covered by thick curtains, so that his room looked fairly small.

But that's not how it was today.

It was dreadfully dark aside from the two-thousand and some-odd candles, that greedily occupied the corner of a small wall, to the far right of his enormous bed. They gave of a dim light, but bright enough to light up the corner and shine some light on everything else within a 10' radius. The curtains were, to her knowledge, tied back for the first time.

Violet sheer mist curtains hung loosely from the ceiling, to about an inch or two from the ground around the bed, but they were not pulled back as the rest of the curtains were. The candy-apple red sheets were ruffled, Tayuya concluded from the limited light that the candles illuminated quietly. She walked closer with caution. Kimimaro had a lot of- abnormal hobbies- such as taking pleasure, in booby-trapping their entire base,and watching them fall victim to said traps.

Tayuya stopped, a faint smile on her face. The Princess, lay tucked in bed. Her breathing so peaceful, that at first glance, she could be mistaken for being dead. The thief turned to leave, but something she hadn't noticed before, caught her attention.

It was barely visible, but the Princess seemed to have her arms wrapped around something. Tayuya tip-toed closer to investigate,until she was standing next to the bed- next to where the Princess was sleeping, to get a better look at what she was guarding with such devotion.

Tayuya's eyes widened, when she registered what the Princess was holding. In her left arm, there was a stuffed-animal- a leopard; cheetah, maybe? But The Princess was snuggled into a black cloth with bits of gold, sewn into its threads, making the barely visible silver trim, stand out better.

It was the Cloak of Thieves. A cloak, passed down from one Thief King to the next. She was the Princess of all of Egypt! Why would she have it...? Tayuya reached to snag it from the other female, but she snatched her hand back almost instantly. The Princess turned over, away from Tayuya, in her sleep.


She looked over at the door, to see Kidomaro, hastily ushering her back. She rolled her eyes, and decided to ask them once she left the room.

She quickly left on her tip-toes, shutting the door behind her. The small group stepped back, when she abruptly turned on to them.

"She has the Cloak of Thieves!" Tayuya hissed in a low tone.

"Yes. You must have been in the bath with her highness, when his grace spoke-" Orochimaru said. "Kimimaro gave it to her, to watch it, until he returned."

Tayuya mentally scolded herself for even thinking, that the Princess would steal something. "Well, she's fine. Kimimaro opened all the hallways for her- tied back the curtains- except for the bed curtains. But she's still sleeping, so, let's not mess with her, ok?"

They all agreed, and left to have breakfast.

-30 minutes later-

Everyone was done with breakfast, Kidomaro being the last to eat. He didn't mind, though, because it meant he got to make the Princess's breakfast. Kidomaru left the kitchen and went to Kimimaro's chambers, letting himself in.

Itachi silently watched all of this, smirking.

'Ok- so she's in there, Kidomaru gives her food- but-' His smirk grew into a devious sneer. 'that won't be happening for long-"

Itachi slipped into the kitchen silently, pulling out a small package, opening it, and pouring the salty-white contents, into the King's Left-hand man. He closed the package and stashed it, after all the powder was in his drink before he slipped off quickly back, into his 'cell'.

He watched in satisfaction, as an unsuspecting Kidomaru sat down to his late breakfast, and took a gulp of his drink. Itachi felt like a kid in a candy store, when everything went according to plan, as he witnessed how fast his drug actually worked.

"Ack-(cough, cough)- Ungh-" Kidomaru could be heard, as he dropped his drink, gripping the table to keep himself standing while the cup clattered to the floor, splattering the contaminated drink, all over the stone floor.

He chuckled. Kidomaru would be sick for about two days- more than enough time for him. The elder Uchiha, leaned back against the wall. Those morons had no other choice, than to appoint Itachi, as the Princess's new 'Care-Taker'. No one else could do it.

Tayuya was usually busy with cleaning; Jirobo was cleaning up the deeper part of the city, to make it safe to relocate to; Sakon and Ukon helped Jirobo, and so did Kidomaru- usually. Itachi was usually sharpening the weapons, or on a raid. Orochimaru was usually cooking- and keeping track of how much they had in stolen riches.

Orochimaru would have to make room for the 'income' that Kimimaro would be bringing- and Itachi had nothing to do.


Itachi looked over his shoulder and up at Orochimaru, who looked deeply disturbed and uneasy. "You'll have to serve her highness, because Kidomaru's unable to do it-"

Itachi liked to put on a show- so he acted surprised.

"W-What? Me? Her majesty's care taker?" He asked"

"You'll just going to serve her, her food, and then you'll come right back here." Orochimaru said sternly, flustered by Itachi's sarcasm. Itachi nodded, smiling reassuring at the Adviser.

"Of course!" He agreed, Orochimaru left him soon after. Itachi chuckled, smirking. "Oh, this will be fun."

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