: Jiraishin (Ice Blade) has been created by Takahashi Tsutomu–sensei. I make no money through this piece of fanfiction and no infringement is intended.

Based On: File 3. DOLL

TimelineWherever you like it, however, only after the events of File 3

A Summer Night

Sometimes, on sleepless nights, the blue-eyed doll stares at me through the silent darkness. Those are usually the oppressive nights of summer, when the heat and humidity dull all rational thoughts in mind. If an errant breeze whispers a few words of lullaby, tempting the weary into rest, those vacant blue eyes gaze even more fiercely into mine. The heat grows unbearably strong. Are my eyes still closed? Or the spirit bade me open them? I cannot tell. All I know, as I lie sleepless in this sultry heat, is that there's nothing but a blue-eyed doll with me in this room…

For yet a while…

And slowly, the doll grows real… a beautiful, seductive creature with blue eyes. The alluring gaze draws me in.

Closer… gently breathe into my soul.

The hands on my neck must be tinged with red blood – they feel so moist. The expression is no longer fierce.

But you do not smile.

The heat slowly seeps into me. It concentrates in my heart. Cold, blood-drenched hands move down my body, causing me to shiver. The heat inside me grows warmer. Or is it just the unbearable summer? I am aware of some murky smell, as if rain has sprinkled over dusty, dirty skin. Does the moisture herald rain? It suffocates me, rendering me powerless but not enough to let me die. The irrationally cool fingers sizzle against my fiery skin. Slowly, they tighten their hold on my body and I can move no more.

Embracing me with such unforgiving relentlessness… are you alive?

Myriads of indistinguishable sensations drive through me. Immovable, I yearn for those blue eyes. But in a flicker they disappear.

Even so, you are merely closer.

Parched lips draw in my own. They quench their thirst with my warm blood. A growing ache is discernable among those gripping sensations. An ache so pleasant that it can only be unearthly. No longer aware of my separate existence, I feel impossibly cold and burn in demonic fire.

Flowers, feathers, leaves… wherever the wind blows them, whenever it caresses them, I know of your existence… but more than ever, you exist in me.

The world has long ceased to exist. Time flows in every direction.

I wake up, unable to immediately recall the dream – it shall take until another sultry summer night.