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Tsunade sighed as she rested her elbow on the window frame, propping her head up on her hand. Konoha had recovered beautifully from the assault not three months earlier.

Behind her, Shizune was rattling off a list of teams expected back that day. And Sasuke's name was included on the roster.

Even before Sakura's melodious cry hit her ears, she was watching her surrogate daughter sprinting through the civilian-crowded streets of Konoha as the Uchiha stepped into sight.

There reunions were always glorious: Sakura would cry, Sasuke would smile...she would tackle him with enough force to send both of them sprawling onto the ground before she proceeded to press her soft pink lips to his. And then--in the middle of the street--they would lay, Sasuke holding his love as she buried her face in his neck. And a moment later Naruto would break them apart, hug her, nudge Sasuke, kiss Sakura on the cheek, punch Sasuke playfully and they would depart for ramen with Sai in tow. Sometimes even Kakashi joined them.

And as she predicted, the same scene played out a few stories below her.

"Step Three of the Assimilation process complete." She muttered, smiling to herself.

"Step three?" Shizune asked, looking up from her clipboard, "There are only two."

"Oh..." Tsunade replied wistfully, "I must have forgotten."