Before this story begins, there is something that you readers should know about. This story will involve a few characters from two Taiwanese shows called "KO One" and "The X-Family".

Here are the characters who will appear:

Wang Da Dong (汪大東) – The ring leader of the school class Zhong Ji Yi Ban. Although he seems tough and harsh, he is actually a very good person at heart and would do anything to help his friends. His current standard on the KO Record is number 3, with Ya Se. He comes from the Gold Dimension.

He uses a spiritual pan called the Long Wen Lao (龍紋鏊) as his primary weapon.

Xia Tian (夏天) – The strongest warrior in his dimension, very much like Wyatt's condition. He comes from the Iron Dimension and is the alternate counterpart of Wang Da Dong.
His weapon is a guitar called Tie Ke Wo Ji (鐵克無極). It's as powerful as Wyatt's sword – Excalibur.

Wang Ya Se (王亞瑟) – A wealthy young man who used to concern about nothing more than his looks, until he fell in love with Cai Yun Han's little sister, Cai Wu Xiong. His current standard on the KO Record is number 3, right beside Da Dong. He used a little sword as his primary weapon, but after its date of keeping expired, the evil in it attempted to take over him and threw it away. He comes from the Gold Dimension.

Lan Ling Wang (蘭陵王) – A powerful warrior and Xia Tian's best friend. Lan Ling Wang has an almost exact resemblance to the Final Fantasy character Cloud Strife. He comes from the Iron Dimension and is the alternate counterpart of Wang Ya Se.

His weapon is a sword reclaimed from the spiritual realm called Lan Ling Zhan (攔靈斬).

Ding Xiao Yu (丁小雨) – A quiet teenager who likes to spend time in the music room. His special skill is his powerful left fist; however, his right fist is ten times stronger. He is fighter number 4 on the KO Record. He comes from the Gold Dimension.

Jiu Wu (灸舞) – The leader of the Iron Protection Team. This young man is a big eater and often makes up cold jokes. He comes from the Iron Dimension and is the alternate counterpart of Ding Xiao Yu.

Ji An (技安) – A demon fighter from the Gold Dimension and another member of Zhong Ji Yi Ban. During his upbringing, he was taught to not let anything interfere with his duties, even his own feelings.

He carries an ax known as Ba Mo Zhan (拔魔斬) as his primary weapon.

Xiu (脩) – The guitarist and leader of the music band Dong Cheng Wei. He comes from the Iron Dimension.

His special weapon is a guitar pick called Shen Feng Pi Ke (神風鎞克).

Han (寒) – A female drummer and Xia Tian's girlfriend. She comes from the Iron Dimension and is the alternate counterpart of Cai Yun Han.

Her weapons are a pair of drumsticks called Jing Lei (驚雷), which she has transferred her soul into.

Xia Yu/Gui Feng (夏宇/鬼鳳) – Xia Tian's big brother, he can transform into his evil entity called Gui Feng (the Ghostly Phoenix). He comes from the Iron Dimension and is the alternate counterpart of Lei Ke Si.




Chris comes home.

CHRIS: I'm home!

When he enters the living room and sees Wyatt at the table, he realizes that his brother is exhausted from all the training with the army and studying for school.

CHRIS: OK. If you are having a hard time with your stuff, then I won't trouble you with mine.

WYATT: If you trouble me with your stuff, I'll cast a mute spell on you. I can't believe there are so many things that need to be prepared, like training an army to fight isn't tough enough. You wouldn't know how difficult my life really is, even if you were living half of it.

CHRIS: I'm guessing that means you're still having no success in being the leader. Huh?

WYATT: The magical members keep holding a grudge against the non-magical ones, whom by the way, like to cause trouble too. Whatever I try, they just keep telling me to butt out of their business. I swear, if they do that just one more time, I will walk out on this whole thing without caring about the consequences. I'm having enough trouble with school. I can't deal with troublesome people too.

Henry orbs in, with an exciting look rearing on his face.

HENRY: Hey. Guess what? I was practicing my spells at Magic School, and then I saw this book of dimensional awareness.


HENRY: And it turns out, we are actually living in one of the twelve dimensions. The world where morality is reversed and the spiritual realms are simply parts of our grand dimension.

WYATT: And so what? I read about that last week. I just hope that we won't come across problems from other dimensions, because we're in enough trouble protecting with this one.

CHRIS: Last week? How much reading does a leader need exactly?

WYATT: Apparently as many as possible, according to that librarian at Magic School.


A door that leads to nowhere stands in the center of the room. As the screen zooms in, the door opens by itself revealing a bright white light in the door. From the sight of the corner, we see people walking out of it.

Wang Da Dong Wang Ya Se Xiao Yu and Ji An (characters from KO One) appear from outside the door one after the other. Later on, Xia Tian Xiu Han Jiu Wu and Lan Ling Wang (characters from The X-Family) also appear.

XIU: That's strange. I thought the other ten dimensions were supposed to be taken over by the forces of evil (Chinese)

LAN LING WANG: We'd better be careful anyway, this isn't our world. We don't know how dangerous it really is (Chinese)

XIA TIAN: He's right (Chinese)

DA DONG: I am not afraid of what's in here (Chinese).