Rin had always hated the rain.

It had rained the day that they carved Obito's name into that damn stone. It had rained the day she left Konohagakure. The rain, to her, always seemed like the sky was crying. She hated the sky crying just as much as she hated to do that herself. The rain today was not a downpour, barely even rain really. That made it all the worse because it was as if the sky couldn't cry and that, for some reason, reminded her of Kakashi. SHe wasn't sure which she disliked more, the rain or being reminded him. Maybe it was a bit of both.

At the moment Rin was en route back to her home in the capital of the Fire Nation. She had been trading in a market in Amegakure. Rin hated going into the Land of Rain but she wouldn't let anyone else do it. Amegakure was like having eyes over your shoulder the entire time. The last time she had taken someone with her they had come close to having a complete breakdown. She supposed thats what she got for the life she had chosen. Dealing with scholars instead of Ninjas was hard work, Ninjas you could get by without talking. It was not as if she could go into work and beat people senseless. Now she had to work it out with them. But it was not enough to have her wishing of Konohagakure, nothing was.

"We should just let him die."

Rin's head jerked up at the sound of voices. This was one of the least-traveled roads which was why she had taken it. It had been years since Rin had been any kind of Ninja but she couldn't just walk away at the sound of the voices saying that they were going to let someone die. Easing herself along the trees she peered around them into the clearing. Standing there were six men and a woman, all hovering over a body. She frowned at the smell of blood, the poor guy was injured quite badly and if they didn't get him help soon he was going to die. The woman had suggested his death and she seemed to be rather set on watching the kid die.

"No," one of the men said firmly, "we need him alive."

"Yes, our orders were clear."

The woman clearly didn't like whoever was giving orders. Her entire body stiffened at the mention of his name and her face went even more sour. Rin frowned, she may have been out of the Ninja world for many years but she knew of Akatsuki, on an elementary level. She imagined Ninjas knew a lot more than she did but she knew enough to realize that whatever these people had planned for the kid it couldn't be good. She frowned and looked down before looking back at the group.

Strong hands clasped around her arm and threw. She sailed through the air and landed, hard, on the ground. She heard a crack and felt agony shoot up her left shoulder and back. The boy she skidded and landed next to was really more of a man than a boy. A young man with inky black hair and pale skin. His eyes were shut tightly, as if even breathing caused him agony. His body bore very few signs of trauma with the exception of a long gash that spanned his entire torso. She imagined he was much more badly injured, it just wasn't visible.

"How about we kill this one instead?" the woman suggested.

"Why not?" one of the bodies asked, "Konan?"

The woman grinned and began the hand signs. Rin sucked in her breath and squeezed her eyes shut, unwilling to watch her own death. Images flashed through her mind as she felt the sword bite into her sounded shoulder. A cry escaped her lips as the world swam behind her eyelids. One of the men cried out and the sword was ripped free. She risked opening her eyes, first one and than the other. The sword had been knocked free by one of the other bodies, his eyes wide and fearful. The woman, Konan, wheeled around, anger consuming every inch of her.

"What the hell was that for?!" she cried.

"Look at her!" he bellowed in response. Konan looked at her and then back at him, obviously not seeing whatever it was that she was supposed to, "she looks exactly like that girl from the picture."

"Huh--" Konan cocked her head to the side, "no she doesn't."

"I'm not risking it," the man continued, "knock her out, she's coming with us."


"I said she's coming!" he glared at the woman, "if this is the girl from the picture and we kill her then he's going to kill us. Now we're taking the two of them back."

She felt a thunk on the back of her head and the world was plunged into darkness.

The rain poured down like the tears that had fallen from her eyes. In front of her was the remnants of the memorial service for Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki, his wife. She had come to say goodbye, because now there was nothing else left to say. Her body was still horribly weak from the attack she had done that she didn't fully understand. Walking forward with the flowers clutched in her hand she knelt down and placed them gently at the base of the memorial statue. Straitening up she whispered a silent prayer before turning around and freezing.

Kakashi stood, silent as always, a few feet away. She hadn't heard him come up behind her. He was dressed in all black, his mask firmly in place and a band tied over his eye. She hoped he had the bandages under it or he was going to have an even worse scar. She had hoped to sneak out without a word to anyone. Hope died quickly it seemed. She had left a letter explaining everything to the best of her capacity on the desk of the Hokage along with her headband and the necklace Minato had give her. She had hoped that would be enough but apparently it was not.

"You're leaving," Kakashi stated, none of the joy or amusement he had adopted from Obito in his voice. He sounded like he did before his death.

"Yes," she said.

"Why?" he demanded, his voice cold and hard.

"Why?!" she gave a bitter laugh, "you're honestly asking me why? Why not?! How the hell can I stay here after, after everything?!" he said nothing, "we're all monsters! That poor boy, he's going to grow up like a monster because of his own father! An innocent child! We're the monsters, not him. All this lore about how amazing it is to be a Ninja, the good we do--" she shook her head, "its all a lie."

"Minato did that to save the world."

"At the cost of his own son!" she broke off, looking away angrily. Tears streaked down her face to mingle with the rain, "I can't stay here, not after that," she looked back at him, "how can you?"

"Because this is my home," he said, "and because I took an oath to protect it," he looked at her coldly, "and to kill all threat to it."

"Are you going to kill me Kakashi?" she asked softly as his hands flexed as if they wanted to grab a weapon and run her through, "fine," she held out her hands, "kill me," he said nothing, "kill me!" she grabbed a kunai and thrust it at him, point pointed towards her heart, "I want to die!" he couldn't keep the horror off his face, "everyone's dead! Obito, Minato, you--"

"I'm not--"

"You're more dead than they are!" she screamed, "except, except you're still alive somehow. First you were your father, now you're Obito, you don't even know who you are!" she was breathing hard and he was standing there impassively, "I wish--I wish that I loved Obito. I wish every day that I loved him. He came after me, I know he dragged you along with him. And then--" she broke off with a sob, "and then he died! He died because I got captured! His death is my fault! He cared about me and I-I could never love him! I wanted to, I still do even though he's dead, so that I didn't have to stand here and have my heart ripped out by you at every single turn," she looked at the kunai, "you already broke my heart, why don't you finish the job."

"I swore to Obito to protect you," he said, unable to say anything else.

"The only one I need protection from is you!"

For a second neither said anything, her words echoing like a blow. Kakashi wanted to do something, anything, to make her see that she was wrong. But he couldn't. So he simply shrugged and nodded, his indifference forced. Her eyes widened and she dropped the kunai she was holding. He bent down and picked it up, closing the distance between them and putting it into the side part of her pack. She flinched as if she expected him to hit her but he simply reached out and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear before ripping the purple stripes off her face and letting them flutter to the ground.

"Those are Rin's," he said as way of an explanation before stepping back, "and now you aren't her," his voice was tight for a second before it became carefree, "you're dead."

"Kakashi--" she closed her eyes tightly

"Just like Obito, my father," he looked at her bitterly, "just like whoever Kakashi Hatake was."

She said nothing, not trusting her voice. He turned to face the stone fully but made no move to walk away. She walked away before stopping and turning around, walking forward until she was close to him. He kept his eyes firmly ahead as she stood up on her toes and gently pressed her lips to his cheek, just over his mask. He stiffened at the contact, as if it pained him to be touched by another's bare skin. She lowered herself, her hand lingering on his shoulder when he made no move to step away. She stepped back and walked away, missing the sight of the only tear that Kakashi had shed from his eye since the day his father died.

The world slowly slid into focus. Rin groaned and moved to cover her eyes with her arm and was greeted with a sharp, agonizing paint that ripped through her arm from her fingertips to her middle back. Her eyes flew open and she looked down. Her arm was covered in thick bandages but still hurt and hung beside her arm like a joke. In fact, her entire torso was covered in bandages. Thankfully her pants were still on. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. She was in a cave of some kind where the only visible light came from odd lights positioned all around. She got to her feet and looked around for a door or some means of escape but found none. Sighing she ran her hand through her hair and froze, feeling the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

Spinning around she was met with a masked man. Despite the lack of a cloak he was clearly a member of Akatsuki. But that was not what made her stomach drop or her heart pound in her ears. It was the fact that he had spiky black hair and an orange mask that hid everything but his right eye. Rin's opened and closed her eyes, rubbing them with her hand. But each time she was still in the middle of a cave and he was still standing in front of her.

"Oh no, no, no," she shook her head furiously, 'this is not happening," she walked back over to the bed, the man following her silently, "this is a bad dream. I was in the archives and I fell off the ladder or something, I hit m head and I'm going to wake up back in my bed."

"You're not asleep Rin," he said, his voice soft and unsure.

"Oh yes I am," she said flopping onto the bed and closing her eyes tightly, "and I just need to wake up."


"Don't 'Rin' me, you're dead," she said glaring at him, "you're dead and I'm asleep. Because I haven't been a ninja in years! In fact, I make it a point to avoid any and all ninjas. And even though I loath the very thought of ninjas I have the great misfortune of dreaming about you and that white-haired idiot all the time. Let me guess, he's going to come out of somewhere not wearing his mask," he said nothing, "are you kidding me?!"

"What?" he asked, confusion in his voice.

"Oh I get it, this is some messed up subconscious message. I guess it only makes sense that Kakashi became you so you'll become him," she laughed, "I knew that water had something in it," she shook her head, "its my own damn fault."

"Do you remember anything from when you were a Medic Nin?" he asked, his voice going cold.

"No," she said pushing herself up on her elbow, "I left all that behind me a very, very long time ago."

"Well I suppose that means that poor boy over there is going to die," he said motioning to the corner of the cave, "pity. If you healed him I could go into his body."

"Hold on, what?" she demanded.

"You heard me. I could go into his body," he smirked, "give you back the body of your friend," he looked at his hands, "its been long enough, his injuries are healed. I know he's in here somewhere. You heal this stranger and I'll give you your precious Obito back," he gave the impression of smiling, "I'll give you the life you know you wish for back. Kakashi, you, Obito--the life you keep running from, I'll give it back to you in return for healing him."

"I told you, I don't know how," she said hotly looking up at him, "besides, I can't heal with one hand."

"Healer," he said standing up, "heal thyself."

She glared at the spot where he was long after he had gone. She got to her feet and walked over to the corner, looking at the man. He looked, if possible, worse than before. Someone had stripped off his cloths, leaving him in little more than a pair of torn pants. Her earlier suspicion had been correct and angry bruises covered lot of his body in addition to the cuts that had been hidden under his garments. What cuts she could see looked angry and infected. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and his breath sounded raspy. His limbs twitched every so often in his feverish dreams. He seemed much younger than he actually was. She knew who he was though, or at least what bloodline he had come from. Uchiha's had a very distinct look about them.

"This is so messed up," she muttered sitting on the ground.

Wincing she closed her eyes and reached inside herself, looking at the wound she had on her arm from the inside. Fractures, internal damage thanks to the sword. She moved her Chakra through her body and focused it on her arm. She hissed as the skills she hadn't used in a long time were forced out of retirement. The bones moved into place and the muscles knitted together as the infection was burned out. She didn't know how much time had passed in this place but the second she opened her eyes she regretted the action. She had just enough time to swear before she hit the ground, completely unconscious.