Some time has passed, and everybody prepares to leave the Charm Dimension. Wyatt, Chris and Henry are present to say goodbye.

HENRY: Do you really have to go?

XIA YU: Yeah. If we don't, then our alternate counterparts here will be weakened to death (English).

JIU WU: And besides, we still have a job to do (English).

XIA YU: Except me, of course (English).

Everyone bursts into laughs.

YA SE: Hey, man. Why don't you come with us? We could really use a hand (English).

WYATT: Thanks for the offer, but as much as I would love to come along, I think I've got enough to deal with. Besides, my army needs a little maturing to do, and they can't do that without a leader.

They seem a little disappointed, but decide to rather respect his decision. Xia Tian offers his hand, which he takes and they shake; then Da Dong comes along and peps him on the shoulder.

JIU WU: We gotta go (English). Come on (Chinese).

Han, Lan Ling Wang, Jiu Wu, Ya Se, Ji An, Xiao Yu and Xiu go through the portal and disappear one after the other. Now there are only Xia Tian and Da Dong left behind.

WYATT: Xia Tian! Da Dong! Good luck!

Xia Tian smiles and responds:

XIA TIAN: You too, man (English).

DA DONG: Yeah, man. Be well with your army (English).

WYATT: Thank you.

He watches as they go through the portal and disappear out of sight. With everyone gone, the portal closes behind them. Camera slowly zooms in to focus on Wyatt's face: he looks at the portal with a light smile.



Wyatt comes home, with a cell phone in hand.

WYATT: (to cellphone) Yeah, okay. Tell them to stop focusing on aiming, and practice their punches more often, because they are still a little wobbly. I've already ordered some advanced magical weapons today. They should arrive some time in the evening.


He listens for a minute while walking into the living room where Henry and Chris are; sitting on a sofa and having a conversation.

WYATT: OK, they are probably having a hard time harnessing their magic, so tell them to learn how to focus. It's not that hard. OK, I gotta go. Bye.

He closes the phone. Chris and Henry look at him in impression.

HENRY: Who was that back there? Didn't sound like my lazy cousin at all.

CHRIS: No, he's a new cousin of yours.

WYATT: Yeah, and he had just realized that he needed to make efforts to be a good leader.

HENRY: I guess getting a visit from cross-dimensional warriors got you into the whole fighting thing. Huh?

WYATT: Yeah, I guess so. They came all the way here to save the universe and haven't given up even now. It made me realize how important my job in this dimension is, and if I'm gonna do it then I have to do it right.

HENRY: I'm really gonna miss them.

CHRIS: Yeah. Also I gotta say they have some really awesome spells.

HENRY: No kidding. Although that postfix of theirs is kinda weird.

CHRIS: Oh, yeah. What was that again? Wulabaha?

Wyatt's cellphone rings and interrupts the conversation. He takes it out of his pocket and checks.

WYATT: I gotta go; Amanda called and asked me to go watch movies with her.

CHRIS: Wait a minute. I thought you were busy?

WYATT: Yeah, well, a leader needs a life too. I just needed to put my priorities straighter. And for the moment, the clan is not in need of my help. So if you'll excuse me, I gotta go.

With that, he leaves.

CHRIS: Good old Wyatt…

HENRY: … rearing his ugly head again.

Both cousins burst into laughs.