Starting this story even if I won't be updating for awhile. I have too many stories going on right now, but I keep getting ideas, and I just have to post them. Actually, I have three other story ideas I want to write as well. Augh, I don't think I'll ever actually finish any of these. Oh well.

Chapter One

"Ow! You're elbowing me in the shoulder!"

"Well I wouldn't be elbow in the shoulder if you weren't so short!"

"How the hell is this might fault?"

"It's completely your fault moyashi!"

"Aw, be nice to him Yuu-chan!"

"Shut the fuck up and stop calling me that!"

"Ow! Get off my foot!"

"Well what the hell is your foot doing there in the first place?"

"And what the hell are you doing stepping on my foot?"

"Now there is no need to start fighting you two"

"I said shut the fuck up baka-usagi"

"Hey I think I see the end of the tunnel!"

Allen was right. There was a dim glow not far from where they were.

Allen, Lavi and Kanda were sent on a mission to retrieve an innocence together, and the three had been walking around in a dark tunnel they found at the end of a cave. They knew it was close, but they were starting to really annoy each other. Hopefully this mission was almost over.

"Look! There's the innocence!"

And there it was. It was just sitting there in the middle of a large room, completely unrotected.

Allen let out a small laugh. "Ha! I'm going to get it first!"

"No, wait!" cried Lavi as Allen began to run towards the innocence. Kanda che'd.

"Damn that idiot moyashi!" and both Lavi and Kanda ran after him.

Allen reached the innocence first and reached out to grab it. But there was some invisible force that hit Allen the moment he touched it, and the impact sent him flying backwards into Lavi and Kanda.

There was a tangle of limbs as the three exorcists laid scrambled on the ground, all completely unconscious.

"Oh, my head hurts. Kanda get your foot out of my face" 'Wait a minute, I'm Kanda!'

"Ah! You look like me!"

"What the fuck are you talking about Usagi?"

"What?! I'm Lavi!" cried the Kanda look alike "But whoever that is looks like me…."

"But it's me! Allen!"

Kanda, having realized that this conversation was getting nowhere, reached down to his side to grab mugen, but it wasn't at its usual place by his side.

"Where the fuck is my sword?!"

"I have it!" cried the Kanda look alike as he held it up. Kanda grabbed it, truly irritated. He unsheathed the sword, and stared at the reflection in the sword. Allen looked back at him. Kanda frowned. Allen frowned back at him, looking really pissed off.

'Damn it!' thought Kanda. It was now obvious what had happened. The innocence had switched their bodies, and Lavi was in Kanda's body, Allen was in Lavi's, and he was stuck in Allen's.

Yes, short, I know. Just getting the story started so nothing really happening yet. The really interesting stuff will happen once I start posting more chapters, but I'm spending most of my time working on my story 'Unknown Gender and a Little Fun'. I'm also planning on stuff for 'God's Childre'. I'm just way to busy. Especially since I still have school and sports and piano. I don't even have as much time as before to draw. Wahh! I need more time in the day!